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Animal Groups Unite Against Show That Broadcast Live Animal Deaths

Written by Michelle Kretzer | September 30, 2013

A National Rifle Association (NRA)–sponsored show that filmed exotic animals meeting a tragic end has breathed its last breath.

Under Wild Skies followed NRA lobbyist Tony Makris as he went on nothing short of a killing spree, gunning down elephants, leopards, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, buffalo, antelope, and other exotic and threatened animals around the globe. In one particularly disturbing episode, Makris jokes as he shoots an African bull elephant in the face and then celebrates with champagne. NBC Sports Network was bombarded with complaints and pulled the show.

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NBC was inundated with nearly 40,000 complaints, but when an unrepentant Makris compared his critics to Hitler, well, let’s just say that Makris was turning into more of a PR nightmare than Rush Limbaugh. Now Under Wild Skies has shot its last show on NBC—and its last animal.

Thank you to everyone who spoke up and made sure that Under Wild Skies was next to get shot down.

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  • francesca giampino says:

    NRA and Tony Makris have nothing better to do than kill animals and film it. That is disgusting and NRA should be held 100% liable for their actions and their lobbyists! #saveouranimals #holdNRAliable

  • ekaterina semenova says:

    Los animales merecen vevir, ser libres y respetados. No somos nadie para quitarles su derecho de vivir!

  • Denise Parsons says:

    I feel great today upon hearing this vile , disgusting so called sport show has been cancelled . We will never stop fighting for these Majestic , Beautiful Animals.

  • Sally Anne Hubbard says:

    I don’t understand this and I am crying that anyone can watch Tony Makris shoot an innocent elephant in the face then laugh. That NBC could even consider airing this disgusts me. Tony Makris and all hunters are the lowest form of life on this planet.

  • mi thibeault says:

    stop this cruelty immediately

  • Luis Castro says:

    He need to give all the money back he make killing animals for a stupid show.He need to be in jail.

  • mary lukowski says:

    KILLing the elephant. Are they out of their minds. stop this horrable carnaige. these animals are so intellegent and gentle species. Please dont let this do this. Someone please.

  • mary lukowski says:

    Explain to me please how you can condone killing elephants or any animal on the dangered list. Or any at all. You get a thrill out of running an animal down and killing it. FOR WHAT. The next time some NRA bill comes up I oppose it. I oppose you for doing this. SHAME ON YOU and tell your children that too.

  • Lucille says:

    Thank you NBC……….Now, Tony Makris, I will celebrate with champagne….



  • Madalene Alaimo says:

    Tony Makris and all like him are disgusting human/demon beings. They need to be shot.

  • Mark Nye says:

    NRA should be ashamed sponsoring slaughter of animals,endangered or not.I’m disgusted with this sick mantality,barbaric behaviour.What is wrong with a human beings that gets off on killing for sport.I call it sick,phyco-pathic even. Shame on all of you responsible for this sick so called show/event,I call it phyco entertainment,only the mentally ill will watch.

  • Annette Landré says:

    It’s time to fight for animals rights. Never be silent, never give up and don’t lose hope!

  • Henriette heck says:

    Stop this senseless, shameful and stupid killing of wild animals !!!!! Humanity is supposed to have brains……

  • Bobana says:

    this is a fantastic victory. Congratulations everyone and thank you PETA

  • kevin says:

    A show that kills animals and mammals nobody wants to see that. Im happy nbc cancelled the show it’s evil

  • Amanda Johnson says:

    Thank you Peta for getting this done and it’s absolutely fantastic to know signing petitions can make a difference. Now all we need to do is STOP the hunters having their “so-called” fun.

  • Ravi says:

    Gloria in Excelsis,christmas has come early with humanity,compassion,kindness triumphing over mindless slaughter,hurt and abuse and thanks be to God that good samaritans from all wlaks of life and nations came togather to petition so the sporting body listened and pull the plug against callous and cruel folks who get fun,pleasure by killing noble vegetarian animal ,blessed intelligent elephant who doesnt say a boo to a goose but love shis familiy,friends and minds his or her own bussines.hence thanks to Peta and also the sporting body in listening and doing the right thing.

