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Animals Were Harmed in the Making of ‘Zookeeper’

Written by PETA | July 7, 2011

PETA members converged on the Hollywood premiere of the new movie Zookeeper to remember Tweet, a giraffe who collapsed and died on set during the movie’s production.

An elephant used in the film may also have been abused. Animal Defenders International took video footage of elephants as they were beaten and shocked by trainers at Have Trunk Will Travel, the company that provided the elephant for the movie.

Moviegoers may be surprised to learn that the presence of American Humane Association (AHA) representatives on a movie set is no guarantee that animals were not exploited, hurt, or even killed during production. AHA representatives only monitor what occurs during filming, not what happens during off-set training sessions, where abuse is most likely to occur.

Please don’t reward the producers of Zookeeper—which, incidentally, is receiving scathing reviews—for exploiting animals. Don’t buy a ticket.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Mom11.11 says:

    Unfortunately animals are abused and harmed by their trainer’s but none of the animals in this film were harmed by anyone to do with filming or acting in this movie. The Giraffe was 18 years old but there was no explanation or autopsy to find out why it died. The Elephant was owned by “Have Trunk Will Travel” and seems to have a reputation for it’s trainer’s cruel abuse while training them but they were trained before they were used in the movie and NOT abused while on set. There is a Site that shows how the movie was made with the Animals that people can go to to see how it was done. I love Animal’s with all my heart and can’t stand to see them or Human’s abused at all. Not only breaks my heart but makes me very angry. I think the blame should be put where and on whom it belongs though. As for review’s of the movie, I watch it every time it comes on the movie channel’s and I love it and so far haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like it but everyone has different like’s and dislike’s. I think it’s sweet and funny.

  • Denmark says:

    Any publicity is good publicity.. Will definitely watch this movie now, just because of this, and im probably not the only one. Yeah animal cruelty sucks, agree, but this is one giraffe that died under (not from) the recording of a movie. I think that there may be other animals around the world who needs a bit more attention, than one old circus giraffe. So why not use some of all that anger and energy to do some real good?

  • MJ says:

    All of you people need to realize that sometimes things just happen. This was an accident, not animal cruelty. I suppose the use of the roaring MGM lion at the beginning of the movie was animal cruelty too? Maybe old MGM Leo feels exploited because every MGM movie begins with his roar? I’m sorry the animal died, but it appears to have been an accident. Zookeeper was also a very good movie. Thank you kindly.

  • sophie says:

    enough is enough!!!! shame on them.They should be punished !!!

  • grady says:

    Animals are NOT humans to use or abuse. Boycott all forms of entertainment that violate animals rights. Strength are in numbers. Be part of the solution and not the problem by not supporting animal entertainment and amusement.

  • [email protected] says:

    RICHIE But the actors have a choice about doing the movie, and the animals don’t. All they know is that they get shippedover to a place where people beat them for making mistakes. The actors know the risks involved and are doing it willingly. Sure you can obiously show some love for them but the animals are actually purposely being abused for a mistake, most propably don’t even know why the are being forced to that stuff.

  • Tiffany says:

    People who believe that the world is ‘perfect’ have a true misconception of what happens where/when they are not looking.

  • Nan Bongiovanni says:

    This is appalling and a sure sign the GREED KILLS… Shame on them… Time will show the selfish that greed means nothing after life, Just HELL for the GUILTY!!!! 🙁

  • shwets says:

    I saw the elephants being beaten and forced to stand on their front legs and making then run and …..shit! Why these people forget that they are also animals only little mature. They beat animals because they cant speak or behave like human. Shame on these people. How they must be behaving with there kids. They will be cursed big time.

  • marymary says:

    day2day says it all. Like i said,the world is getting more and more insensitive to all living things. I wonder how long we will last?

  • marymary says:

    my motto is–I’ll take an animal over a human any day.people are just to flawed.If you want perfection just look for any kind of animal. Pure innocence. Can’t say that about the ones who walk upright. We have a long way to go and declaring us top of the food chain is not by design. Sooner or later its going to reverse itself when this world populates itself right out of existence. I hope I’m not around when that happens.

  • Adriana says:

    I’m so proud of the Peta members for doing this!

  • Tara Chambers says:

    I am boycotting it for SURE! This is UNacceptable!

