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Animal Abuse on Hamas TV

Written by PETA | August 16, 2007

In a horribly misguided attempt to teach Palestinian kids not to abuse animals, a show called Tomorrow’s Pioneers on Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV just featured a costumed “bee” named Nahoul tormenting animals. I watched the video (which I’m purposely not linking to), and I’m sorry, but showing a giant bee swinging cats by their tails and throwing rocks at caged lions is about the worst way I can think of to teach kids to be kind to animals.


And yes, in case you’re wondering, this was the show that was criticized in June when it featured a character in a Mickey Mouse suit, who preached against Israel and the U.S. until an episode portrayed him being beaten to death by an actor playing an Israeli agent.

Anyway, here’s the letter we sent the producers. I’m sure we’ll hear right back from them. Yeaaaaaah.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the world’s largest animal rights organization with 1.6 million members worldwide.

We have been made aware of an episode of Tomorrow’s Pioneers featuring a costumed character on the Hamas TV children’s show tormenting animals as part of a segment that is apparently meant to teach children to treat animals humanely. Unfortunately, while the intention of these segments may be good, the lesson is almost certainly lost on most children, who are more likely to imitate people they see treating animals cruelly rather than understand that this behavior is wrong. We are asking you to please refrain from harming animals in future episodes of Tomorrow’s Pioneers, even if the intention is to teach children a valuable lesson.

Instilling in children empathy for animals is indeed vital to helping them become compassionate, responsible citizens. Since young people are more receptive to new ideas, and since children have a natural empathy for animals, it is important that we teach them to make responsible choices that will affect how they live the rest of their lives.

Studies around the world have found that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appear in the records of serial rapists, murderers, and child abusers (because domestic abuse is directed toward the powerless, animal abuse and child abuse go hand in hand). If unchecked, this abuse can later escalate to abuse of their fellow human beings, completing the cycle of violence.

Demonstrating for children a respect for even the smallest and most defenseless among us can help them to value and respect and protect one another. We hope, for the sake of humans and animals alike, that future episodes of Tomorrow’s Pioneers will work to teach children to respect individuals of any species, no matter how “different” they may be, without demonstrating for them cruel behavior in the process.

For more information about teaching children about empathy and compassion, please visit:


Martin Mersereau, Manager
Cruelty Casework Division, PETA (

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  • Allan Hopkins says:

    I am surprised by this article. Normally I wouldn’t think PETA would do something like this… but I’m glad they did all the same. Finally a left liberal organization like this is coming to its senses. When I saw this video for the first time I was spouting epithets. As a cat owner I was enraged by this act. I was also deeply disappointed by the entries here by nonmuslims who criticize PETA for finally standing up to people who threaten our civilization.

  • alyssa says:

    Can someone please help me? I need to do a project for school and im going it on animal abuse and animal rights i was wondering if any body knows or knows of someone who was put in jail for taking action in their beliefs.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think many of you are entirely missing the point. First this is a sexist society in the extreme where women are regarded as weak and soft so having teh young female say this was wrong has no weight.The children’s laughter in the background during the acts of violence only reinforce the image. It is a goad to young males in the audience. Why would hamas want to goad young males into being cruel to animals? Why do this in a show aimed at kindergarden? Easy. You can’t create terrorists who will murder innocent civlians men women and children without careful schooling for years in advance. This entire episode is designed to dehumanize and desensitize Palestinian children to make them better terrorists. And cruelty to animals is the best way to start. The silly bit about the girl condemning the bee’s actions is just for western consumption and to reinforce the idea that caring about the innocent small animals is something “girls” do. not “true” men.

