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Alicia Silverstone Will Make You ‘Juicy’

Written by PETA | August 20, 2009

Our favorite naked vegan has written a new book, The Kind Diet, which comes out in October. The book is all about living a vegan lifestyle, and Alicia had some great things to say to Health about the benefits of eating cruelty-free:


daemonstv / CC
Alicia Silverstone


“You can hear your needs and desires more clearly. You’re just more juicy—there’s just this lightness that happens.”

“Once you’re informed, then you can be really gentle and kind to yourself, by giving yourself all the gifts life has to offer—like mental clarity and vitality—all while making the planet better.”

“It’s weird to be 32 now and feel and look younger. What saved me was my love of animals. Right after I first made the switch to a plant-based diet, people were literally telling me, ‘What have you done? You’re sparkling.'”

I think I’m going to print myself a T-shirt. It’ll either read, “Sparkling, Juicy Vegan” or “Juicy Like Alicia.” Decisions, decisions …

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • DONNA says:

    I have recently gone veggie and have realized that I have gone from 2 prilosecs a day to none. What a huge plus for us who have GERD!!

  • DONNA says:

    I have recently gone veggie and have realized that I have gone from 2 prilosecs a day to none. What a huge plus for us who have GERD!!

  • Rob says:

    Alicia is a true Beauty. So kind so beautiful the near perfect woman she’d be perfect is she was into older guys who aren’t rich like me! Alicia I will buy your book and support you in whatever you do! And PETA you ROCK too!!

  • niki says:

    i do think she seems healthier and i cant wait to read the book. p.s. that sounds like a fun shirt! “juicy vegan” get on it peta!

  • Natasha says:

    I can’t wait for her book! She is so kind talented and looks like she’s still in her twenties!

  • Kristine says:

    I have to say she is absolutely right. I myself have been struggling trying to figure this out. I didn’t eat meat for two weeks and I realized that I felt ‘lighter’ happier but didn’t connect that fact of not consuming meat…this is confirmation. Eatingconsuming cruelty free IS viable for “wholeness”. It is a prolife stance we are all affected by prodeath choices and violence of ANY type. CHOOSE LIFE……

  • Tawny says:

    I am sooo excited for this book. I’ve loved Alicia since the Aerosmith video!

  • clint says:

    i agree with some of ur values but there are some things you are extemest about. like hunting the hunting community is helping the enviroment by redusing the population so animals dont over populate and die from starvation and dises. granted poaching is wrong and i dont agree wiyh it. those retards create a bad image for the good hunters. and to also let you no that hunting has been around for thousands of years. this has helped us as a species survive. also animals kill each other and kill us. also i heard u were going to go to a funeral of a twelve year old just because he rode bulls. i think that is disrespectful of him and his family they are nice people and they are having a hard enough time with it with out u. But i do agree with you on people who aduse amimals and neglect them. like the pet store that sold sick dogs to people and did nothing about it. also merchandising company that kill animals for cloths. so people do agree with you but some of your members and activists need to be educated in some of peoples activites that we all can understand each other

  • tux says:

    she does look hot though you can’t deny that.

  • Stacey Spenser says:

    I cannot wait for this book!

  • sanjuro says:

    It’s true she looks better now than she did in the 90’s during Batman Robin and Excess Baggage her face has some fresher quality to it. I had no idea she shifted to a vegan diet.