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Al Sharpton Does a Bill Clinton

Written by PETA | December 22, 2011

What do Bill Clinton, former President George W. Bush speechwriter Matthew Scully, and the Rev. Al Sharpton have in common? They’re all political animals who don’t eat meat. Sharpton first got an idea of what happens to animals on factory farms when he appeared in PETA’s video exposing cruelty in slaughterhouses that supply KFC and called on the black community to join PETA’s boycott of the fast-food chain. His message to KFC? “That’s foul!”  

We caught up with Sharpton, who now hosts MSNBC’s show PoliticsNation, to ask him what inspired him to change his eating habits, how his new diet makes him feel, and what his favorite foods are.  

“I overhauled my diet after a 40-day hunger strike when I was in jail for the Vieques [military bombing practice] protest,” Sharpton told us. “I dabbled with weight loss ideas, wanting to keep off the pounds I lost. First, I gave up red meat, then chicken. I ran into Bill Clinton, who told me how he has more energy, needs less sleep, and can think more clearly since going vegan, and I can tell you the same thing happened to me. I also kept in mind the words of another vegetarian friend—Coretta Scott King—who always spoke of the ethical reasons to give up meat.”

Sharpton dedicated his PETA Humanitarian Award to King when he accepted it at PETA’s awards gala in New York City in 2006.

Avoiding meat is the way to eat for anyone with a highly charged life,” Sharpton says. “A vegetarian diet has a way of absorbing the stress and gives you greater endurance. I don’t eat many starches or [refined] sugars. I just love greens and grains. I eat a lot of salad and fruits. I feel like a new, improved me.

To date, the reverend has lost more than 120 pounds. To read more about Sharpton’s triumphs and tribulations, check out his essay in PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk’s book One Can Make a Difference.

If you want to be a champion for animals, take the pledge to go vegan. Not only will you enjoy reduced stress and more energy, you’ll also be less likely to suffer from obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Written by Monica Alexander


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  • starwaters says:

    I am so happy to hear that Rev. Al Sharpton has become a vegan! I just saw him on a commercial, advertising his show, I looked up and WOW… what a surprise to see just how much weight he’s lost and how healthy he looks! Congratulations Rev. Sharpton. I am so proud of you! I too, have committed to a 100% vegan lifestyle. After doing a 67 day of juice fasting, I vowed NOT to put any animal-based foods in my scared temple again. I have been vegan for 15 months. I have lost a grand total of 130 pounds over the years of refining my eating habits. Change CAN happen one person at a time. Thank you for speaking out about animal rights!

  • islandantoinette says:

    I had read Upton Sinclairs Book The Jungle and stopped eating meat when I was in high school. My daughter now 35 has always been a vegetarian and is now a Vegan. I have chickens who lay me eggs every day and are lovely friends. If you have ever had to hear the agony of a dying chicken you never forget it. Here is Hawaii even the youngest of children cock fight it is horrible. To see this KFC video hurt my heart and soul. Not only is the pink slime in the McDonalds and Burger King and School lunches appalling now we have this with KFC. My God does it ever end? People the two legged animals are the most savage creatures on the planet. Will people ever learn? I have gotten my husband to stop eating meat and when I show him this article of Al Sharpton and Bill Clinton whom he greatly admires I know he will also feel even better! Thank you to people who CAN stomach this and affect change. Love Light and Aloha Antoinette

  • John AlexanderGibson says:

    More and more of us are turning vegan, me included. The more of us that change our attitude and adopt a more ethical one will slowly but surely end the bloody slaughter that takes place in the slaughterhouses around the world. It will be a great day for animal rights, hopefully that future isn’t too far away.

  • Vicky says:

    Thank you so much for this compassionate and wise decision, Rev Sharpton!It is so right, I know that we were not put on this Earth to torture animals!

  • sholloway96 says:

    Thank you, Rev. Sharpton. You are inspirational and a great motivator. I pray more Americans will become vegan too, or at least vegetarian.