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Animal Rights Are Headline News

Written by PETA | December 31, 2008
secretscanbemurder / CC
Jane Velez-Mitchell

Remember when Oprah did that show exposing puppy mills? Everybody was talking about it! We love when the truth about animal cruelty gets out to the public, and now Jane Velez-Mitchell is stepping up to educate her viewers on New Year’s Day. If you’ve watched her show, Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell, on CNN Headline News, you know that she definitely has her facts straight about animal rights. Jane is a vegan environmentalist (can you be one without the other?), and she’s not afraid to voice it.

Her show on January 1 will cover puppy mills, animal birth control, shelter adoption, Prop 2, and a ton of other important animal protection issues. That’s right, a whole show devoted to animals! You know what that means: Cancel your plans (or set your DVR), grab some friends, and watch!

The show will air on Thursday, January 1, at 7 p.m. EST on CNN Headline News.

So, how can we get more shows like this on the air? Well, we can start by letting CNN know we want them! It’s super easy to write to CNN and tell its representatives what you thought about this show. Also tell them that you would love for more people to follow in Jane’s footsteps and stand up for animals.

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Jim says:

    I love Jane VelezMitchell! She is an awesome advocate against cruelty to animals and she has guts and a big heart to go with it. I read her book “I Want” and it was because of Jane that I became a Vegetarian and an active member of PETA!

  • R Singh says:

    Truth About Mauritian Monkeys 1. There are hardly any monkeys left in the wild. Most have been captured by Bioculture and another company. 2. Monkeys to be sent to Puerto Rico are from Bioculture’s caged stock. 3. PAWS Protection of Animals Welfare Society is the ONLY member society of WSPA World Society for Protection of Animals in Mauritius. It’s President is Dr NarainaPoulle. Dr Naraina Poulle is head vet of Bioculture Mauritius!!!! 4. Not surprisinglyPAWS has been very quiet on this scandalous issue. Can anyone at PETA can advise me who to contact to denounce this scandal?

  • Gina says:

    I saw her show with Wayne Pacelle President of HSUS I had a feeling she was one of us! Liked her before now I love her will watch her new show faithfully right before Nancy Grace 600 PM Central HNN. Make it your mission Jane we need you to be a mainstream media spokesperson!

  • Anita50882 says:

    Hey Bill the way I look at it is that our ancestors have been domesticating dogs for centuries and for us to now turn our backs on them after having bred human dependence and a lack of fear of humans is unfair to them. We should encourage people to rescue dogs and cats but I agree that owning other species or buying animals in stores should be stopped.

  • Steve says:

    Another CNN news person I love to watch is Erica Hill. She is always supportive of animals and goes so far as to shame Anderson Cooper or that other guy that fills in for AC when they laugh about animal stories. Go Erica!

  • Rosario Betancourt says:

    Great show I have two small kids a Poddle and a yorkie I will take them to anyplace that allows me Walgreens is great also Home Depo and Lowes. I am writting abourt all the experiences I have while traveling with them in the USA and other countries. Most people at tghe Airport look at you as if you have a desiase while traveling with a pet! unvelibable. Best city for Pets Vancouver BC their Hotels treat your companions better than you. Worse Airport personnel for pets Baltimore! Best Airline while traveling with 4 leggeds United. Worse Continental!I will send you a copy of my story. Ciao Rosario

  • Kathy says:

    Way to go Jane. I have seen her numerous times on CNN and Headline News talking about animal issues and sticking up for animals! I’m so glad she has her own show now. She is an animal hero.

  • Glen Venezio says:

    This is apparently a reairing of Jane’s show that was on Christmas Day Dec. 25. A transcript of the show appears here httptranscripts.cnn.comTRANSCRIPTS081225ijvm.01.html And no these shows are not viewable online CNN does not seem to post the shows from the HEADLINE NEWS channel so you have to watch it when it airs. However they usually reair it the next morning. So it will air tonight January 1 at 7pm Eastern time and again on the early morning of January 2 at 5am Eastern Time.

  • Curtis says:

    FOX News does a great job of covering animal rightsPETA stories!

  • Tracy says:

    Bill comments like yours are why more people don’t support animal rights. I have two dogs and love them very much. Both are rescues. I also support animal rights and am vegan. But I also support owning pets. Or being their guardians. Whatever terminology one prefers. Don’t bash pet ownership. Just bash pet “purchases.”

  • Kelly says:

    I’m so going to watch it. I love her show! She’s fantastic.

  • Susan says:

    Excellent! I hope they broadcast this online as well!

  • Glen Venezio says:

    I was very proud to receive an award from Jane VelezMitchell when she came to Puerto Rico in August to investigate the sad state of animal issues here on the island. The award was for my work with feral cats in Puerto Rico. Other local activists here also received awards from Jane we were very happy that she used her voice to speak up for the neglected animals of Puerto Rico and to help push the government here in Puerto Rico to DO SOMETHING a government that has been almost completely negligent in terms of animals for many many years. Thank you Jane VelezMitchell for your tireless activism and promotion of issues that few people know much about! Glen Venezio San Juan Puerto Rico

  • Janet Schultz says:

    Animal Rights what a beautiful sound. You don’t need to be a pet lover to be an animal rights supporter. Europe is years ahead of us and not surprisingly years ahead in their love of their pets. Live and let live.

  • Bill Thacker says:

    When are is our country going to understand the concept of pet ownership does nothing but have a negative impact on animal welfare. The more we as a country promote pet ownership the more people purchase animals from the mills and the more animals are abandoned after many people get tired or can’t afford their pets. These animals are released to suffer gruesome fates such as starvationfreezing getting hit by cars or trucks or getting shot by a farmer to whom the poor expet has become a nuicance. I live in the country and it seems there has been an exponential increase in the numbers of obvious expets who have been abandoned and wandering around with no clue of how to survive. I try to help and take some to agenciesbut these agencies are over capacity. Stop the madnessgood place to start is PetsMart! While many pet owners feel they take care of and pamper their overbred pets the animal population in general would be better off without us human pet owners. Don’t forget for every pet pampered like yours there are probably 10 that are suffering.

  • Anita50882 says:

    Thank you for caring about animals!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Excellent. You gotta love the gutsy compassionate people who give a voice to the voiceless.