  • Eric Silberstein says:

    A couple of people refer to these sick individuals as retards. Please don’t use that word. Retard is short for Retardation or Mentally Challenged. I’ve worked with these people MC Peopleand they have a lot more class than most people. No the word to use for these people is scum. That’s even an insult to scum. Let’s face it. There are no words to describe these people. Anything else would be offensive. That’s how low they are. Hey and what’s with the AntiSemitism. Do you want to join the ranks of the unmentionables low lives? Why can’t we be kind to all living beings regardless of the species race religion handicaps etc. It’s really not that difficult to come onto this blog and comment on this horrible situation without insulting other people. Focus on the issue and help find a solution! EAS

  • Anonymous says:


  • Jo Ellen Davey Cohen says:

    Hamas…an exposure of ‘inside the belly of the beast.’ Uncorked cruelty to all life on earth.

  • RabidLeroy says:

    Looks like “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” is taking things the WRONG way. Nice try Hamas animal abuse DOES not belong here in society!!!

  • Mandy says:

    A better way to have reached the children would have been to tell stories of previously abused or neglected animals. This is what caught my attention on the matter. In this they wnet in the opposite direction because by doing what they did it would seem “funny” to a child almost cartoonish. Especially after having added the bee suit. I do give them their props for wanting to get the message in the open but they need to take it into a new direction.

  • Natasha Burma says:

    It is a sick act…a sick television show and our goverment complains about “big brother” and crap reality tv.

  • chief seattle's legacy says:

    concerning the human being we are here in front of a widespread case of primitivity. i don’t want to be political here but people like hamas and obviously their tv is making a testimony are still on an elementary rudimentary primitive level. they call themselves a religious organization but obviously they don’t even know the koran and the haddith. if yes they would know with how much delicacy the prophet mohammed was treating animals. cats were his favorite and one day when he wanted to go to the mosque he cut his sleeve off because he didn’t want to disturb abu hureira’s cat sleeping on his arm! he also condemned every kind of violence towards animals and as these people there lived in the midst of the desert mekka and medina 600 a.d.and they didn’t have super markets and when they were about to kill an animal for food he gave them exact instructions which of course nowadays are not anymore applicable for civilized people but at that time there were no other solutions. in preislamic times there was also an other horrible practice they cut pieces of meat out of animals without killing them quickly just for to keep them fresh! so he told them if you need to eat meat there is just one way you have to cut the animal’s throat with a sharpened dagger bending his eyes and don’t let any other animal near it for it must not see it! before you kill another animal you have to wash your hands that the otherone doesn’t smell the blood! kill quickly and without causing pain! nowadays every civilized human being is considering also this practice as too cruel and we say that to be slaughtered animals must be stunned! me i say the best way to avoid pain is to go veg but unfortunately not everybody is willing to do this step so today at least they must be stunned! but here we got the same difficulty with analphabetic dummies pretending that in this and that holy scripture it was mentioned that….. in the same way as they are saying that women don’t have the right to drive a car because 1’400 years ago they should not ride a camel obviously because of pregnancyproblems! you get it? anyhow in islam it’s forbidden to kill and eat dogs cats horses donkeys mules pigs and some directions in shia and the ismailia the aga khan and the begum are great animal protectors are even teaching that every animal which can be loaded or put in front of a cart must not be killed! that means even cows and camels are not allowed to be killed! as an animal lover i should even say that goats and sheeps can be loaded or pull a cart i saw this in several films and on paintings la jolie bergere so there is not much left for to kill. the koran also forbids to kill people and in our modern language we have to understand ‘the holy war’ as a struggle against our enemy inside ourselves. socalled ‘holy books’ cannot be read like a telephone book or a cook book. they have to be studied in a holy spirit and with the utmost delicacy if not this is ending up in a catastrophe like war and terrorism. so again i say that these hamas people should first go to school and to strive for the holy spirit! the holy spirit is in every religion and in every living being we just have to find him! one has to read in a healthy mental state not like a paranoid maniac understanding everything in a material perverted way like these christians who tell us that christ ate fish and sent demons into pigs and so on! all these scriptures are spiritual legacies and guidelines and have not to be taken as material bogus! some semiilliterates read just ‘their’ holy book and after they think that this is the ‘non plus ultra’ which saves or kills but instead there are hundreds of antique scriptures telling exactly the same things! and don’t forget everything is written by humans and animal welfare is more important than ancient books! by animalfriend claudia

  • Anna says:

    Dion Your story sadden me. Call your local Animal Cruelty Office in Ohio. They should be able to help with this cruelty.

