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Animal Abusers Equal Baby Abusers

Written by PETA | October 8, 2009

Update: After receiving a complaint from Leslie Franks Solicitors that the description of its client hadn’t made the distinction that Barker was not convicted of murder but rather of “causing or allowing” the death of Baby P, PETA U.K. redesigned this billboard. Convicted child abusers’ violent acts send just as clear a warning to anyone who might overlook animal abuse.

It’s been shown many times that those who abuse animals often go on to commit violence against human beings. (Remember what Eli Roth said?)

With that in mind, our friends at PETA UK have just placed a billboard in Haringey, the North London borough that is now infamous for being the location of the horrific abuse of “Baby P,” a 17-month old boy who was found dead in his bed with a broken back, his fingertips sliced off, and his fingernails pulled out with pliers. He was also punched so hard in the face that he swallowed a tooth.


Baby P


As a child, Baby P’s abuser, Steven Barker, tortured animals, including frogs, whom he would skin before breaking their legs. How much suffering could have been prevented if Barker’s fascination with inflicting torture on animals had been taken more seriously?

Baby P’s case is a chilling reminder that cruelty-to-animals cases must be reported and aggressively prosecuted in order to protect helpless victims of all species.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Teresa says:

    FANTASTIC BILLBOARD! I am not too familiar with the case as I am in the U.S did not anyone living near ‘Baby P’ hear or see or suspect the horrific abuse going on in those 17 months?

  • panthera says:

    read the link between animal abuse and human violence sussex academic press for more evidence.

  • Tamie says:

    Research clearly shows your are right…violence is not exclusive. There is no reconciliation for this vile abhorrent behaviour. Thank you to all PETA people and PETA supporters for giving me hope for this world. Now I need to go hug my dogs and cry.

  • Angela Brooke-Ward says:

    How many more children how many more animals will suffer before awareness and communication take place and is taken notice of. Decent human beings must not allow low life to continue to pollute and destroy. Angela BrookeWard

  • rita uljee says:

    i totally agree with the above mentioned.

  • Paul Rathbone says:

    The link between cruelty and violence against animals in children and against humans when these youngsters grow up is very true it has been shown many times in violence cases… These kids need to be spotted early on so they can get the help they obviously need… and the animal victims can be saved from cruelty.

  • Debrah says:

    I would love to comment but I’m just at a total loss for words. The torture and abuse that that little child suffered at the hands of this monster is beyond belief!!! And as society ignores this monsters history focusing instead on his involvement in this little boys death I imagine it’s right in line with how society is responsible every year for the torture and butcher of millions of other helpless animals but choses to ignore it.