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America’s Wild Horses Are Given a Voice

Written by PETA | February 25, 2010
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Wild Horses

In a historic first, decades in the making, Madeleine Pickens—founder of the National Wild Horse Foundation—has secured a spot on a soon-to-be-formed national committee dedicated to ending the crisis faced by thousands of wild horses across the country.

Pickens’ solution to the crisis—in which the animals are currently confined in usually unkempt pens where they are often subjected to extreme temperatures without shade and with little to no room to roam—is to create a wild-horse sanctuary to provide long-term care and protection for the animals. She recently met with Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to tell him that paying ranchers or other contractors to warehouse wild horses until they die is an unacceptable method of dealing with the horse population, and her proposed solution prompted Salazar to announce the formation of a committee to address the issue.

Right now, more than 30,000 wild horses and burros are in holding facilities. Please lend your voice to them: Join Pickens in urging senators, congressmembers, and other government officials to stop the capture of thousands of American wild horses immediately.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Rita Glover says:

    U have the largest voice,please put a spot light on the B L M ,and stop them from killing our wild mustangs so they can steal their land.

  • Kat says:

    Why do people have to be so creul? I LOVE horses and it sickens me when I hear about them being abused and slaughtered. It has to end!

  • mandy says:

    I personally love horses they are my favoite animal. I was completly sickened to my stomach when i saw the videos of the slaughtering of these majestic beautiful animals. Please Peta put a stop to it. When the wild horses are all gone what will our fucture children say and do how will they get to know the magestic creatures of the wild. These horses have roamed the USA and other countries even before man came here they were here when my ancesters the Native americans were here and well before that. They should stay where they belong and not put up in crammed where houses and slaughter houses and tiny reserves that are so small that they cant even run like they do in the wiled un fenced. PLEASE stop them NO FENCEING NO KILLING just let them be.

  • xPanda says:

    Alright, Well My mom has been looking into the whole situation with the wild horses, apparently people are capturing them and taking them either to slaughter or trying to sell them, I think they personally need to be stopped, I think in even some cases they are going for human consumption, which is twice as worse. i wish there was something we could do to keep these animals in the wild where they belong, it’s in there nature to be where they are, and the human race is taking that away. It’s inhumane and wrong in my eyes.

  • Lisa D. says:

    The Wild Horses Are part of western history they were there first! And really what is the point of removing them anyway? WHY????? is it being done….

  • Yasmine says:

    Thanks guys for this AT LAST something for the Mustangs and Burros of the Old Wild West!

  • Patty Poe says:

    Please let them roam. Do we need to kill or cage everything that is trying to be free. Stop it PLEASE

  • Sharon Kennedy says:

    God intended these horses to run free and that is their heritage and right given to them by the Governor of all Nations.

  • Gwen Cline says:

    Let these beautiful creatures alone! Stop containing them in places that are torcher chambers like keeping them penned in cramped corrals with no shelter from the heat or storms. What is wrong with people that they have no feeling for living breathing creatures! Please help these beautiful animals to live healthy.

  • Anne Vevers says:

    These wonderful creatures were roamining wild before humans started taking their land. Some of the us on this planet are ignorant selfish and most if not all greedy! Why do the true owners of this earth suffer at our expense? All life on earth are gifts from God and should be treated with the utmost respect. Leave these wonderful creatures alone! After all if it was not for the horse we would not have vehicals dam shame!

  • monica guarneri says:

    you can’t posses everything on earth….

  • Valerie Wehmueller says:

    We fully support Madeleine all her work to try to help America’s wild mustangs!!

  • nishchick2001 says:

    What needs to stop is americans bringing their horses over the border to Canada now to get slaughtered. Canada needs to say no and stop their own slaughter of horses and americans need to stop putting the blame now here as they closed their slaughter houses.Be honest!Both countries continue to be equally as responsible for this situation.Peta do something about that! Makes me sick!

  • Arlene Steinberg says:

    Wacey Kirkpatrick you are no horse lover. You sound like a shill for one of the slaughterhouses. Someday when you are unusable and unwanted would YOU like to be “humanely” put down? Just how would you define humane? Yeah that’s what I thought you’d say. When people abandon their horses THEY should be fined and punished NOT the horses. We owe these magnificent animals far far more than you recommend. I couldn’t disagree with you more in every way.