  • little big woman says:

    Phil Tracy you headless scarecrowfucker go back to the peta files and read about the kosher Rubashkin slaughterhouse! I don’t like people fucking up here with paranoia!

  • stoptorture says:

    OK that is not “proIsrael propoganda” though some people will apparently believe it is no matter what just like some people insist 911 was done by Jews. But at the same time though Israel has animal rights organizations and movement it does also have individuals and entities that do horrific cruelty vivisection breeding and trafficking etc. some really extreme cruelties in Israel in addition to the organizations there that are strongly opposing such cruelty. Israel has even shown up notably amonst the countries for certain cruelties but many people there are opposing such cruelty. Obviously any organization that wants to do good will point out and oppose equally all these evil cruelties wherever they are and be opposed to cruel treatment of all humans and animals all equally.

  • stoptorture says:

    Crazy. Maybe they should show every sin people should not do by DOING IT. Makes no sense of course. Besides there are plenty of pictures and videos out there of animal cruelty they could have used instead of doing cruelty themselves. But related to this is the whole halalviolations issue in countries over there like the sheep importing issue. How about they protest in their streets about the torture of the sheep their countries import and how the halal standards are broken. Maybe that bee could show the mulesing video. But part of the problem is that people have to understand morally and in their hearts that being cruel is wrong and not just oh religion has a law about that. The fact that they did the cruelty themselves sure looks like they didn’t have a clue about the heart of not being cruel. It was incompetant and absurd. They just missed the whole point.

  • Daniel says:

    Richard First the show is undoubtedly Palestinian. This is not because Palestinians have an affinity for swinging cats around or PMW tells us it’s Palestinian. Second your ideas about IsraelPalestine are intriguing and I wish to engage you in an informative and thoughtful discussion on the issues you present including but not limited to PMW illegal settlers stolen Palestinian land Arafat’s cause of death and Israeli treatment of Palestinians. We should probably take this away from PETA and into another forum. Perhaps over email. Let me know if you’re interested. Don’t worry the Israel lobby didn’t put me up to this they don’t pay enough. It’s just a friendly check on the spread of disinformation.

  • observer says:

    kerim al laham illiteracy is rampant in America too. check out the sooooooo stupid and uneducated bloggers here protesting animal activism. no explanation of any kind by animal activists makes a connection in their heads. the illiterates always come back with their same stupidity over and over.

  • Andy Gill says:

    Sickening. The Hamas regime has a shaemful record of indoctrinating young children in hatred and violence and this is just one more example of their callous brutality. PETA should be commended for protesting against this.

  • Phil Tracy says:

    Didn’t know that PETA is a Zionist front organization.

  • kelly says:

    So Richard’s idea of balanced is to live in denial and play makebelieve? Now I know why terrorism and animal abuse continue to flourish. Those who should know better are insane.

  • TeresaK says:

    I don’t get this. How exactly is this violence teaching children to be kind to animals?? What’s with the laughing children in the background? This video is like a crazy nightmare!

  • VestaGirl says:

    Richard I think the point is that this is a crackpot fauxattempt at teaching children how to be kind to animals … civilised even but ultimately it ends up teaching them how to be UNcivilised and UNkind. And yes in my estimation the episode where the mouse was beaten to death by the evil Israeli represents just another example of instilling hatredviolence in young people be it to animals or Jews. At the end of the day they should not be promoting this kind of violence. Please don’t bring your religious phobias into an animal rights forum. It’s just tiresome. PETA as ever thanks for taking a stand on this.

