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Ami James: Ink, Not Mink

Written by PETA | January 24, 2008

Ami James, the star of the hit TLC reality show Miami Ink, is also the new face of our anti-fur campaign, showing off his 40 colorful tattoos in a new “Ink, Not Mink” ad for PETA. He’s unveiling the ad at his Miami club—the Love Hate Lounge—this evening, and will be renaming the venue “Love Animals, Hate Fur” for the night. Needless to say, we’re really excited about Ami’s involvement with this campaign. You can see Ami’s new ad and tattoo design here, but in the meantime here’s a PETA Files exclusive video interview with Ami James that took place at the ad shoot:

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  • mystic69 says:

    a real man is a good man..keep up dude..

  • kelly teather says:

    i love ami james i watch miami ink all the time an i always wondered what he would think of the fur trade an im glad that he is against it an im sure the other guys in the shop would also think the same as him!

  • Joanne Mc Leish says:

    Ami what a great video! I feel exactly like youmy dog is the love of my life also. I too save spiders as well as anything else I can. I just absolutely adore ALL animals! EVERYTHING thing you said in this video is exactly how I feel. GOOD JOB! WELL DONE! Joanne Mc Leish

  • Joshua Christensen says:

    Jean Houston I agree with everything you have said. And Ami I’m happy that you and other TV Stars are standing up against these people. I have never felt as angry and sad when I saw the videos of what happen to the animals. How can these people be so heartless.

  • Carina Sewell says:

    Ami!!! youre not just a pretty face hey?! youre a dude with a heart. I have some fond memories of you when you were in Tokyo strip poker and a free tattoo! good times keep it real sunshine

  • Dalia says:

    Amazing Ami I’m so thankful that you and many others in the TV World are speaking out against animal cruilty. The recent video of animals in China like the racoons dogs that were beaten skinned alive for thier fur actually made me vomit. Fucken amazing how heartless some people can be please everyone SAY NO TO FUR ….

  • Jean Houston says:

    Now this is a REAL MAN. Thank you Ami. A Real man.

  • Lara James :) says:

    this is very nice from you.. you are my idol..I too have a dog and others rabbit … we have bout care for animals..I’m vegetarian.. ‘cuz i don’t wan’t that the animals hurts for me.. hello.. noo. take care. love you.. 3 XOXO …

  • Lara says:

    Ami …. awwww you are soo perfect.. I love animals too.. I love U and you are the best. 333 XOXO

  • era says:

    bella is the love of your life you’re mine and we both care for what a perfect match joke keep up the good work Amiyou rock!

  • Austin Hurst says:

    Love tattoos and hate cruelty to animals. Good interveiw

  • melodie richardson says:

    Wow tattooed tough guy with a golden heart! We need more like him in the world!!!

  • Lisa says:

    Ami is great I love the show and I’m so glad to see him speak up for animals. Nothing makes a man more sexy than his compassion for animals. You rock Ami!

  • Barbara Borras says:

    Pasando a observar te me cuidas y me encantas cmo ser humano.

  • sandra says:

    OOOOMGG And that is the truth storie which we everydays month and generations see kill animals that is soo damn F awfullest thing which humanity can do with they. They are humans too!! Why do some people so react and dont stopp it.Every seconds minutes how ami told in the peta interview.I have a dog an she is soo ill that it is cryying how many opparations she had and that she had a begun hip joint and have pains by walk her ass materminds to left side by walk. But I love my dog how she is!! PLS Help the ANIMALS I am soo imprested how many famouse people are helping the animals.

  • Tohni Blower says:

    Thanks so much it makes me feel so good when celebrities change their ways or speak up for animals so many people look up to them and admire them. It’s a great way for consumers to change. I hope to see more Celebs speaking up for Animal rights.

  • g~presh says:

    hey ami i just got my first tattoo i’m 28 an have been putting it off since i was probably about 18. anyway i know your a busy man so i’l cut to the punchline. i got a big backpiece for a first time the lady told me it was big i sat for 3 hours an had no idea wat i was in for never seen ink applied or anything like that. anyway i got it done an am not happy with the result. i asked for a certain design an she said no prob. fk in hell man. nothing like wat i wanted. i got a badly drawn trible tat. any advice? thinkin about hittin miami for my holidays. can you check it out an maybe cover it?

  • sweetmammie says:

    i love his show and i love animals i have 2 dogs but ami is a great guy realy whant to meet him if he whan to send me a messege he cut find me an myspace love ya kis

  • kazuca says:

    it would be great if you put this on tv cause not everyone go to just the ones who loves animals like us. thanks amy!

  • Mr. Voolstra says:

    Dear Lady’s en gents I want to no if it is possibel to send a email to Ami James or his Tattoo Shop. I adore the tattoo’s from him and his compagnes and my whis is to go there for a tattoo. Greatings H.Voolstra Netherland.