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Alligator in the Kitchen

Written by PETA | April 23, 2008

The nation’s fleeting attention was caught today by a story about a Florida woman who was surprised to discover a full-sized alligator nonchalantly wandering around in her kitchen looking for treats. For her troubles, the woman in question—Ms. Sandie Frosti—gets an all-expenses-paid trip to New York to do the talk-show circuit, so everything turned out OK for her.

But what’s to become of old Andy the Alligator? Well, according to local authorities, our reptilian friend, who is believed to be a grown-up from a group of baby gators that the neighbors used to feed in the pond, has been bound up and is awaiting slaughter, which will probably come via a knife or ax to the spine, so that he can be paralyzed before they skin him alive to make shoes, belts, and bags out of him.

Which is pretty much the price that animals who don’t pass the “cute and cuddly” test always tend to pay in these situations. There’s going to be plenty of yukking it up about Ms. Frosti’s wacky experience during the talk-show fluff pieces tomorrow morning, so I figured at least somebody should tell the alligator’s side of the story. If nothing else, maybe it’ll at least serve as a reminder never to buy exotic skins.

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  • Mary Barnhardt says:

    I am currently working to start an organization to stop the inhumane treatment of our beautiful alligators here in Florida. It has to be stopped. People here in Florida are uneducated and need to leave the alligators alone. We have moved into their territory and it is possible to coexist with some knowledge. I am going to stop the murdering and the people responsible through education. Claude that means you. The alligators are not out to attack you you just happen to be on their turf possibly you should relocate if you dont have the education to know how to coexist with the local wildlife just like the woman in the story. The alligator should have been taken to the everglades. I will do everything in my power to change these ridiculous so called LAWS in Florida regarding our precious wildlife and irresponsible humans. Thank you for the opportunity to post. Mary Florida resident for 25 years Friend of the Gators!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Claude hello! I feel you have made some good points. Of course I have volumes of sympathy for families who encounter an alligator. The problem is you will have to kill ALL of them in order to avoid this problem! Florida is a state teeming with wildlife. We can’t move deep into the woods and then be shocked when we see wild animals. When an adult moves to Florida they know full well they may see alligators. It’s a choice they made. It’s not the only place in the world to live. When one walks into someone’s home it’s too late to take preventative measures. Killing the animal will only invite more bold alligators to move in. Where I live beavers created a big beaver pond that was flooding everything. The state trapped and removed the beavers and guess what happened? Twice as many beavers mostly juveniles moved in and expanded the pond by a huge margin. It mad the problem worse. Now the flooding is completely out of control. Bold alligators will continue to enter people’s homes. Killing them will invite more. This is not some animal right’s concept Claude. It is a proven scientific fact. So more creative measures are needed. If people want to live in sensitive wildlife areas they either need to accept the risk or move elsewhere. No disrespect intended. Peace!

  • RandaLynn says:

    It amazes me that these aligators are a natural species to Florida and are treated with such hatred. It is not their fault that we have built our homes around theirs. It amazes me when people become all concerned and scared that there is an aligator in their pond or back yard. We live in Florida people come on now. I don’t like that these animals automatically find death when they wonder where people don’t want them to. There has to be a better way.

  • claude says:

    well rose that is the case and i bet you would give a shit if it was you or your family that was being threatened by a large wild animal its really easy to make asinine comments when they don’t affect you or your family i bet if the gator had wandered into your kitchen you would be all for killing it because like i said before adult gators have a set home range and if relocated they will find their way back to that home range.

  • Rose Corletto. says:

    Hey Claude .your info on the why they cant be relocate is really pathetic so what if thats the case I dont give a sh..’t .God made the world for everyone he created PEOPLE AND ANIMALS !we humans are the selfish ones who dont wanna share cause we are destroying the world nature animals everything. Is a sad reality I blame myself too and Im ashamed by it.God made a mistake when he created man we are the evil cruel and horrible to this planet we are killing all animals only because we can is very sad what this alligator must endure is just not fair for him I cry for his pain.

  • Jordan says:

    …and also why do they distroy the alligator for being in her territory but if she stepped on to his territory she would be able to pass on through?

  • Jordan says:

    Okay now thats sad… my little brother walked into the room he’s six years old and asked me to read it for him. after i was finished he had tears in his eyes and said to me “Jordan i want to save that alligator.”

  • claude says:

    Anonymous it is right what would not be right is just letting the animal continue to roam because eventually it will kill someone.

  • kitty says:

    Ugh. This REALLY pisses me off. It just seems so barbaric and insane. How idiotic are people? It’s like they see an animal and they either think ‘food’ or ‘accessories’ but murder almost always crosses their mind without a second thought.

  • Anonymous says:

    Poor alligator. It didn’t do any harm yet it has to die. Its not right!!!

  • Susannah says:

    This has always bothered me on the “Animal Planet” series that features “Miami Animal Cops” where they hire a guy to catch the alligators that “threaten” the populace. If the gators are over a certain length they’re destroyed or “humanely euthanized.” I’ve always wondered why? Why CAN’T they be relocated to the Everglades? It’s the same with the current wolf “roundup” in Yellowstone. Why can’t they be relocated? These were an endangered species. Now that there’s enough of them not to worry about extinction the hunters are allowed to “harvest” them again. Whether it’s seals wolves polar bears or alligators their rights are nonexistent when put against our own. It’s just not right.

