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For Animals’ Sake: Just Say ‘No’

Written by PETA | September 26, 2011
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If you needed another reason not to do drugs, consider that it’s causing misery for countless tigers, lions, monkeys, birds, and other exotic animals coveted by Mexican drug cartel kingpins as symbols of power. Mexican authorities have seized thousands of exotic “narco pets” from the estates of busted drug lords, and they’re running out of room to place the animals. Many go to zoos, which are operating at capacity, so some animals are turned over to breeding operations.

When security forces arrested Sinaloa cartel leader Jesus “The King” Zambada, they confiscated more than 200 animals, including peacocks and ostriches. The animals are regarded primarily as status symbols, and many are denied proper nutrition and veterinary care. Some big cats are cruelly defanged and declawed. The cartels have also used exotic animals in the same manner as human “mules” by stuffing condoms filled with cocaine into their bodies before the animals are shipped to the U.S.

The ideal solution to this problem would be a universal ban on owning captive exotic animals. Until that happens, we can take an important step toward protecting captive tigers here in the U.S. by closing a loophole that limits protections under the Endangered Species Act for “generic” tigers—ones who are a mix of more than one sub-species of tiger or are of unknown heritage. Please take a moment to write to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and ask the agency to protect all tigers equally. 

Written by Joe Taksel

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  • Petra says:

    I can´t believe that. We´ve got so much other solutions how to solve this. We know how to do chemical tests. I really don´t know why we use animals for that. I think there should be money for such tests. Only people don´t want to see it and solve this huge problem

  • donna says:

    Its time to get tough, please stop exploitation of these fantastic animals, the cruelty inflicted by humans is beyond belief, it hurts my heart to think of it.

  • allis hansen says:


  • Kathryn Reyna says:

    These men(lol) are not “man enough” to stand on their own two feet… they are cowards who need to show off like sick little perverts to get attention. Apparently they have become so bored with themselves that they have taken to torturing these animals for their sick pleasure, and to draw the attention of others just like them. They are the lowest of the low and the trash of the earth.

  • Heather says:

    This is actually a prime example of WHY drugs need to be decriminalized for safe personal use, and I’m not just talking about cannabis. Legalize, tax, regulate, and the violent cartels and dealers will have no more business. Just look at what happened during the alcohol prohibition. Crime breeds crime.

  • Aleja Camel says:

    Stop this atrocity please!!!!

  • Mary DeMarchi says:

    DON’T, just DON’T.

  • Toby says:

    Nonsense: caffeine is a drug… we all do drugs here & we shouldn’t fool ourselves. Alcohol is as dangerous a drug as there is & yet it’s socially acceptable (too acceptable, really). -the Mexican cartels deal with cocaine, meth, maybe heroin (I guess so) & low-grade pot… California & Kentucky produce enough pot for the US & the cartels aren’t involved, so anyway, “don’t do drugs” is a really crappy suggestion. You don’t use aspirin for a headache? Come on! Drugs get an unfair bad rap; they’re important to medicine. In closing, the US should end the prohibition on these arbitrarily chosen drugs & cut off the money allowing those criminals to get exotic animal slaves.

  • Emily Fox says:

    Does that tiger look happy to you ? No. WHy? Because its in a cage. Animals are animals no matter how big or small and belong in the WILD without us taking THEIR habitat.

  • Maja Rubeš says:

    Stop using animals as things!!! they are living beings, like us…they feel too, like us…