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Animal Birth Control!

Written by PETA | September 17, 2007

ABC.gifSince we began preparations to launch our new initiative to fight animal overpopulation a little while ago, I’ve learned an awful lot about animal breeders—who positively swarmed to my recent entry about shelter animals in order to leave lengthy comments trying to dissuade readers from adopting. These folks came from online forums with descriptions like the following: “We discuss how to fight bills or laws negatively affecting pet ownership … Federal, state, local legislation, zoning, breed bans, mandatory spay and neuter, breeder registration, breeder licensing, breeding bans, etc.” It became fairly evident to me that these people are going to fight any attempts to reduce animal overpopulation at pretty much every turn, but we’re more than ready to get down into the trenches, and our new Animal Birth Control (ABC) Campaign is the first step in a long-term plan to help bring an end to animal homelessness.

Putting the breeders in their place is only one part of the battle here. We need to do everything we can to encourage people to spay and neuter their pets—which means extensive education campaigns and pushing for mandatory spay/neuter legislation—and ultimately, the choice lies with the pet guardians themselves, since anyone who decides to bring an animal into their homes has the opportunity to save a life instead of funding the breeders and the pet stores, who couldn’t care less that they’re a huge part of the problem in the first place. You can check out our new ABC video below, and there’s more info on the campaign here.

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  • Cali says:

    I continue to hear about programs like this, and I really do think it’s a great concept and a great plan. But what it really boils down to is peoples lack of responsibility, or commitment. People now don’t think past tomorrow and they seem to purchase animals on a whim without thinking of long term consequences to them or their animals. We are were we are, or rather the animals are where they are because of selfishness, lack of planning, and lack and any sense of responsibility. I grew up always knowing that if you take on a pet it’s for a lifetime, not just becuase you see a cute puppy in a window. If your pet needs medical attention, you get it, when it needs to be spayed or nutered, you do it. These are just the things that are part of pet ownership. We are becoming more and more a throw a away society. We do it with our pets, our children and our belongings. I saw a quote recently that read, we are only as strong as our weakest beings. Right now that doesn’t say much for humanity.

  • kelly says:

    laughing at the thought of Christopher Cochran doing battle with a turkey or a little tame quail. Maybe he thinks he’s keeping the world safe? Chris sane educated men don’t indulge in the hobbies you pursue and they don’t babble insults incoherently. There is a reason why you are dismissed and disrespected.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Kelly Wow!! You are en fuego!!!! I would like to tell you I am AfricanAmerican or Hispanic so you could use a racial slur as well but I’m not…just a plain old white guy. You are obviously much more astute than me as you are able to judge people by pure geography despite likely never having visited those places. Your remarks are bigoted and prejudicial. You may not be as culturally advanced as you think you are. One thing you did get correct I am educated more than you. I have never endorsed puppy mills in anything I have ever written. “those areas” what a pompous ignorant person you are… I want to let you in on a little secret since you are not as worldly as you would like to pretend. Fat people and morons are ubiquitous. that means they are everywhere…. If you think I am getting rich on your tax dollar why don’t we compare tax returns and see who payed the most in taxes last year. Don’t suppose anything about me because you may be one of those aforementioned morons. You did after all accuse me of shooting tame birds. Do you think I am a chicken hunter??? Did you know there are wild fowl in these United States? Even Turkeys!!!!!Wild Ones!!!Not defenseless!!! True my patients most often do die of heart disease. But they also do not die of those obscure diseases at the begging of this blog entry. No I don’t tell them to eat LOTS of meat. I tell them that like most things in nature balance is the key. I generally tell them to eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed grain products and fatty meat….but you knew that already since you already know so much about me. By the way I don’t live in Missouri I never said I did. Oh and another by the way. Us “third world” morons grow most of your soybeans for you. Annie I think I empathize with you as I am often the recipient of other animal owners irresponsibility as well. I just don’t believe government mandated spayneuter laws are the answer. I do appreciate your crusade to encourage it though. Anonymous what an original name are you Greek? I would be happy to accept a bird dog from the humane society very happy. I never said I wouldn’t. I hope that doctor has more brains than I do as well because that would make him really smart! All the best as you are all hopefully able to lighten up!!

