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Why is the AKC like the KKK?

Written by PETA | February 7, 2008

Earlier today, we launched the latest and (IMHO) greatest installment of the new video series for our Animal Birth Control Campaign. Just in time for the American Kennel Club-sponsored Westminster Dog Show, this one makes a few telling points about the folks who run the AKC—a group which discourages spay/neuter legislation and bills aimed at protecting pets from abuse as part of its agenda to cash in on the animal-breeding business, while millions of homeless animals die in shelters and on the streets. I love this video.

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  • Sharon says:

    I am a PETA supporter but I think this video is a huge mistake and one that is likely to cost PETA many supporters read $$$. There are many responsible dog breeders out there I am not talking about puppy mills or people who breed dogs just for profit or other stupid reasons. The responsible breeders like many I have personally met are animal lovers and I’d be willing to bet there are many who have contributed money to PETA. I for one believe strongly in not buying any pet and all of my babies have been rescued. But that does not mean that I equate responsible breeders with the KKK or with Nazi breeding policies. I assure you that breeders like those at Westminster find puppy mills as abhorrent as you do. I repeat this is a stupid video because if it costs you supporters as it most surely will what good have you done? This is more likely to push people away from PETA. Frankly the Pedigree ad with the dog in the shelter is more powerful and effective than anything I’ve seen here. As a PETA supporter I am telling you this is doing more harm than good.

  • kelly says:

    greatdog the AKC and UKC only showed up to make sure that no laws will get passed that might expose their illegal taxfree businesses The breeders involved with these organizations run underground businesses and don’t want licensing or rules that might flush them out into the open And the UKC was founded as a dogfighting registry. The AKC now makes most of its income from puppy mill registrations. That is what pays the bills. These organizations are based on dog abuse and fraud.

  • Spay and neuter immediately, please says:

    It is a shame. And the animals are the ones who are hurt by humans in all thisthe animals being bought and sold indiscriminately and the ones who are living and dying in shelters because of breeders and buyers who are too selfish to think of anything but themselves and which dog will go best with their furniture.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Spay and neuter immediately I agree and having met many breeders both “high end” and “low end” I think it’s a matter of them having an absolutist approach to things. Most breeders I know see dozens of aggressive and sick mixed breeds in shelters and they think the solution to the world’s problems is to create the “ideal” pet and breed it. There are some breeders who are very good about taking their animals to the vet and some of them are often sympathetic to shelter animals but are not willing to change their position because they see it as the fault of the pet owners not the breeders. It’s a real shame.

  • Spay and neuter immediately, please says:

    I just don’t understand you breeders. If you think what you’re doing is justifiable why are you so desperate for validation from people who clearly do not agree? Could it be because deep down you know there is no excuse to put more animals into the world as long as healthy animals are being euthanized or caged indefinitely because they have no place else to go?

  • Amanda Wason says:

    Amazing! Well Done PETA!!!

  • jenn says:

    I do agree with alot of PETS’s messages however The only problem I have with this campaign is the pain the KKK stirs up in me as an African American woman and the insult I feel being compare to a dog. I had a similar reaction to the elephant comparison to slavery. I agree with your point but the comparisons turn me off. Is there another way to express your care for animals while still caring for people ?

  • Greatdog says:

    Recently I was at a meeting to discuss the problems we have in our city of teenagers and young adults owning breeding and fighting pit bulls. I’ts out of control. Several animal rescue groups came together to discuss options. It was a private meeting but guess who showed up? Both the head of the AKC and the head of the UKC! The head of the AKC informed us that We don’t have a pet overpopulation problem! 20 thousand dogs will die of natural causes in Michigan and we have to breed dogs to replace them. I almost slugged her. They have very strong lobbying and should not be underestimated. They are involved in legislation and will do whatever they have to so they can continue to breed and play Hitler with dogs.

  • Karen says:

