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Amtrak Needs to Choo-Choo-Choose Veggies

Written by PETA | April 29, 2010

Amtrak is conducting test runs of trains fueled with biodiesel made from beef tallow along its Heartland Flyer route, so PETA is urging Amtrak to get its eco-friendly efforts on the right track, asking that the company instead feature our sexy Lettuce Lady ad:


Amtrak officials might mean well, but burning a product made possible by the environmentally destructive and hideously cruel meat industry isn’t Earth-friendly—no way, no how. That’s why we’re urging the company to opt for animal-friendly sources of alternative energy and to promote vegan cuisine.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Amtrak will take us up on our offer. If not, its Heartland Flyer route might need to be renamed the “Heartless Flyer.”

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Louise says:

    To use beef tallow is embarrassing as if there is no other way for Amtrak. On the other hand Meat rests are not only in patties it is used in many products and maybe better making grease out of it than feeding it in schools in a sauce! But btw I wouln’t feel good also travelling like this!

  • Brad says:

    I was planning on taking Amtrak from VA to AZ this summer but if they plan on using beef tallow I will have no choice but to cancel.

  • rosemary carrizales says:

    What can we do to make them choose the right choice?

  • Jay says:

    Awful abuse! Beef tallow! I would like to watch a lot of lettuce ladies like this.

  • Shari says:

    This brings a smile to my face! I would love to see a train go down the tracks with a wonderful message like this! Plusseeing a pretty Lettuce Lady with a environmentally friendly smile on her face is a great way to start the day!