  • Annie says:

    Dr. Cochran It was the responsibility of my neighbors to have their pet spayed. Now that they have failed their responsibility the burden will fall on me. Do you believe that all of my neighbors future unwanted litters should be my responsibility? Hardly seems fair! I did take my chances risking my health for these kittens you are right about that. For all I knew these kittens could have had rabies. I have mixed connective tissue disease and have delt with cancer this year. The last thing that I need is for the kittens to make me sick. This is even more reason that there should be spay and neuter laws. As for the people with kind words and good advice thank you I do very much appreciate it. And don’t worry these kittens will not be treated like so much yard waste in the good doctor’s yard.

  • kelly says:

    Christopher Cochran your patients are dying of HEART DISEASE not feral cat germies. In fact you claim that as your specialty HEART DISEASE. Meanwhile you are telling your patients to eat lots of meat and animal products. Is it any wonder that people in rural areas and states like Missouri have much shorter life spans? Are more obese? Have greater rates of heart disease? And strokes? And diabetes? This is the caliber of individual advising them about their health and collecting TAX DOLLARS to do it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dr. Chocran sure has alot of time on his hands for a “doctor”. Also “doctor” I was just offered a German Shorthaired Pointer that has the potential for a great hunting dog from THE LOCAL HUMANE SOCIETY. Oh the irony. Seems that does happen. He wound up being placed in the home of another doctor. I just hope he has more brains than you!

  • Brandon Harris says:

    My Aunt and Uncle live in Indiana in the country and they have rescued animals in the past. People would dump kittens and dogs out on their property and my aunt would take them to the veterinarian to get them either spayed or neutered. The point in all this is this when people have unwanted animals they go and dump them on someone else or they end up in an animal shelter or dead. That is why we need to promote animal birth control.

  • Ariel says:

    Annie You are a very very special person! Concerning your issues about your neighbors the kittens and your law enforcement’s lousy attitude please go to PeTA’s website at at the very bottom in gray lettering you will see “contact PeTA.” hit that and it will take you to “report animal abuse.” PeTA will intervene particularly concerning the fact that you have already contacted your law enforcers and that they were not helpful and not enforcing the law. You can email to PeTA at ask that your email be directed to the dept. the deals with animal abuse or call them any time day or night at 17576227382 and dial 2. Wishing you the best!

  • Ana says:

    Animals are defenseless against weapons they certainly are. And yes if they could maybe animals would shoot cowardly hunters in order to save their lives and their respective families’ lives it’s called selfdefense. The vegan animals don’t have to eat meat in order to want to save themselves from a horrible death. Duh. How interesting it would be and so just that hunters would be eaten by the animals that are carnivores. kelly Your comments to Cochran are right on target. But in all honesty everyone is wasting time on an animal killer that has no desire to be compassionate to animals. These animal killershaters are either very lonely or have way too much time on their hands that they come on an ANIMAL RIGHTS BLOGFORUM to write ad nauseum the same mundane crap they always state to justify their violenceoppression towards animals. YAWN. They ridicule animal advocacy instead of choosing to be enlightened about how noble it is to extend compassion to all living beings. The killers use words such as “cull” and “harvest” instead of the words killslaugher. A game of semantics how pathetic. The instinct to survive and the desire to live is strong in all animals including humans. Live simply so that others can simply live. Please let’s be supportive of fellow animal advocates and extend ideas to one another on how to end the oppression that animals groan under daily in this world. And yes I am happy to see that there are many on this blog.

  • kelly says:

    Christopher Cochran’s posts are actually a good lesson to us all about why parts of this country are like the Third World with animals literally dying in the streets. This is supposedly an educated man who shoots tame birds for entertainment who rants and raves that there shouldn’t be any government or rules or laws and whose nurse runs a puppy mill in the Puppy Mill State. If these are the best and brightest in those areas is it any wonder that these states and areas are crawling with puppy millers dog fighters canned hunt operators resaseach animal dealers who steal pets and much more. Educated civilized people are supposed to lead the way to civilized life instead of crawling down in the pit and cheering on the torturers. If an educated man is championing his state’s prime activities like puppy mills hunter breeders dumping their surplus dogs in the woods to die every year dog fighting and calling it all “quaint tradition” then how will these states ever get better? In places like many parts of Missouri when they bust a dog fight which is rare enough for obvious reasons they find folks like mayors school principals police officers and yes sometimes a doctor or two participating fully in the fun. How can people like Annie who are desperately trying to change things and save lives able to if the socalled “authority figures” in her state are participating in killing and torturing animals? And support it?

