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Animal Rahat

Written by PETA | June 26, 2007

As the Michael Moore juggernaut continues unabated, I thought it might be nice to take a quick breather and check out some of the amazing work that PETA India has been doing this week, which, because it’s not quite so sensational, probably won’t be getting the attention it deserves. Animal Rahat is a program that works closely with PETA India to bring relief to working bullocks, donkeys, ponies, and horses in India by giving them the rest, drinking water, and veterinary care that they so desperately need.

The sad situation for most working animals in India is that the people who use them simply can’t afford to ever give them a day off, let alone veterinary care, and the reports and pictures that we get from India about these animals’ lives and deaths are heartbreaking.

Which is why it’s always so great to get photos like these, from the team at Animal Rahat, who spent last weekend fixing water troughs in a local square near their facilities.

If you’d like to sponsor a working donkey, buffalo, bullock, or pony in India through Animal Rahat, you can learn more here.


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  • J.Wolski says:

    We are following SUNDER THE ELEPHANT’S continuing ordeal in the Jyobita Temple. When will the temple and MLA release him? We do not think abusing SUNDER is good for India’s temple tourism industry.

  • richa singh says:

    very good initiative that is remarkable indeed for the very reason that it has been taken in India, a nation which treats its animals very poorly.

  • A says:

    Ana I will be nice. U may not care but i will tell you why. I am not being a smart ass here either. I have made comments on other blogs we will use the fish one. I stated something along the lines as with PETA you have do all or nothing. Someone wrote back you are not a “real vegetarian” and blah blah blah yelping at me because they did not read my comment correctlythey missed the word if I eat fish. I have a pair of Docsneed them for work and had them 4ever so I do not eat any animals but its hard to not wear certain things.Thats on another blog people up in arms about tennis balls yet McEnroe did a commercial PETAhe did something better than noting. Anyway chick there was a point to me writing to you…I will be nice because I have made several statements on here and only 2 people have been kind in their response to me.the other you know who you are and same to you I sincerely appreciate and will try my best to be a good girl… all honesty thank you for you have restored some of faith back in PETA. Lets hope that maybe the children that had seen the snake incident learned something positive out of something so retched.Danka for letting me know by the ways. Have a glorious day where ever u may be. loves

  • Ana says:

    A Be nice…. Nothing happened to the teacher with the bunny and the snake. Not even a reprimand…sad. A BS response was given by the school and perhaps this might not happen again according to them. I sincerely hope it does not.

  • A says:

    Hey Judy the Budy! Whats up go to the Search engine and Look up about the teach feeding the snake a rabbit.IF you find anything let me know cause can’t. Now go on on your sandals and walk the earth looking for peace.Thanks for answering 3 questions I didn’t ask next time answer the right question I asked What is 2+2 ? Judy’s answer isdrum roll please Ring tailed lemurs are indigenous to Madagascar.If you are going to answer a question thats not asked at least make it a creative answerlike this one!

  • A says:

    Judith Thank you. I received a nice comment from someone updating me about the snake.They I guess are TRUE PETA supporters?Please practice what it is that you preach. Peace and should reread your comments Teach this triple truth to all A generous heart KIND SPEECH and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity. Buddha Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill. Buddha

  • Canaduck says:

    Neat idea. I hadn’t heard about this before.

  • Maya says:

    Jack I think this post is wonderful and it could actually be EVEN MORE cool if we heard about someone’s personal story in India. Look at This American Life on NPR. They tell stories about ordinary people and the show is wildly popular. And as a side note Ira Glass told Letterman that after a story on TAL Glass said he stopped eating chicken because he learned compassion for them. I would like to hear a story on one of the PETA people who live there maybe have them say what life is like in India? It’s a facinating country. Plus we can learn about animal rights issues there and remember through juicy life stories. Better than Paris Hilton gossip stories any day!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Dear A If you are a true PETA supporter you can find just about everything that has to do with animal activism right on this site. This is where we found out about Rahat 2 years ago and became sponsors. It was right in front of our eyes how could you miss it? Just keep searching the site A it’s all right here… Peace Judith The Buddhist

  • A says:

    Hello PETA…. I searched the site to see what happened with the teacher and found nothing? Was wondering if anyone had a word about it. The Perez Hilton question was because someone mentioned the site in a comment about 4 up! Thanks ajustkeepsgettingdumber …Your friends are very kind.

  • ajustkeepsgettingdumber says:

    A meet my friend PETA. PETA gets attention to animal rights issues.

  • A says:

    I love this program as well. By the way who is Perez Hilton? Does anyone have any info on what happen with the teacher and the snake?

  • Michel says:

    Now this is news we need to read and heed and be involved in … I’m grateful to PETA for all of the nonsensational things it does for animals. Despite my concerns with some of the ways PETA markets itself and the superficial things you sometimes pay too much attention to I continue supporting PETA’s real good work for animals. I’ll be keeping track and helping as much as I can with this project.

  • krishna dasi says:

    in india’s culture and religious tradition there is known ‘pancha gavia’ the five gifts from the cow to humanity and respecting these five gifts many people in india establish shelters and hospitals for the milk giving mother cow and also for other animals like here ‘Animal Rahat’. they are great compassionate souls doing so much good! unfortunately in today’s india animals are terribly suffering like in all the other parts of the world and i hope with all my heart that one day india shall again be the top animal loving country in the world like thousands of years ago when the whole indian society respected every living being and was completely vegetarian.

  • Jonesy says:

    No A the Animal Rahat would not be getting the attention it deserves if it hadn’t been for Michael Moore. The Moore story was on Perez Hilton’s blog this morning. One of the most popular sites in the world published an entire letter about the benefits of a veg diet. Somehow I don’t think Perez would post about Indian donkeys. Sad but true. I love this program btw.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    For the last 2 years my husband and I have supported this wonderful group. And we shall continue….. These are such gentle and beautiful animals. We proudly display our certificate from PETA on our fridge. Judith

  • A says:

    I will sponsor a donkey. even though it is not so sensational. YOU are really pushing people away from your causes. It may get the attention it deserves if you did not make MM so sensational. Remove the Moore blog!This is importantthese animals need to be “fat” and taken care of for the people. Thanks A