  • Pleuntje says:

    Ladies and gentlemen: We DID IT! Yes! Good that NBC was inundated with nearly 40.000 complants against this terrible murder!

  • Maureen says:

    I will never understand the enjoyment one has, at killing. Our society is on a killing spree, human , animal, does not seem to matter.I am dismayed and disheartened that the killing of an animal is only worth a bottle of champagne or putting it on a wall, for amusement, or testing that does not work on humans…. God will be back and if we think our crimes will go unnoticed than we are in a lot of trouble

  • Bonnie Baber DePoi says:

    Very disturbing and hard to believe something like this almost was a go. I live in Louisiana and can’t stand the show where they wrestle and shoot alligators in the head, so this would have been atrocious. What kind of insecure EGO-driven coward believes he needs to go out in nature and shoot up God’s beautiful, exotic and endangered species and then celebrate doing it??? No respect for the Earth and nature’s resources, which should be nurtured, loved and respected. Thank God there are some REAL men out there, like my husband, who would never think about doing such a thing. We need more people to step up to the plate and take a stand, and I’m glad these 40,000 did!

  • Cláudio Olendzki de Macedo says:

    É inaceitavel que, com toda a informação existente sobre o extermínio de várias espécies animais e, a crueldade aplicada em sua execução, esses elementos continuem impunes, como se estivessem acima da lei e, senhores sobre a vida e morte das espécies animais, patrimônios da humanidade.

  • Julie says:

    What SCUM OF THE EARTH can do this to these defenceless animals. My God there are some people on this earth that will ONE DAY have to answer for the cruelty they have performed on these poor animals!!

  • night magic says:

    this is such wonderful news !!! already pinned to pinterest and tumblr

  • Mark Bickett says:

    These humans that kill for enjoyment have a genetic mutation and eventually need to removed from the human gene pool or this planet is in trouble.

  • Betty says:

    Yay! The end to an idiot and and their idiotic show! Like that was gonna go over really well with all the animal advocates around the world.

  • Jenny says:

    Woo-hoo!! Thank goodness they cancelled that show. A small victory!

  • ilaria piombo says:

    Tony Makris some men are not worthy to be called such

  • Jennifer Fletcher says:

    Pathetic excuse for a man! What a loser……..

  • Vyelenec'Sonejunt says:

    What would motivate people to murder innocents at great costs? Is it arrogance, greed, gluttony? What is the soulution to people’s sinful nature? It is admirable that you helped saving the lives of so many. They have a greater moral standard – it seems to me -, and they deserve to have a chance at finding tranquility and happiness. It is a joyous moment to them. Is it to us too? It seems that one threat is pacified, and one hundred replaces it. Please forgive my pessimism. We must remain vigilant, even if the world is devoured by flames. You show great contrast with Your altruistic nature, holding the line, even if it is painful. So few can truly see others, they pay attention only to themselves. May They find equanimity! May my broken bones shield them from harm!

  • Cooper says:

    I find that only a coward could harm innocent, gentle,defenceless and sweet animal. Not much to be proud of… no skills required, no diploma, no hard work, no challenge, no brain…just a gun!!! How stupid is that? VERY!

  • fiorenza boasso says:

    Tony Makris, BC Sports Network shame!

  • melissa says:

    yeah for NBC Sports..of course, the bad press pushed them to cancel the show..i doubt it had much to do with conscience..BUT WHATEVER IT TAKES is fine with me..

  • hashimoto koichi says:


  • Vivian C Cosio says:

    Its depressing how some individuals enjoy killing animals for their own enjoyment . There is supposed to be a law for the protection of animal abuse . If further or new laws were Inacted which gave longer incarceration for animal abuse , and more individuals stood up that cared , this could reduce the number of sadistic and cruel people that cared only for themselves . Thank you for stopping the release of further violence and crime from animal that cannot defend themselves ! Sincerely , Vivian C Cosio

  • Jane Tentrees says:

    What kind of sick sub-human shoots an elephant in the face twice and murders the innocent creature, then laughs about it…obviously someone who is a sociopath and extremely sick. I can’t even fathom him being allowed into a country that allows their wildlife to be murdered like this….anyone who is capable of murdering innocent animals like this is a short walk from killing his neighbors. Steer clear of this sub-human. He should never have been given breath.