  • kelly says:

    Anonymous I have to know. What are you smoking? Everything you wrote is crap Perhaps if you did anything on earth to help animals you might experience the miracle of pediatric spay and neuter. Quick simple procedure like most of us experience in clinics and hospitals all the time. And the puppies and kittens are up and playing that afternoon. Not only no more surplus animals that will die but no uterine cancer or infections or testicular cancer for the animal no males battling with other males no kitten losing a home because he is spraying urine. The list goes on. We domesticated dogs and cats. We need to properly care for them.

  • kelly says:

    “Kelly you persist in characterizing people as hicks and calling places provincial etc.and when you do that you dilute the point you want to make. A lot of us from midwestern or mountainous or southern areaseither currently or originally find that offensive. ” Susannah it IS provincial or backwards behavior and it goes hand in hand with other provincial backwards behavior. If you are offended by that then go and clean up this behavior in your community rather than pretending it doesn’t exist. Don’t get angry at the messenger! and “hick” was YOUR word! This is the problem. In other parts of the country people are NOT afraid to criticize this backwards behavior and they change things. They don’t let the ignorant and selfish continue to abuse and torture animals. But in some parts of the Midwest and South this backwards behavior is tolerated. Educated people just look the other and get “offended” when someone points it out. You are offended? Get out there and do something about it because it is very real. And until “nice” people face the truth and stop living in a Hallmark card and clean up their own communities it will continue. And please learn about puppy mills. Lancaster County PA has perhaps the greatest concentration of mills in that county but MISSOURI has the most mills the highest puppy mill income and the strongest puppy mill lobby that extends into the legislature. Missouri is Puppy Mill Central.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Susannah Kill bag harvest all hunting synonyms. Since I am taking a foodstuff and often placing it in a bag harvest doesn’t seem inappropriate. Considering all the habitat restoration that I have undertaken an agricultural reference once again seems appropriate. I completely agree that spaying and neutering works. I just don’t want the government to get involved and tell me what to do. Annie You have an obligation to your native habitat to remove the feral cats from your environment. I realize that many small towns do not have the budget for a shelter. My wife and I deal with this issue frequently as we live just outside of town and we get a number of animals abandoned by inconsiderate people. We are usually able to find a home for the dogs but the cats are generally unsalvagable. They become feral so quickly and are so hard on native birds and mammals. much much more dead birds chipmunks rabbits and squirrels than I harvest that I have no choice but to remove them from our environment. Also cats carry a number of diseases transmittable to humans so be very cognizant of this when handling feral cats especially if scratched or bitten. I have cared for many well meaning folks in the hospital after a cat bite believe it or not much more than dog bite injuries

  • Annie says:

    Being from the ozarks myself I know first hand that rural Missouri is the bowel of hell for so many poor animals. I could only dream of a day when we were worried about having too few domestic animals. What a wonderful day that would be. I live in the country and always have so many animals dumped on me. A beautiful yellow lab a sweet red bone hound the list goes on and on.I have my limit of rescued pets so I wind up having to pay the $15.00 fee to get them to the humane society. At the moment I have 3 kittens from my neighbors second unwanted litter. When they went on a three week vacation and left the kittens behind I called local law inforcement. To abandon an animal is supposed to be a crime even in Missouri. The neighbors were spoken to by law inforcement when they arrived home. The neighbors denied that they owned the kittens and that was that. My advice from law inforcement was to shoot the kittens. I am once again to make the agonizing decision. What to do? What can I even afford to do? I have dog breeders all around my area. There is one that has boasted of sending her kids to college on her dog breeding income. I continue to go broke trying to clean up after the mess. Missouri has earned its reputation and we desperately need to change it. Meanwhile the breeders rake in the bucks while the rest of us pay a very heavy price. The homeless animals paying the most heavy price of all.

  • Susannah S says:

    To Christopher Cochran M.D. “Whenever I harvest an animal…” Harvest? Do they grow on trees where you are? Do you plant squirrels and rabbits along with the pumpkins? I love the euphemisms hunters use for what they do to animals. “Harvest.” Sounds like a Hallmark card doesn’t it? But it plays out more like a horror movie. Dr. Cochran the point IS that spaying and neutering dogs and cats prevents the problem of overcrowding that results in millions of these animals suffering an untimely death in shelters. I don’t know about birth control but spaying and neutering WORKS. Kelly you persist in characterizing people as hicks and calling places provincial etc.and when you do that you dilute the point you want to make. A lot of us from midwestern or mountainous or southern areaseither currently or originally find that offensive. We’re not all the same in the country OR the city so if you want your points taken seriously and they usually ARE good points stop muddying the water with these prejudicial remarks. And just for the record folks the puppy mill capital of the U.S. as I understand it is Lancaster County Pennsylvania not the Ozarks. Lancaster County has more puppy mills per capita than anywhere else according to what I’ve read and the main offenders are the Amish of all people.