  • D. Deslandes says:

    Throughout the history of the United States and several countries throughout the world the horse has been frequently celebrated in historic paintings displayed in government buildings such as the US Capital and renowned art museums. Horses worked alongside our nations forefathers to plow the fields that helped establish our nations agriculture. And where would this country be without the horses that provided transportation of men women and supplies that helped establish these United States? Horses moved wagons of building materials to develop the initial infrastructure of this country. In our history Native Americans valued the spirit strength and Nobel bearing of the horse. A point of interest during the 1700s the Comanche became the epitome of the Plains Indian Horse Culture. There was a saying in Texas that The white man will ride the Mustang until he is played out the Mexican will take him and ride him another day until he thinks he is tired the Comanche will get on him and ride him to……. where he is going Frank Dobie. Within a few decades after acquiring horses many military leaders considered the Comanche as the finest light cavalry in the world. The U.S. government contradicts itself by allowing BLM to mismanage wild horses who are descendents of those who helped to build this country. D

  • [email protected] says:

    the whole point of of the anti blm campain is to change how the blm deals with the horses. 62 lost horse on one propty is unappecptable in any farm in this country and is ground for a abuse case.the round up arent actully legal. they are violating laws dealing with humae handling and processing. your claimn to know about horses. compare the death rate in each round up to the death rate in any other horses activty and youll find a greater precent of the rounded up animal are dieing than even in the worse years of racing and rodeos

  • Rossi says:

    Return our wild horses to their rightful lands and have the BLM pay us back our millions in wasteful spending on unwanted roundups…and they can all sit in jail for a year for each and every horse they murdered.

  • Vikki Hendrickson says:

    A very sensitive situation. I would love to see a sanctuary for wild horses the true symbol of the wlld west. It would be great to stop the capture of thousands of wild horses. But I also agree with Wacey Kirkpatrick’s post. Good luck Madeleine Pickens.

  • wilson says:

    The fact is these animals are out of place in this modern human infested world. To leave them in Nature is basically a death sentence. I tip my hat to Mrs. Pickens this my friends is a prime example of money doing great things for the benefit of all. To be able to come to a natural safe place and see these animals in all there glory will be aweinspiring.

  • Wacey Kirkpatrick says:

    I don’t mean to try to change anyone’s thinking on this matter but I do mean to bring to the table a little bit different point of view. A large reason these horses are having to be put in confinement is because the carrying capacity of the rangeland they run freely on cannot support all these animals. Once the maximum number of animals has been reached that this land can accomidate the rangeland that we all cherish so much in the American West becomes overgrazed by these horses and that decreases the production of this land. In turn that means these horses will starve to death out there eventually. I don’t think any of us want to see that now do we? I have been to horse holding facilities in Nevada and the hay that these animals are fed is very high quality hay with lots of nutrients. I also believe that even though it is not the natural way of these animals they are treated alot better than a mountain lion or wolf would treat them if they were starving to death out on overgrazed rangeland and one of these predators happened to meander by and see an easy meal. I don’t really like to see thousands of horses in a holding facility either but compared to them starving to death on overgrazed rangeland I believe the holding facility does give them a better life and not only that it is good managment of our Public Lands so that our children grandchildren and greatgrandchildren will have the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures in balance with Nature on their native range. The rangelands in the American West cannot support the numbers of wild horses and other animals that it supported 100+ years ago. Urban development interstates and the like continue to eat away at the open space these animals have to run on. Since weHumans are the ones building these houses shopping malls roads etc and taking land away from Nature it is our duty to manage the remaining land and the animals on it. Everything has to be managed as a whole and everything has to give some and everything has to take some. We have to find a balance and take all species’ needs into consideration. On another note while talking about the horse issue how many of you have seen abandoned horses running wild since our government closed the horse slaughter plants in this country? In the part of the country where I live people are turning unwanted and unusable horses loose on public and private lands as well. They are turning them loose along highwaysonly to get hit by passing motoristsnot only endangering the lives of these horsesmost likely killing them but also the lives of the motorists. Now think about that if one of these collisions happened to be you your spouse child or close friend? In the vehiclehorse collisions I have seen not many horses have walked away unhurt and not very many people have walked away unhurt either. Think about it a 1200 lb abandoned horse standing in the middle of the road in the middle of the night because he has nowhere to go and no place to call home and a little sports car cruising down the road at 65 mph. The people in that car don’t stand a chance and that horse will most likely have 4 broken legs and be dead after the collision. It seems to me that humane slaughter of these unwanted and unusable animals would be a better alternative than what I have seen happening to them. I am a horse owner and I love my horses more than anything in the world but there comes a point in time where they are no longer feasible to have around and they need to go somewhere. I would rather have them humanely slaughtered than to have them standing out in the middle of a road getting hit by a car or truck. Those are my thoughts on these issues I look forward to hearing a good discussion on these matters.

