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Animal Heroes

Written by PETA | January 11, 2010
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insect hero

Your best friend is hit by a car on a busy freeway, right in front of you. Would you risk your own life to pull him or her to safety? That’s exactly what one intrepid dog, did last year when he came to a friend’s rescue by risking his own life to run into oncoming highway traffic.

What if you saw a mother and her baby drowning at the beach? Would you rush to their rescue? A dolphin named Moko did when she guided two beached whales into deeper waters off the coast of New Zealand.

Researchers at the University of Paris recently discovered that selflessness among animals like that heroic dog and Moko the dolphin—who put their own lives in danger in order to save others—is even more prevalent than we once thought. The examples of animal altruism are many and moving: Dolphins endanger themselves to rescue their trapped friends, ants help fellow colony members when they’re caught in traps or under attack from a predator (though we’ve known that insects were geniuses for a while now), female fruit bats help each other during labor to ease birth pains—and that’s only a quick sampling.

Their selfless acts don’t end with their own species either: Dogs will risk their lives to save their guardians, gorillas will care for human children, and one hears story after story about dolphins who come to the aid of swimmers and surfers. If animals can put aside the differences they have with us to help ensure our survival, isn’t it about time we did the same?

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Although most humans like to think they would risk their own lives to rescue another human or an animal the truth is they do not know how they would react to such a situation until it presents itself. At that time they will either act or not and any action or lack of action will be done on pure instinct.

  • Saucy says:

    Yes Logan it is about time. Heck my doggie will show you his teeth if you even walk toward me with a bad attitude. Does he care if I live or die? Just try grabbing me by the arm just try it. You’ll see a doggie get real MAD. Rrrruff!!!

  • Giorgio says:

    I’m a bikerbodybuilder tough guy but this video almost made my cry!!!! I love animals even more!!!!

  • tristin says:

    I like animals more than humans most of the time. How many people do you know that would risk their life for a strangers like this? I live in Michigan and I can honestly say not many people here would. I can’t believe someone didn’t stop to help them.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Let’s not forget the millions of companion animals that are literally best friends for so many of their human guardians. Also the canines who aid the disabled law enforcement and emergency rescue teams. Dogs cats and even rabbits that comfort people in nursing homes and hospitals.

  • Kerry Jacob says:

    Animals are all angels on earth!

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    MH yes it’s true that many people do help animals by adopting from shelters and having crueltyfree lives but the truth is many others don’t. Of example I showed my parents the DVD that I got from PETA Chew On This and even though they saw what animals go through to be turned into food they still eat meat. Even my aunt who said she’s a compassionate person saw it yet she still eats meat.. People don’t think animals are capable of anything when we ourselves are animals.. This blog was really amazing but what really made the video of the dog rescuing his friend is that no one on the highway even stopped to help.. I would have at least stopped and helped out the dogs..

  • eddy says:

    That was just absolutely amazing…..simply beyond words….gave me goose bumps. I hope both doggies are doing fine… Humans can learn a lot from that little hero. Bless him!!!!!!

  • MH says:

    “If animals can put aside the differences they have with us to help ensure our survival isn’t it about time we did the same? ” We already do. Lots of humans will save animals in similar ways. They’ll chase off a predator help ’em out of a hole or just build ’em a shelter. And this does not apply to all animals.

  • Lisa says:

    The video of that dog helping the other dog is simple amazing. Animal Liberation NOW!