  • Anonymous says:

    Birth control which has been proposed by many. It does not invoke harm like painful surgery. Which by the way the animal has at least a solid week of painful recovery the pain doesn’t end with the surgery therefore the anesthesia is only good for a portion of the process. Males who are castrated are denied natural testosterone levels which causes permanent personality changes. It is why horse owners have males castrated gelded to help make them gentler and easier to handle for riding. In the case of cats they can adapt to the outdoor environment so well that there is now a well established population of feral cats. Spaying and neutering cats from a shelter will have no effect on this feral population. Once you begin to justify inflicting pain upon an animal to help spare pain to others you head down a slippery slope of morality. From that same logic you can conclude that it is ethical to hunt feral cats to help save the millions of passerines songbirds that are killed by these felines. Hunting an overpopulated whitetailed deer population will therefore prevent them from mass starvation and prevent thousands of automobile accidents. Hunting the wild horse population will help restore an entire ecosystem that has suffered at the hooves and mouths of these introduced species. On another note it also bothers me that PETA encourages a vegan lifestyle but mentions nothing of that diet being organic. It is well known that most produce is grown with an overabundance of toxic pesticides herbicides insecticides and a whole array of chemical fertilizers which all have serious negative implications for entire ecosystems not to mention the health of the consumer. So I will reiterate I cannot support an organization that cannot follow its own moral guidelines.

  • Brandon Harris says:

    Dr. Cochran No I am not on anything. However stop eating animals and eat more of that kale mustard greens turnips chard and collards. Animals are not for us to eat.

  • Michele says:

    David PETA does not “kill” animals it euthanizes animals who are so damaged usually by humans that it would be unbearably cruel to keep them alive. Besides helping to reduce the overpopulation crisis spaying female animals actually reduces their risk of uterine cancer which is PAINFUL. They do not spayneuter animals without anaesthesia and now they even have laser surgery so that there is even less postop pain and a faster recovery. Tell us please David what is your lesscruel solution to the overpopulation crisis???? I am sure that you can come up with something that millions of animal rights advocates have never been able to think of…

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Oh Brandon Your So “Silly” I didn’t buy my dog from a puppy mill. I never said I did. Are you on something? My dog came from an old lady in Harrisonville MO whose husband is an avid duck hunter. Oliver is a very cruel dog I guess but he was never ‘milled’. I bet he’s happier than your urban bound pets. If deer squirrel rabbits quail ducks doves or fish had giant brains and opposable thumbs I have no doubt they would take the first opportunity to shoot at me. However nature has imparted them different defense mechanisms such as camouflage stealth flight and prolific reproduction. I repeat “animals are not defenseless!” They don’t need to shoot me because they don’t eat meat. No I wouldn’t like it if a lion tiger bear or alligator chose to eat me but what I like and don’t like has nothing to do with the natural order of the planet earth…You I have no doubt being urban bound and grass fed would make a much tastier meal for said predator. As corny as it sounds when ever I harvest an animal I take a moment to pay homage to the animal and the land that produced it. I am thankful that the land provided this beautiful and cunning creature for the benefit of my family. I am thankful for the skill necessary to harvest it. I say the same corny mantra when I see my fall mustard turnips kale chard and collards leap out of the ground with the promise of tasty greens in the cool of the year’s twilight. I have the sun in my face I have dirt under my feet I have the scent of fall in my nose. I am from the earth and when I die the earth will take me back and I will persevere.

  • David says:

    “Animal Rights Uncompromised” really? Having an animal castrated is considered a painless cruel free procedure with no long term effects on the health and personality of a pet? How can PETA actually advocate spaying and neutering pets. Why not be a little less compromising and find a less cruel solution to the pet population problem. But then again this is also the organization that promotes animal rights and no kill shelters while being responsible for the deaths of thousands of pets left in their care. I simply cannot support an organization that cannot follow its own moral guidelines.

  • Brandon Harris says:

    Dear Dr. Cochran Kelly never said anything about provincial. She just stated that and it is the truth because I did some research on it myself the Ozarks are the puppy mill capital of the world. The Ozarks are the puppy mill capital of the world. Shame on you Dr. Cochran for purchasing an animal from a puppy mill. Shame on you also for hunting innocent animals that never did anything to you. How would you like it if you were hunted down and shot? Well you would not like it and please think about how that poor animal feels when you are hunting it. Hunting is a cruel sport and to use animals to hunt other animals for sport is just as cruel.