  • Kamalika roy says:

    boycott it….sharing d news on my facebook wall

  • jnb0111 says:

    It collapsed and died. That doesn’t imply abuse. Morons.

  • Claudia Urbaczka says:

    Stop this shame directly and for ever!

  • electropop says:

    ill watch this film, if animals wer seriously harm in this it wouldnt be running would it, they have set guidlines and rules when using animals, so reallly spend your energy on saving poor animals killed in homes for fun insted of being jealouss about these making money, ill watch it 10 times over and i bet everyone else will.

  • Richie says:

    At Cindy. Apparently, using the word “stupid” 3 times to describe the movie is a very intelligent way to give your opinion. People supporting that movie have mental issues? I see, so entertainment is wrong…got it. It’s bad that an animal died or was abused during the film (if it even was, no proof, just reports.) But there are stunt people and actors who get hurt all the time to film movies. No love for them? The difference you may say is that the people choose to act, but that doesn’t make their efforts less significant. I suppose we should do away with films altogether. Seriously, you’re all idiots.

  • Samm says:

    I thought this movie was going to be really cute and funny, but now I’m pissed that Kevin James would be involved in something like this. I’m vegan because I care and want to make a difference.

  • luci says:

    we don’t want this movie in Brazil also

  • luci says:

    boycott this movie

  • kyle90 says:

    y not just use CG

  • Marsha says:

    I am not going to see that movie

  • kathy says:

    No film is worth the death of a giraffe and hurting animals. The majority of the public hates this once they become informed.

  • kathy says:

    @Olivia Gray, Of course the steps you’re taking to go cruelty-free make a difference. I just want to point out that I think ‘Flowerchild’ is probably anti-PETA and using your comment to make fun of PETA.

  • IToldYouSo says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem like almost all of childrens entertainment involves the suffering of animals?

  • Vivien Green says:

    Will certainly boycott this film!

  • Heather V says:

    Who is supporting Wendy’s in the first place? Forget the toys (…?) What about the beef and chicken?

  • Flowerchild says:

    Olivia Gray commented: 7-8-2011 12:06 AM I’m a pestic (veg and fish only) and this is not fair! Don’t go. You won’t support animal cruelity and you save 8 bucks! ====================================================== You eat fish? You’re a horrible person.



  • bob says:


  • Petra says:

    You are only joking, aren´t you? How could you do something like that? It is unbelievable. I don´t want to see this film in Slovakia. I would never watch it!!!I wish you all the worst with this film.

  • Olivia Gray says:

    I’m a pestic (veg and fish only) and this is not fair! Don’t go. You won’t support animal cruelity and you save 8 bucks!

  • Jacqui Black says:


  • Laura Goad says:

    I will happily boycott Zookeeper!!! Join me!

  • xabi says:

    I am not going to watch it in Cinema nor on TV

  • cindy says:

    if you hurt animals while making a movie. That is not worth it. I will never waste a single penny on that movie. Animal abuse for a stupid movie is not worth it. The director has a problem, and the people supporting that movie have mental issues. Hurting animals to film a stupid 1 in a half hour movie is not worth it. That is murder, never going to watch that stupid movie.

  • ann says:

    I was looking froward to going to this movie but I will not support anything that hurts animals

  • Rat King says:

    This is horrible – and I would highly appreciate if finally Peta would expose the unbearable animal cruelty of director Giuseppe Tornatore – who killed a cow in a horrific way for his movie ‘Baaria’! Before he did it already when shooting ‘Cinema Paradiso’! Please Peta – look the movie and have a strong reaction!!!

  • Brigitta Farago says:

    Stop the animal abuse in the showbusiness! Not humanity to animals die for our amusement!! They live, they feel!!

  • Bolan Family says:

    No excuse for today. I could see in the 1930s when the animals were not protected.

  • day2day says:

    “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men…” ~ St. Francis of Assisi, Roman Catholic friar, founder of the Franciscans order

  • anjakit says:


  • Kelly Sparks says:

    Please….keep animals out of this kind of business. No, I won’t be watching this ever!!!! I will make sure the word is spread about this.

  • Brenda Armour says:

    Wendys fast food chain is giving out toys for ZooKeeper. Please boycott and let them know how you feel about the abuse and death of these beautiful beings.

  • vanessa says:

    I agree

  • Joanna Lis says:

    We don’t wont this film in Poland! Show bisnes is no bisnes for any animals!