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Animal-Beater Bobby Berosini Goes Down Again

Written by PETA | February 9, 2007

Breaking news here folks, and it’s been 17 years in the making: In 1989, a video camera caught nightclub entertainer Bobby Berosini beating and punching the orangutans he used in his act at the Stardust. This week, Berosini lost yet another round in the court battle that has been going on ever since.

Instead of just paying PETA’s court costs when we won the case the first time round, Berosini was forced by a federal district court to pay more than $250,000 incurred by PETA’s attorneys in trying to locate assets that he and his wife, Joan Berosini, had hidden after the initial legal battle. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld that payment order, on top of the more than $400,000 in court costs Berosini had previously paid PETA. The real victory here, though, is for the animals depicted in the video below, which (just in case it wasn’t clear from the whole hiding money and trying to manipulate the justice system deal) shows exactly what sort of a person this Berosini guy is.

$250,000 dollars is a hell of a lot of money to have paid, but after watching that video again, I’m not exactly welling up with sympathy for Mr. Berosini’s misfortunes. As PETA’s president, Ingrid Newkirk puts it,

“There’s a lesson here for any entertainers who still feel that beating animals is acceptable. Berosini kept intelligent apes locked up in steel boxes for years, and he can never pay back the animals for the nightly beating they endured.”

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  • Diana clifford says:

    If you go to such shows you contribute to animal cruelty. If they are in a show they are not im their natural habitat. This guy is just evil. I have always told my children why we won’t go to a circus or the like. Zero interest in seeing animals in this way. I would rather see a wildlife video. It sickens me that people like him (and there are more) are considered to have any level of intelligence. Rather they are greedy ignorant evil beings whom we give power to. All these animals want to do is have a lofe just as we do. They want to love and be loved, to please. For that to be exploited is the closest thing to satan winning on this earth I can think of.

  • Linda says:

    I saw this on TV when it first made the rounds and was sickened then and still am. It’s hard to see in the video on this page but on TV you could see the METAL ROD in his hand he used to hit them with. It’s horrible under any circumstances but the fact that orangutans are very GENTLE animals by nature makes it that much worse! He should’ve gone to jail. I read somewhere else today as I was looking this bastard Berosini up that a while after this he tried to take his act to the Flamingo Hotel but they declined him. What I’m wondering is HOW LONG did this scum have these poor orangutans after this was shown and after the trial? They must’ve suffered even more him taking out his anger after this. What happened to the orangutans he used and abused in his act???

  • Tracey says:

    I haven’t watched the above video I just can’t do it!! I have just been watching ‘Every which way but loose’ then googled Clyde I didn’t know what had happened to him…..OMG…. I am feeling very Sad Sick to the stomach….What a Disreputable Hateful Skag is Bobby Berosini…

  • nevertoreturn says:

    The guy is obviously a loser. I mean how much of a nothing do you have to be to even find yourself in the animal performance business anyway? Get a real job!!

  • Beth says:

    I was surfing the net wondering what happened to the orangutans. He is a awful person that should be in jail. He was abusing TODDLERS. They didn’t look that old to me. I know they weren’t because he would not be able to beat them like that. I posted because of this idiot anonymousq. You are full of crap and a person who can’t back up with what you are saying. Give out your real name!! I am not a big PETA fan and have lost faith in them in 2005. PETA did a good job catching this sick person. I hope that he gets alot of negative interactions with people for the rest of his horrible life. He is a waste of skin….

  • Susan says:

    That’s because PeTA would have you believe that this man was really abusing his orangs. What they aren’t telling you is that the person videotaping this harassed the orangs into a frenzy and Bobby Barosini had to control them which is when they were video taped.

  • anonymousq says:

    Okay. I know it looks like he’s hitting the orangutan but i’m reading an article which says that they found Berosini innocent and awarded him 3.1 million bucks vs. Peta. i’m confused. me.

  • gabe de Kelaita says:

    I STILL wish I could meet this man in person! I’d like to know where this cocksucker is right now! Him and these circus abuser WILL go down! Mark my words!

  • Jesse says:

    WHEN this man dies he’s going to wake up in a magician suit getting punched in the face by an orangutan.

  • pcb says:

    I agree with certain comments made by freddy wood….. Animal exploits and cruelty are not uncommon in the filmentertainment industry especially in the martial arts field. I’m sure most of you are aware of the illegal Kickboxing Matches that are held in Thailand. Most of the orangutans are stolen from sanctuarys and rehab centres and used as kick bags as part of training in Illegal fights of Thai Kickboxings. Most of the orangutans that are used by practitioners either get kicked unconsciousbattered bruised badly or end up with broken limbsbones. This result I feel is proof that animal exploitscruelty won’t be tolerated Anyway I’m pleased for PETA and with the result. Keep up the Great Work

  • Peggy Johns says:

    Jail time for this JERK. How can people like this live with themselves?

  • mary panos says:

    Good newsbut WHY did it take so long to stop him?how many poor animals did he ruin?and why did the hotel allow this atrocity to go on?good questions

  • Elizabeth Robbins says:

    Thank you to Ingrid PETA employees and all those who fight to keep animals safe everyday! We are their guardians and we must keep fighting to make a difference in the lives of all animals.

  • Elizabeth says:

    What a jerk!! No amount of money can make up for the pain he caused those poor animals. He should be put in a cell and beaten each night for the rest of his pathetic life.

  • Natalia Rey says:

    I just don’t understand how anyone in their right mind could be soo cruel. There is no doubt this man has a serious chemical imbalance. Sickoo!

  • Jane Allman says:

    How can someone do that to any animal? How awful not only did the oranguatan have to inhabit a completely alien world as a performing animal in some grotty nightclub don’t think you hear loud music and cheering humans in the forests of Borneo but it was beaten up and probably on a regular basis to make it submissive and ‘behave’ on stage. How sad I feel when I see animals abused like that. Keep up the good work PETA.

  • mary panos says:

    where is this big time abuser nowalso justice was NOT served he belongs in jailhow are the poor animals doing

  • meredith says:

    what a wimp he can’t pick on his equal so he does it to an innocent creature. DEGENERATE….

  • freddy wood says:

    this is a great victory for peta even if this man should have been sent to prison. it is very important to watch over film and entertainment industry to avoid other animal abusers to do their dirty job. please have also a look on asian film industry. in many martial arts films horses are extremely bad treated and they look starving and the ‘riders’ cannot ride at all so they are tormented all the way. in the film ‘the princess of the desert’ i remarked even a horse with a broken leg. pls tell celebrities like jackie chan and jet li to make opposition i know they love animals.

  • kelly says:

    He and his wife posted on an extremist forprofit dog breeder board for years looking for sympathy while they all whined about how animals were “property” and they could do as they wished with their “property” including beat kill starve etc

  • Larry Sullivan says:

    What an ahole! He got off way too easily.

  • K says:

    What a SCUMBAG! How fing “manly” does he feel now? the prick. The video was kind of muddy were some of those scenes edited to be played more than once?

  • Courtney Cummins says:

    He should’ve served jail time. Period. And paid PETA 10x more.