  • Cheryl Stapleton says:

    It sickens me that there are people like Tony Makris in this world. He will get what he has coming when he has to face the energies of our universe after his death. He will be kicked all the way to HELL! What makes a man like him tick anyway? He is the Hitler of the animal world. He is disgusting! I am happy NBC took this off the air but I don’t understand why they ever put it on in the first place? MONEY!!!!!! I love PETA and what you do. If I win the lottery you will get at least 1/4 of it.

  • Sharon Becker says:

    I thank God for PETA every day.

  • william newton says:

    Thank goodness this afront of a show has been withdrawn and idiots like Tony Makris can no longer gloat about the cruelty they inflict. where is the “sport” in killing innocent animals ? This man should be sentenced for cruelty .

  • VICKI GINOLI says:

    This show should have NEVER been in contention for a series – KILL KILL KILL – why would NBC think it’s okay to put a show like that on TV – we already have enough violence on television. People in general, mostly children who see this – who have already lost their sensitivity to violence against nature and who think it’s alright to hurt animals – will become MORE attuned to hurting animals having lost all qualms about having any “compassion for life”. THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF NEED TO COME BACK TO EARTH – GET IN TOUCH WITH WHAT’S REAL – AND TAKE SOME SENSITIVITY TRAINING – EVERY LIFE IS IMPORTANT – BE COMPASSIONATE NOT CRUEL!!!!

  • Toni says:

    Thank Goodness someone has the heart and courage and respect for other living creatures to at least not show this cruel HUMAN behavior in living color. Now, if only we could stop this type of horror, KILLING of animals of all types to be safe from HUMAN selfish and greedy destruction of life, this would be such a healthier, happier and safe planet. We MUST learn to share this planet in a respectful manner for ALL LIVING THINGS.

  • Hollie Hester says:

    What an atrocious tv show!!!! who in the world would dream of putting this on tv??? I am beyond thrilled it’s GONE. I was ready to march on their studio!!

  • Serena says:

    I never saw bad animal in the world, but bad people.

  • Lisa - ANIMAL LOVER!! says:

