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Animals Rescued From North Carolina Lab

Written by PETA | September 22, 2010

Just a week after PETA’s undercover investigation of Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS) forced the laboratory to shut down,  the 200-plus animals who were rescued from this hellhole are safe and are beginning to heal physically and emotionally. PETA’s friends at the Virginia Beach SPCA (VBSPCA) assisted with the rescue of the animals on Friday, and they have been caring for some of the animals at their shelter. Check out the video that the VBSPCA made of the pups getting some love and attention at the shelter, playing with other dogs, and smiling as they are loaded into the vans that took them away from PLRS. Warning: You might want to have a box of tissues handy!



These dogs’ futures are bright, but other animals continue to suffer in cruel experiments that are used to test everything from toothpaste to chemical weapons. Let’s help them by never buying products that are tested on animals.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • [email protected] says:

    THANK YOU PETA and rescue groups for helping and saving these babies!!!! I and the rest of the world (that isn’t crazy) greatly appreciate it. Thank God for PETA!

  • Ruth says:

    These workers should be put in a cage to sit in their urine & mess so they can get sores & pull their teeth out so they can feel the pain.They are bound for hell. God will not forgive them for their extreme cruelty. How can they sleep at night after they put these precious animals through so much pain?They are of the devil.Get back with God & ask him to forgive you.change your life. Do you do your children this way? I wouldn”t trust youat all.

  • Fransie says:

    Thank you PETA for a miracle. You guys are the BEST! God bless your wonderful work.

  • christine says:

    well done peta and supporters who campaigned for this victory.please let us know what happened to the cats too?!! and thanks and congratulations to PETA for his work. Cats and dogs are the best friend of the humand kind, let them live . they are god’s creature as you and me !

  • mary says:

    This is awesome news!!!! I wish more people would get involved and put a stop to the cruelty these innocent beautiful animals go through. Also, makes me sick how people purchase products that do insane testing on animals!!! So Happy Peta is making a difference!

  • sherri says:

    I’am so glad that they were taken out of that place now they can be loved happy & free,,,, I did’nt realize just how much they go through at labs. I’am very aware now …. This needs to be banned for good.

  • Megab says:

    What other ways can we please help to protect other animals in situations like this?

  • Suzie says:

    What about the cats!!!!! I LOVE all animals and soooo happy this hellhole of a “lab” was shut down! Are the cats okay?

  • Chiara Innocenti says:

    Science should always be ethic. Scientists and so on whould all the y can and fight to make their resarchs withou animal sperimentation. Animals are sentient beings.

  • Cristiano Bombardi says:

    Love Cats and Dogs!!

  • Glow says:

    GREAT NEWS!!! Those dogs are angels on the earth, yu can fell them through their eyes. I hope they find a very good family to take care of them. Congratulations PETA!!! 🙂

  • jamie says:

    thanks PETA for helping these poor animals. I’m crying my heart out. How can people be so cruel, I can’t believe these things are happening? where do they get all these animals? are they getting them from shelters, its just not fair for animlas to be tested like this. For what purpose? I really do not think its worth it. I hope the cats and the dogs are okay. Thanks PETA for investigating and educating the world about animal cruelty.

  • Glow says:

    Very happy for this great news & happy for the dogs!!!! Congratulations PETA 🙂

  • Janet says:

    I am embarassed that I live in a state that allowed such as this to go on.

  • claudia says:

    well done peta and supporters who campaigned for this victory…please let us know what happened to the cats too?!!

  • redalert says:

    there is a special place in heaven for those who protect defenceless creatures

  • Clementine What I found out 7/7/11 says:

    Thank you for asking about Clementine. We appreciate your concern. After PETA’s undercover investigation of Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS) resulted in the laboratory’s closure, hundreds of animals were seized from the facility. When we learned that Clementine was not among them, PETA called for an investigation of her disappearance. Although the district attorney in this case reports that Clementine has been found, his office will not give us any details. Sherif PETA Prim

  • Cynthia Mattera says:

    I see that the dogs were rescued , which is wonderful!!! Just wondering what happened to the cats that were at that facility???