  • jan vavloon says:

    People are taking over the wildlifes territory they have just as much right to be on this earth as we do!! They are running out of room because of all the people its so sad a gator will be destroyed because it wondered into someones house.

  • claude says:

    kristi Florida destroys alligators that are over a certain length that are considered nuisance gators meaning they are wandering into peoples yards pools or houses because they pose a threat to humans when they are bold enough to wander into someones house it is only a matter of time that they will be bold enough to start seeing humans as a prey item. Elanore Florida does release nuisance gators that a still juveniles out in the everglades or elsewhere from civilization but the big gators have to be killed or sent to a zoo if they can find a zoo to take them due to the fact that big gators have a set home range and if they are removed from that range they will find their way back to it and the next time someone could be killed or injured.

  • Lotus says:

    When you see a stray cat you go ‘awww!’ Stray alligator? Not so much. It makes my blood boil. Yes I know they can be terrifying I’ve actually been around tigers and they scared the HELL out of me but being killed and made into some rich snobby brat’s boots for trespassing? Huh. And I actually thought we had a decent legal system.

  • sally says:

    ugh im pretty sure the people doin all this torture wouldnt like it being done to them.

  • sally says:

    wow. i never realized how cruel man kind can be towards helpless creatures.

  • Eleanor Alexander says:

    I’m still for the ‘gaters being taken back and let loose in the Everglades.

  • Kristi says:

    Someone before me had mention about alligators in Florida are being destroyed because they were in someone’s house. Well I would like to know what they destroy because they are of a certain usually big size?

  • M says:

    I love everything Peta does you guys have the power to change sooo much and you have you have gotten sooo many celebs to go fur free various companies to stop animal testing you rock. Butt with all the power you have why can’t you prevent this horrific torture of the beautiful reptile? They deserve to have food and land…… why are humans taking over and corrupting nature?? grrr…….. Peta rocks!

  • Holly says:

    What happened? Was she saved? Does anyone know?

  • claude says:

    kris it is always humans fault even yours if you are alive or have lived it is your fault what happens to animals like where your house or apartment is was once land that animals lived on and someone at some point in time did the same thing that happens in Florida just so you your family and ancestors could live in peace and without fear of being attacked by a wild animal. and Florida has some pretty strict laws on dealing with alligators to protect and preserve the species and to preserve the saftey of humans.

  • kris says:

    I just feel like theres something someone could do like petition or something? that poor alligator dosen’t know any better its the humans fault!

  • Eric Silberstein says:

    It’s too bad they have to kill animals that in fringe on … THEIR OWN TERRITORY! Plus people should learn not to … FEED WILDLIFE! So in a sense it is we Human Beings who cause the world’s problems and the animals suffer for it. LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE AND LET THEM LIVE THEIR LIVES! This had to be said.

  • lynda downie says:

    Thanks Jack. I appreciate you taking the alligator’s part. He gave Ms. Frosti her 15 minutes of fame but has to lose his life for it. How very unjust!

  • Annalena says:

    Yuck alligator accesories! Poor guy. Reptiles are beautiful and personally I adore them. I just saw an image in the Nat Geo China special of alligators with their jaws sealed shut and left to roam about so customers can pick the one they want to eat still warm or rather cold. There is nothing spectacular about this womans story at all. Talk shows are becoming even more ridiculous.

  • claude says:

    just so the facts are straight Florida laws say that a nuisance alligator over 4 or 5 feet long cannot be relocated and has to be destroyed and an eight foot gator wandering into someones home is a nuisance animal and if relocated the alligator would have found its way back to its original home range and would have probably wandered into someone else’s house but the next time it might not end so well therefore the alligator has to be destroyed. also the reason they relocate nuisance gators that are under 4 or 5 feet is because they are still juveniles and do not yet have a set home range therefore they are less likely to return back to the place they were captured in.

  • jackie marinelli says:

    Why does Florida have guide lines that would destroy an alligator just because it came into someones house. Why can’t they put him in the Florida Everglades. I have never been so outraged in my life.. The poor alligator stumbles into a riped screen door after a cat is put in a holding truck probably without food or water and is going to a processing plant for alligators to be destroyed????? You are not doing your job Peta to let this kind of thing go on. Get a petition together and we will all sign it against the guidelines for alligators in Florida. Jackie

  • Holly says:

    Oh I hope your wrong about this. I saw someone poke the poor guy after he was all taped up it was such a sad sight to see. I will say a prayer for him and hope someone changes their mind about his destiny…and if they dont I hope its a quick death. I say a prayer for all the animals who suffer each morning when I wake. Go Vegan…

  • pam oates says:

    thanks jack for telling the alligators side of the story…i live in florida unfortunately what u say will happen to this gator probably will…here is an important message to people who think they r being kind to wild animals…STOP FEEDING THEM!!!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    One of the most villified reviled creatures on the planet along with snakes. I am constantly disappointed and disgusted that PETA seems to be the only animal group on Earth who cares for these guys. Many many blessings to PETA for being the only group in the world who seems to care. It’s very sad that people laugh when an animal’s habitat is paved over then it is slaughtered for trying to survive. Yeah real flipping funny.