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Animal-Friendly Stars Shine at Oscars

Written by PETA | February 25, 2013

As Hollywood’s brightest arrived at last night’s Academy Awards, they were sure to be asked, “Who are you wearing?” But the real story is who they weren’t wearing since cruelly produced animal fur was noticeably absent from the red carpet once again


The lovely Anne Hathaway won a well-deserved Oscar for her heart-rending performance in Les Miserables, but this vegan superstar is a winner for animals every day. Anne has been turning it out all through awards season, and this time was no exception, landing solidly on best-dressed lists in custom vegan heels from Giuseppe Zanotti. That no animals lost their skin to the leather trade for her look gives us even more reason to cheer the spectacular success that Anne calls ”the cherry on top of a wonderful, wonderful dish of vegan ice cream.”

Although his pro-fish ad for PETA was deemed too controversial for the Oscar broadcast, Best Actor nominee Joaquin Phoenix was also on the scene. Indeed, PETA faves abounded both inside and outside the Dolby Theatre, from Best Actress nominee and vegan Jessica Chastain and animal adoption advocate Charlize Theron (who showed off some impressive dance skills during the show) to the stunning anti-fur crusader Olivia Munn and a glowing Jenna Dewan-Tatum. The media stars in attendance included PETA pals Kelly Osbourne and Michael Strahan.

So congratulations to the winners—including the animals who didn’t end up on the shapely shoulders and elegant tootsies of the attendees!

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  • Rex's Mom says:

    I goofed! I said in my last note that Jessica was taught how to skin squirrels for the movie Winter’s Bone but I meant to say that JENNIFER was the one taught how to skin squirrels. So sorry for the mistake but I am glad I rectified it.And sorry to Jessica.

  • Laura Taylor says:

    I’m not sure what Russell Crowes animal views are but he has expressed his love of horses alot in interviews.

  • Clara Kriger says:

    I really liked your sign off note of the blog saying congrats to the ones who didn’t end up on shapely shoulders and elegant tootsies, as this one really paid a tribute to the both counterparts i.e. the Celebrity and the eco-friendly consideration of the people to show case this in such a grand event like The Oscars.

  • Monica Lidizzia says:

    stars shine, love shines, justice shines, love to all of those stars who tries to make the world a less unfair place.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I was rooting for Jessica Chastain to win since I knew she was a vegan but Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress instead. I read that Jessica was taught how to skin squirrels for the movie Winter Bone or something like that for which she was nominated for an Oscar for that movie. I also heard that Octavia Spencer who won for supporting actress last year is also a vegan and she and Jessica, her co-star in The Help are very good friends and fellow vegans.