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‘Dogs’ and ‘Cats’ Fight for Lab Protection

Written by PETA | August 8, 2011

The following was first published on Animal Writes: PETA UK’s Blog

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Almost 100 PETA U.K. supporters took part in an eye-catching photo opportunity in London Saturday to demand that the government not adopt lower standards of protection for animals in laboratories when it incorporates the E.U.’s new directive regulating animal experiments later this year. If the government adopts the directive without changes, all animals will be affected. But dogs and cats in particular would become far more likely to be used in experiments because they would lose the special protections that Britain has given them for more than 25 years.

“Britons don’t want more cats and dogs experimented on or more suffering for the millions of other animals used in laboratories. They want fewer animals used and less pain,” said PETA U.K. policy adviser Alistair Currie. “We are calling on the public to send a clear message to the government that the citizens will not accept the laws that protect British animals to fall to the level of the EU’s lowest common denominator.”

A big thanks to all the fantastic PETA U.K. supporters who sent that message loud and clear.

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  • lldyhwke says:

    When a person deposits an animal at a pound, one of the first things to happen is that they sell them to labs. They get big bucks for this. So, if you can’t keep a pet for the duration of their life, DON’T GET ONE!

  • Get Real says:

    animal experimenter, I am pretty sure only barbarians or Neanderthals live in caves so going by that you would be the one enjoying the caves.

  • kathy says:

    @animal experimenter, there are superior scientific methods available. Animal testing is less effective.

  • Sister_Wolf says:

    @animal experimenter: scientific progress needn’t nor shouldn’t be equal to more experiments on animals. There are plenty other ways to go. Animal experimenters are the ones sitting in caves.

  • animal experimenter says:

    so let me get this right… people are complaining that *more* experiments were done this past year? you’re AGAINST scientific progress? enjoy your caves.

  • Spider Woman says:

    Let’s hope that this eye- and heartcatching action shall be successfull!