  • dion says:

    recently i asked a neighbor where his dog was a 6 month old puppy he said “i killed it” he went on to tell me that 3 months prior he’d broke the dogs hind legs cause it wouldnt stay on the porch he continued saying once the dog coulg walk again it would crap in the house he didnt use the word crap so he put the dog in a plastik garbage bag and “beat it’s brains in” then threw the dog into his unused septic tank under his yard. i no longer speak to this neighbor but think he should be punished for these acts and he lives at 1253 vernon st dayton ohio 45406 can someone help

  • Anna says:

    That bee is a beeitch. Ha! Hopefully that bee is “stung” to death by an another actor.

  • observer says:

    This one. Palestine known to thrive on terrorism hatred propaganda bullshit disrespecting all species of life. ideal country for animal abusers animal haters peta haters the phoney social activists blah blah blah bloggers on here and psycho vick and his psycho supporters to take residence with their own kind!!!!!

  • kerim al laham says:

    having some roots in syria and living in both near east and now europe i just can say that we still got much illiteracy down there. some people are really sooooo stupid and uneducated! the last time when i was down there i had a huge problem with a guy who wanted to kill a stray dog and i was almost beating that man until there were many people around and a nice woman took the dog with her. there is a great ignorance rooling these countries for this they make always problems war and terrorism! many don’t understand the gentle way of life and want to use violence for to impose themselves they are also violent against animals! for this i say that australia should stop it’s exportation of sheeps to near east! this is ruthless really! i’m a believing muslim and the koran forbids violence towards the two people and animals! our forefathers killed animals because they lived in the desert but today there are supermarkets everywhere and we don’t need to kill animals! also in mekka we got other solutions today instead of the animal sacrifice for example we can give some money for the poor! i cannot understand that there are uptil now millions of people following a violent way of life this can just end in a complete destruction! it’s good that peta sent a letter to responsibles for to make them think! they really should start to use their brains and stop every kind of violence following the real teaching of koran and going with the time the modern time!

  • Canaduck says:

    …what…the fuck?

  • Daniel Kass says:

    Thank you for this letter to Hamas’ TV station. While I am definitely against inhumane treatment to animals you are quite correct that teaching this abuse usually leads to even greater abuse including the abuse or even murder of human beings. Certainly this is the intent of Hamas as they are teaching their children to become martyrs by becoming suicide bombers. No matter who or what the abuse is against it can not be condoned and I commend you for your letter!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    That’s completely horrible. What in the world were they thinking?!? I hope the poor kitty was okay…

  • Richard says:

    I really wouldn’t trust “Palestinian Media Watch” this program was probably not palestinian at all. PMW has in the past presented Egyptian Jordanian and Saudi programs as Palestinians meaning they cannot be trusted. It is run by Itamar Marcus an illegal settler who lives on stolen Palestinian land. Besides Israel is not free from animal cruelty itself. This is proIsrael propananda and shame on PETA for posting it. Just like posted a baseless story that Yasser Arafat died of AIDS which was sourced from World Net Daily and lying proIsrael propaganda website. It’s true that Palestinians have a long way in terms of animal rights but what is also true is that Palestinians treat animals better than Israelis treat Palestinians! Let’s be balanced here

  • Lee Green says:

    Thank you for protesting Hamas’ cruelty to animals and for urging them to behave respectfully toward people and animals no matter how “different” Hamas perceives them to be. It’s no surprise that people who are proud to blow up little children would also have little regard for animals. It’s so important that the civilized world condemn such barbaric behavior. Thank you PETA!!

  • peace says:

    Obviously sick and cruel. But not too sure why the IsraelU.S.Mickey Mouse thing was mentioned.

  • Craig says:

    Just goes to show you can NEVER underestimate the stupidly of humans. The worthless retard who thought that demonstrating animal abuse would teach kids NOT to do these things is well a worthless retard. This just further demonstrates my complete lack of faith in the human species to teach ANYTHING useful to their children. It’s going to be tens or perhaps hundreds of generations before humans start treating other beings with dignity and respect.