  • Brandon Harris says:

    I agree with you Kelly. The good doctor who posts on here that loves to rattle our chains got his medical license from who else the government. I would not want Christopher Cochran to be my doctor. It makes me go hmmmmmm! I would not want him to be my doctor. If he is cruel to animals what kind of medication would he prescribe to me?

  • evey says:

    calm down kelly.

  • skeptic says:

    so are we as sure that the animals want to have birth control as we are that they want to have rights?

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Kelly At least you recognize that I am a doctor now. My point is as I am sure it flew completely over your head government doesn’t solve all of our problems for us. In fact as you like to point out in your blogging they typically botch things up usda and the like. Keep up your diligent goals to sway people to your beliefs but stop trying to get government to do the work for you as they will do a lousy job. Besides I pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes every year and I doubt projects like these in the long and short term will do anything to reduce that. So that I might be able to afford more land that I might restore to pristine native wild habitat please stop asking for more government intervention in our lives. For the record I don’t rave. And also don’t pretend to know how I treat plants and animals I’m no kingdomist mind you until your efforts can even be considered an effort next to what I have done for wildlife. Also I have the happiest dog in the universe he lives inside eats expensive dog food drinks pure water pumped straight from the earth often from the toilet his preference and about fifty days a year he gets to find flush and bring back dead birds in his mouth. What is the highlight of your dogs day? Pooping on the sidewalk? And yes I do have a medical license three or four of them in fact so I am well aware of the garbage that goes on in government agencies in an effort to protect and serve. What are you sanctioned by big brother to do? That is what I thought.

  • kelly says:

    And allow me to point out that what he calls the “Big Brother Nazi Bureau of Control Everything with Government Intervention cause We are too Stupid to Manage and Your So Smart What did We do Without you Department” actually issues HIM a license. A medical license.

  • kelly says:

    Think about it folks. Christopher Cochran actually sees human patients every day. The person who posted that raving comment actually makes life or death decisions about people. Remember the studies that point to a connection between those who treat animals badly and those who treat humans badly? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    We must form opinions based on our experiences. My nurse raises little dogs that I have no use for but seem to be very popular. She makes money selling them but puts a great deal of effort into making sure these pups are socialized and cared for. She is very passionate about her dogs and I would have a great deal of difficulty finding fault with what she does. I would also find a great deal of difficulty finding anyone on this blog who loves dogs more than she does. You guys are all on the same team. Work together! PETA stop galvanizing your opposition most of which share many of your opinions. You can not live in a society a democracy and be so uncompromising. You can’t always get everything you want. As for the MO comment. Those of us stupid enough to live in the middle of the country deal with prejudiced attitudes as have most of our predecessors in the rural parts of history. Where do you think the word provincial comes from. Kelly are you also an elitist? a racist? a sexist? a specieist? We “dumb hicks” are the last group in America that you can make prejudiced remarks about without fear of retribution. Thats ok we will continue to be hospitable and welcome you here as we grow all your soybeans for your Tofurkey.

  • DailyVegEditor says:

    “this is bs if you dont want your pet to have babys then go down and take the time to spened alittle money on them and get them nutered or spade” Please tell me it’s April 1 and I have the wrong calendar on the wall.

  • Fred says:

    ABC should stand for “Absent Brain Cells”. You people are incredible incredibly ignorant. Don’t you ever think before you act?

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    I sure hope the guy who breeds my bird dogs gets a license from the Big Brother Nazi Bureau of Control Everything with Government Intervention cause We are too Stupid to Manage and Your So Smart What did We do Without you Department. Otherwise I am on the lookout for a field trial grade pound puppy.

  • kelly says:

    Cathy Wampler ABC has nothing to do with breed bans whatsoever Why are you posting about that here?

  • Ana says:

    What about the “free” cats and dogs ads in the newspapers? I cringe when I see those. In a throwaway society giving felines and canines away for free only spells trouble. These poor creatures may end up in labs or thrown outside to wrestle the elements when the novelty of “free” cats and dogs who come with the responsibility of care wears off. Another round of litters of puppies and kittens will be born to these poor thrown away creatures. Then I will out there trying to remedy the situation with limited funds spayneuteradopt out. What a sad cycle of misery and death!!

