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Angel and Sasha Brought in From the Storm

Written by PETA | August 28, 2011

Who knows who we don’t hear about out there, but meet Angel and Sasha. A big thank-you to whoever alerted PETA to their plight—they were tied outside on a tiny metal balcony all night Friday as Hurricane Irene barreled toward Norfolk. The eye of the storm was an hour away when PETA turned up at the apartment, acting on a tip. The woman inside said that the dogs were her brother’s (we hear that all the time!) and that she hadn’t heard from him in a month. Although they were soaked to the skin and scared, she refused to take them inside, claiming that they were “destructive.” She signed them over to us, and since our building is right on the water and the gusts were going to shake it pretty badly, we took them to a local open-admission shelter. Boy, were they glad to be off that balcony, dried with towels, and out of the storm: They skipped and kissed us!  

Please, if you see an animal in distress, don’t count on someone else to be the Good Samaritan—call your local animal control, step in to provide assistance yourself, or contact PETA right away. Your quick and firm actions could save lives.

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  • Vernice says:

    Really thankful that there are vigilant people and PETA who are there when it matters to help protect abandoned and neglected animals! Pets cannot speak for themselves, why such people don’t have a heart letting this creature of God like those poor dogs left alone in the cold and the rain! Job well done PETA. You guys are true savior! Vernice my blog : Porte coulissante intérieur 

  • jackthekipper says:

    Thank the lord that there are vigilant people and PETA who are there when it matters to help protect abandoned and neglected animals ! Great work PETA

  • Diane P says:

    I hope that poor excuse for a human gets arrested for that cruel act. I just don’t understand these people poor babies thank god for that good samaritan and peta.

  • pauline says:

    WHY…WHY….WHY? I will never understand how people treat animals so poorly.

  • Sina says:

    THANK YOU GUYS for your work! you come to rescue animals when noboby is there to do it! you are true angels walking on earth! THANK YOU! to read about this poor dogs left alone in the cold and the rain, to know that they are safe and happy now makes me happy, thx again! love you guys, i really do!

  • LynSire says:

    Really thank God for you guys, I hope you get to save every animal out there!! ♥

  • mshellynb says:

    Wonderful to hear about the good samaritan and kudos to lets! XOXO I could not imagine leaving my furry babies in any storm! Keep up the good work Peta!

  • jane says:

    Arrest, fine and jail all these negligent, cruel, stupid people who leave their animals. They deserve nothing less – they are scum. I volunteered after Katrina struck, and it was even worse …..God bless you all at PETA.

  • Karen (Caring) says:

    Being “owned” by 3 rescue dogs & 3 cats, I cannot imagine LEAVING my pets behind in ANY disaster! I will never understand why people like these who left these precious pets behind, even have them in the first place!

  • dori says:

    these people do not deserve these animals and should be arrested for animal crulety

  • desktopcad says:

    AMEN PETA, Thank God for good samaritans and organizations like you. If I could I would be right there helping you. It just sickens me to hear of any kind of abuse to any of God’s creatures. Thanks PETA for being there to help protect those that cannot speak for themselves.