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Anna and Friends Pulled It Off!

Written by PETA | June 18, 2010

We’re always super chuffed to hear what our supporters are doing to help animals (hey, we can’t do it all ourselves!), so please, let us brag on one of our star members:

It was next to the last minute, when Anna Ware—a member of both PETA’s Executive Committee and our Vanguard Society—discovered that the notoriously cruel Carson & Barnes Circus would be arriving in her community. Undeterred, she pulled together a great demonstration in less than 24 hours. Calling her friends to call their friends and calling us to call everyone we know, she let circus attendees know that they’d best turn around or they would be contributing to the suffering of animals. Anna went to Kinko’s and printed out posters that detailed how camels and other animals are denied basic comforts such as shade and water, and she and the other demonstrators educated anyone within earshot:


Anna Ware Demonstration


Anna Ware Demonstration


No matter which circus may be coming to your town—or how last-minute it may be—you can follow Anna’s example and put together an effective demonstration on the fly. For more ideas about how you can speak out for animals, check this out!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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