  • cathy wampler says:

    breed bands are the stupidest way of controlling most breeds ie pittbulls dobermans greman sheperds ect. it’s not the dog IT’S THE PERSON. any and i mean ANY dog can rip a person apart the meanest dogs i have meet are the stressed out toy breededs that ride around in their owners hand bag. that is abuse to the highest dagree. i have owned pitts rotts GS Bull mastives. At one time I had 6 dogs living with me in a small and i mean small apartment. All walked and lived together with NO fights NOT ONE. they never barked or snarled at one person. THE BANS DO NOTHING BUT BREED HATERED. AND THAT’S WRONG.

  • Quwen Quiola Qyiz says:

    Will this break any ABC the network copyright laws?

  • Debbie says:

    Animal Birth Control won’t cause specific breeds to die out. If anyone has been past a mall pet store or looked in the paper they would notice that breeders aren’t even selling “pure” breeds anymore. Seriously almost every dog now is a mix and breeders are just placing high prices on “purebreed” mutts. ie Goldendoodles golden retrieverpoodle Puggles pugbeagle Yorkiepoo yorkiepoodle etc. Other than expense what makes a shelter dog any different? Not to mention the pure breeds that wind up in shelters. “ResposibleBreeder” is an oxymoron. There’s no such thing.

  • Brandon Harris says:

    Also Dr. Cochran my cat is a stray that was dumped outside my home when she was a kitten and although wild at first. After I got to feeding her and watering her she got used to me and allowed me to pick her up. I took her in and took her to the vet and they gave her her rabies and distemper shots. I also had her spayed. She is sleeping on the couch as I write this. I love my cat. She is a great companion animal. I took her in because I knew no one else would want her and I could not turn her away. Jesus never turned anyone away and I wanted to follow His example of love and compassion.

  • Brandon Harris says:

    Dear Dr. Christopher Cochran M.D. The cat population will not die out silly. The problem is that people allow these animals to breed and have more kittens or puppies and then no one else wants them and so the kittens and puppies are sent to a shelter or abandoned. If people were more responsible and had their cats or dogs spayed or neutered then the animal population will be controlled. The reason the animal population needs to be controlled is because we have too many strays and too many unwanted animals that end up in shelters and will end up euthanized if no one else adopts them. The main problem is that too many people would rather purchase a dog or a cat from a breeder or pet store instead of purchasing one from a shelter.

  • Sophia says:

    That’s a good questions Christopher. I suppose that some breeders will continue to breed and take the time to get a liscense…and that should keep the dog and cat population up. But I am curious about that tooI support the whole “ABC” thing but…I don’t want dogs and cats to die out…! Granted it would take a lot of time for that to happen though.

  • kelly says:

    And the Ozarks of course is Missouri the puppy mill capital of the US where even legislators lobby FOR the puppy mills which are horrific and torturous. And where Hunte Corporation is headquartered the most notorious puppy mill broker in the US. That has a BUSINESS DEAL with the AKC. The AKC registers Hunte puppies. Big $$$$$$$$$. Shame Christopher shame.

  • kelly says:

    And by the way Christopher Cochran was here posting not too long ago about shooting tame birds in the Ozarks. The dog breeders and hunters frequently lobby together against any kinds of rules or laws or regulations.

  • kelly says:

    Surely Mr. MD breeder you can understand the concept of spaying and neutering pets and getting BREEDER LICENSES if you are a breeder. Perhaps you should conduct a wee bit of research into what these laws actually mean as opposed to listening to hysterical breeders?

  • bonnie weidt says:

    this is bs if you dont want your pet to have babys then go down and take the time to spened alittle money on them and get them nutered or spade simple as that because by giving them this birth controle tthere is no garentee that it will work and then it would be a waste of money and time but if you have the money to wasste on youir pet yearly go right on a head the way that i suggested is safer and there is less risk always yours bonnieweidt

  • Jaclyn says:

    “Dr.” Cochran I’m all for ABC. There is such an overpopulation crisis that the only way to get those numbers controlled is by ABC. Then once everything is great and perfect and there are no homeless animals suffering in the street I’m sure the plan can me ammended for populations.

  • kelly says:

    The breeders spend most of their days plotting and planning how to keep the status quo and keep the dogs and cats dying. You know all kinds of empty words about “responsible ownership” only with no laws and no rules. It’s a farce.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    I am curious in mandatory oophorectomycastration laws Who has to have their pet sterilized. If everyone does then dogs and cats will be like the Shakers and die out won’t they?