  • Irene says:

    It’s about time someone paid attention to this problem. Our wild horses are part of our nation’s history a link to a past that is being slowly consumed by greed and ignorance. A sanctuary is a perfect idea.

  • Martta-Liisa Harju says:


  • E Marino says:

    We have to begin working with the earth and all of its creatures especially those as magnificent as wild horses. They need to be free we all do.

  • Leslie Hathaway says:

    Plese stop this cruelty to horses. They deserve to be treated with the utmost respect like any other animal. I don’t know how people can stand to be mean to animals. It is disgusting. Stop it now PLEASE.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    We all deserve to run free!!

  • Cathy Lempe says:

    Everyone should stand behind these beautiful animals and fight for their rights to be alive and free all animals need our help!!! We are stronger if we stand together and fight for them!!!!Please spread the word to all!

  • patsy says:

    dont people get it “they are wild”let them be free and wild!!!!

  • Susan P says:

    Let these magnificent animals be free!

  • carla says:

    Leave them alone for God’s Sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stacey says:

    Wild horses and burros need space to roam! Another way you can support this cause is to support Road Ranger gas stations IllinoisIowaWisconsin area they are an Official CoFounding Sponsor of the Wild Horse Preservation Fund which Madeline Pickens is a part of.

  • Jay says:

    It’s sad enough what we did to the buffalos!

  • Wendy Horvath says:

    A Wild Horse sanctuary is an amazing solution to this crisis. Please help Madeleine Pickens accomplish this for the sake of these poor horses and burros who’ve been taken from their natural “free roaming” environment and are now living a life of confinement. What a shame.

  • Sarah Johns-Goodman says:

    VietNam Veteran 2 Tours.. 12th Med DaNang WAC. Registered Voter Retired RN. Former Wild Horse Owner. got too old shaky bones to ride. The BLM and DOI is wasting Taxpayers Money on Wild HorseBurro “Roundups” Mustangs Burros should be left alone!! Big Ranches should NOT have “Lobbyists” standing at the BLMDOI’s door with $$$$$ in their hands for under the table “donations” commonly known as Bribes. The DOIBLM should cease desist ALL of these socalled “Roundups”.. they are unnecessary Inhumane a complete waste of money. It would not cost 1 penny to just leave them alone! Survival of the fittest is what created the most BeautifulIntelligentSturdy “Live on almost anything” Potentially domestic animal in the world. Americans should be PROUD of these Creatures.. NOT exterminate them for a few “Tainted” dollars.!!

  • Tracy says:

    Please allow animals to run freely. We have captured enough of this world. Keep something for our children.

  • Dee says:

    Done!! Sent my email to support Pickens

  • Brandie Perry says:

    It’s heard breaking that our beloved American Horses are being slautered. It saddens me even more then people are heartless enough to do this. They have feelings love and need someone to stand up for them. Please stop this.

  • Vannessa Allbright says:

    Please allow these beautiful creatures to remain free. they are a treasured symbol of the American West.

  • S McIntyre says:

    Kinda reminds me of Hitler… only no one seems to see it and fight back. These people are gross.

  • Anouk Peeters says:

    Stop capturing these beautiful animals. Leave them alone !

  • amy camptell says:

    this must stop disgusts me.

  • Ramona says:

    I urge you to stop the capture of thousand of American wild horses please leave them alone in their natural habitat immediately! Regards Ramona

    • wild horses should be protected like every other wild animal .And horses have been anamarican Icon.with out them we would not have the luxury of living in this country, they helped found this country. wagon trains ponyexpress, cowboys,rounding up cattle travel would not have been possable with out the horse.Please leave them alone befor they become extinced Those People in helicopters runing them to death all!!! should be prosicuted .We are there care takers not tere slaterers.