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Angelina Jolie Is Still Fur-Free

Written by PETA | April 9, 2009
czabe / CC
Angelina Jolie

Yes, Angelina Jolie was spotted wearing what appeared to be a chinchilla-trimmed hat and cape on the set of her latest movie, spurring one of the best blog headlines that we’ve seen all week. But our L.A. staffers—knowing that Angelina is a longtime fur foe—were on it faster than Liza Minelli can open a bottle of Scotch, and they’ve received word from the film’s publicist that (phew!) the chinchilla is actually synchilla.

Don’t worry, Ange, we knew a big-hearted U.N. Goodwill Ambassador like yourself would never wear the skins of achingly adorable little animals who go “coo, coo” when they’re excited and like to hold things in their cute little pinkish-gray hands. We just knew it.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • kelly alves dias says:

    angelina eu j vi todos os seus filmes.Eles so de+. vc uma tima atrizna minha opinio vc e o brad quando fazem filme juntos tambem fica legal!!!! bjs!!!!

  • Harry says:

    adrienne Angie used to eat raw meat. Shes not gonna go vegen any time soon.

  • Filipe says:

    Im fan of Angie and I hope she is aware for our concern and I think she is.

  • Aracely says:

    My last name is CHINCHILLA and Im from El Salvador I love all animals and especially chinchillas and I’m glad she is not one of those celebraties that supports buy purchasing you are contributing the killing of inocent animals.Good Job!! Angelina.

  • lucia says:


  • tiana mai says:

    I love angelina jolie. She is a beautiful person both inside and out.

  • diane says:

    thats a well are any of you fans of big time mags?? like elle and stuff? i suggest you submit a comment to them urging them to put alternatives in their mags to fur like angies synchilla..instead of posting pics of girls in actual fur and make it seem so glamorous…one wont make a diff but many will..

  • Shelly says:

    Go Angie! She is such a beautiful person. Now if she would just realize that going vegan would actually help the children she is trying so hard to save…

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    One year for Christmas my aunt gave me the most beautiful faux fur coat I had ever seen. The reason I know it was faux is the label on the inside of the coat Fabulous Faux all man made materials. I wore that coat until it literally fell apart 10 years later.

  • jess says:

    omg. i just died of cuteness. the ears! the cute little paws. chinchillas are officially the cutest animals alive.

  • adrienne says:

    Yay! I 3 her…hope she goes vegan one day…

  • simran says:

    Yay Angie! You are awesome. This earns her more respect on my celebrity rankings…