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Ambulances and Homeland Security … Just Another PETA Demo

Written by PETA | January 23, 2009

When we found out that Safari Club International, the largest big-game hunting organization in the world, would be in Reno, Nevada, on the same day as our anti-fur demonstrators, we figured that we’d be facing a tough crowd. Our fearless crusaders nevertheless showed up bright and early to let people know that animals caught in steel-jaw traps can languish in pain for days. What happened next was just downright ridiculous.

First, a couple of Reno Police Department cops showed up (unfortunately not in hot pants) to scope out the scene. Things settled down pretty quickly—that is, until a fire truck and ambulance came charging down the street, sirens blaring, and stopped directly in front of our demo. Apparently, a “concerned citizen” called 911 to report bleeding girls in distress. Cherry on the cake? Amidst the chaos, a detective from Homeland Security showed up to take the ladies’ names.

Secretly, we were kind of hoping the cops would show up (we have a thing for police in short shorts), but we definitely weren’t expecting such an eventful welcome. Well, the whole thing was eventually sorted out and laughed off as a misunderstanding, but let’s just say this was one demo that “The Biggest Little City in the World” will never forget.

Check out photos of the “bleeding girls” below.




Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Zachary W. says:

    Yea! I’m glad they saw the suffering humans go thrue I hope they realized it’s the same suffering animals go thrue!

  • Maria says:

    So someone was disturbed to see two ladies all bloody and in “distress”? GOOD! That’s exactly the point! Fur traps are distressful deadly cruel and ugly. I’m glad someone was as disturbed by the sight as we are.

  • Meech! says:

    Heyyy… no hurting of animals including humans!

  • Pepsi One Is Fun says:

    Rex’s Mom So what your calling for is a real life enactment of “The Deadliest Game” except with Sarah Palin and other people who hunt?

  • Rex's Mom says:

    That Safari Club International is an ally of Sarah Palin and vice versa. They all should be treated the way they treat the animals they slaughter! Let them try to run for their lives and get blasted! Then have their human heads mounted on a wall!