    I’m VERY passionate when it comes to animals and what humans do to them and after reading & seeing this I cried so hard I got sick, I felt like the blood in my body drained out of me. I was so devastated and horrified by what I saw and heard that I couldn’t stop shaking with anger and my heart was ponding so hard that it could jump out of my chest. I AM PISSED, I AM IRATE, I AM DISGUSTED! We need to stop the unnecessary abuse and killing of innocent animals. I’m so appalled and utterly disgusted at this savage behavior that humans do to innocent animals. In my opinion, and I have a very strong opinion about humans that abuse animals is that these humans need to comprehend the magnitude of what they’re doing to these poor innocent animals. Let them feel the same pain that they’ve done, they need to truly grasp what it’s like by experiencing it. Any human that is that evil, that can terrorize, torment, frighten, abuse, torture and kill an innocent sentient being deserves the same thing. I don’t get it?! WHAT HAVE THEY EVER DONE TO US TO DESERVE THIS KIND OF TREATEMENT? WHAT? ALL sentient beings feel pain and fear, it doesn’t matter if you walk on 2 feet, 4 feet, swim, fly, slither, hop! Animals hurt and feel pain just like we humans do. Put yourself in their place, imagine if this was being done to you. Making animals suffer like this is deplorable! No animal should be treated like this. This is barbaric and it needs to be stopped. We’re supposed to be the superior being here but we sure as hell don’t act like it when we humans do things like this to innocent animals. What is wrong with us? Does it make us feel powerful and almighty to inflict pain and suffering to another living being that cannot defend themselves against such an evil creature as the human? Humans who torture other sentient beings, are monsters. Any human that can inflict so much pain on another living being is a very SICK, SICK PERSON, they’re a LOSER, they’re SHALLOW, SMALL MINDED, INSIGNIFICANT, PATHETIC SOB! They’re a failure to humanity and the same thing should be done to them as they have done, it’s only fair. What they’re doing is MURDER!   I’m sick & tired of reading, seeing & hearing what humans are doing & continue to do to innocent animals all over the world every second of every day after day after day after day. I am sick and tired of humans abusing and torturing others and they need to be stopped at whatever cost, no ifs and or buts about it! This kind of behavior that another human being can do and does to another living, breathing, sentient being is atrocious. How can a human be sooo cruel and could/would cause so much pain to an innocent, helpless animal? What gives humans the right to abuse anything? We were NOT put here to abuse ANYTHING & animals were NOT put here for us humans to do despicable & gruesome acts upon! The pain & suffering we humans are causing animals is disgraceful, appalling, & barbaric … it is totally unnecessary! The ill treatment and abuse of animals is deplorable. No animal should endure torture, starvation, abuse, or mistreatment of any kind that inflicts unwarranted pain or suffering. It’s absolutely ignorant to abuse and kill another living, breathing sentient being. I’m repulsed and I’m so ashamed to be part of race that is so greedy and evil to others. It’s disgraceful that we harm and torture innocent sentient beings. This is nothing to be proud of, it’s shameful and embarrassing. It’s horrendous to know that such uncivilized people are out there in this day and age. I never met an animal I didn’t like but I certainly cannot say the same thing about people. There is this saying … treat others like you would want to be treated. We humans were not born into this world to be evil (or nice), it is a CHOICE, a CONSCIOUS CHOICE! All humans have a choice to help or to hurt. WE HUMANS ARE DEFINITELY NOT SUPERIOR OR BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS PLANET, it’s so blatantly obvious that we’re not because of our actions towards other living sentient beings and how we treat them EVEN to other humans. As Mark Twain put it … “The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot.” Every animal deserves to live free and have the freedom to be themselves—to swim, fly, and run if they please. How we treat animals shows how we treat others, it shows the type of person we are … are we cruel and evil or kind to others?? What type of person would you like to be known as? Why can’t people look beyond themselves?? I know it’s “human” nature to be greedy, selfish, hypocritical, judgmental, and materialistic but to a certain degree … so why do we humans have to go above and beyond being greedy, selfish, hypocritical, judgmental, and materialistic?? Why can’t they think about others for a change?? Think about the planet and what’s on it? Think about not littering, think about recycling, and think about not hurting others??? Haven’t humans done enough damage to the world and its inhabitants? Isn’t it time for humans to start doing what is right?? It is a choice, let’s make the right choice and HELP those that truly need to be helped and stop being so gosh darn greedy and selfish.

  • Liz Karr says:

    This is awesome news thank u PETA and everyone around the world who signed this petition..we here in Africa are truely gratefull..our elepphant and rhino and most of our wild life are in great dangeour of being hunted and poached into extinction!! We cannot let this happen animals are our heritage…

  • Marie Perkins says:

    I hate to burst your bubble, but they are not cancelling the show. They said that they are not going to show the episode with makris killing the elephant.

  • Carleen says:

    Thank God. What an evil man that is. What an evil organization the NRA is. Why do they think it’s okay to just thrill kill? Thrill kill is what other crazy people have done to the innocent public and so they pick on animals so they don’t go to jail? They are mentally ill. Void of feeling for life of any kind. The program should be about how this man and the NRA are comprised of mentally ill individuals. Good people save lives. That’s a hero.

  • Susan Gregor says:

    What is wrong with people. How they grow up to believe any of this is a good thing to do to any animal? You have to feel sorry for that horrible man.

  • Gianna says:

    NBC sould issue a formal apology for their horrible decision making to sponsor a show like that in the first place. It already happened and although I am glad they cancelled it, it is sad they allowed it in the first place.