    It IS a clever ad. However the image of the KKK is repulsive to me in this context as well as others. I was also one of the PETA supporters who protested the “Holocaust on Your Plate” exhibit. I value the lives of animals and do not eat them. Nor would I declaw dock nor crop any part of an animal. Nor do I breed animals. Every animal in my care was rescued or adopted. I also value the lives opinions and emotions of human animals. Images of the Holocaust in which 6M innocent men women and children were killed and images that bring to mind thousands of lynchings burning homes and crosses make it MORE difficult for me to promote what PETA stands for. I consider these sorts of ads to be “preaching to the choir”. I have heard from many people to whom I spread the message of animal rights and vegetarianism that they simply cannot get past the first page when they see these images. On other Web site forums when I bring up PETA or speak against untrue representations of PETA it is difficult to get the message out for being asked to defend ads such as this one especially to my African American and Jewish friends. I also want to mention that “All Breeds Are Created Equal” while a sentiment that I heartily agree with is another statement that is thrown at me as an example of hypocrisy in light of PETA’s stance on Breed Specific Laws. I know that PETA’s goal is to limit breeding of ALL animals so as to reduce prevent the suffering of the homeless and abused but again it’s sometimes very hard to make that point when confronted with “PETA wants ALL ANIMALS DEAD.” Not true but I am called upon to defend this statement before I can pass on the positive aspect of animals rights and veganism. I am a huge supporter of PETA’s work. I strongly believe in the mission and I applaud PETA for making clear its position on many issues. My first longing to be vegetarian was when I was five years old and fell in love with the animals on my aunt’s farm. At one dinner my aunt stood up and proudly announced that everything on the table came from the farm itself. I looked at the ham and was filled with horror when for the first time I made the connection between meat and the animals in this case my pig friend Buster it came from. I looked into the gentle eyes of my purebred Beagle Scout and could not reconcile my love for him with eating any animal. The fact that he was purebred made no difference to me but I do love and admire the wonderful temperament of a beagle which is a hallmark of the breed. I do NOT support breeding in a world where so many animals are homeless. I also believe that people are often first called to believe in animals rights through their love of an animal companion. Thank you for letting me express my opinion. I am happy that different points of view are valued here.

  • Jamie says:

    I would just like to put my 2 cents in and say that i can see from both vews i go to shows and love my animals and absolutly believe that people like m. vick should be treated just as he treated his dogs. but trash talking AKC and people like me who go to shows and enjoy showing their dogs is a very child like thing to do. I have a teenager that show dogs as well and it has kept him out of trouble and his mind focused. If it hadn’t been for AKC There is no telling what he may be doing now. we are not nuts or crazy people we get excited about what we do and are proud of our acopliments. just as peta is when they make fun and trash talk people they don’tknow

  • KS says:

    The AKC is NOT trying to create a master race or discriminate mixed breeds or encourage people to breed. In fact the AKC almost allowed mixed breeds to compete in companion events. It accrues to me that PETA has only seen Puppy Mills and thus thinks that all breeders must be Puppy Mills. NOT true. I’ve also met people who have had problems with rescue dogs and people who looked at shelters but ether couldn’t find the right dog or the breed that they wanted. Besides if everybody adopted then where would all those Pet Quality puppies that are from socalled “Irresponsible” Breeders And I don’t mean BYBs Pet Stores and Puppy Mills. I mean the people that actually care about the dogs that they breed and where they go. People who PETA has obously never seen.? And if we all adopted from shelters and spayedneutered our dogs pretty soon there would be almost no dogs. I adopted my dog and she’s one of the best dogs ever and I’d like to adopt more dogs but I wouldn’t get all of my dogs from shelters and not all of them would just be pets nor would all of them be spayed or neutered.

  • justin says:

    not all akc people are nut jobs. i think if you peoplepeta put as much effort into other world events as you do for animal rights the world would be a better place.

  • Daz says:

    Ok we will stick you in one of the chicken farms and see if you still feel the way you do. I believe the commercial was awesome and a damn good point! I shared it with all the people in my buddy list. I pray that somehow we can get protective legislation for ALL of God’s beautiful creatures!

  • Phil says:

    Obviously the person who wrote the article has no clue about the medical expenses for the mother dog and her puppies. These expenses add up to thousands of dollars ALL IN ORDER TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF THE MOTHER AND HER PUPS! Perhaps you should be arguing against puppy MILLS and not breeders who are purely trying to keep alive the pure bloodline of the dog. I have 2 dogs one is a 10 year old rescue that we got from a shelter and the 2nd is a PUREBLOOD. And considering the AKC to be the KKK is absolutely moronic. What the KKK has done and is still doing is tons worse than maintaining a pure breed of an animal. How is selective breeding as bad as the KKK and what they’ve done? If you’re mad at the AKC you might as well be mad at the entire human race since we all “breed” with the person that we would like to hopefully continue the traits of. Once again think more thoroughly before you go lashing out making such a damning comparison like this.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    Commentary by animal rights theorist Gary Francione 3. Question Does the institution of pet ownership violate animals basic right not to be regarded as things? Answer Yes. Pets are our property. Dogs cats hamsters rabbits and other animals are mass produced like bolts in a factory or in the case of birds and exotic animals are captured in the wild and transported long distances during which journey many of them die. Pets are marketed in exactly the same way as other commodities. Although some of us may treat our companion animals well more of us treat them poorly. In America most dogs spend less than two years in a home before they are dumped at a pound or otherwise transferred to a new owner more than 70 percent of people who adopt animals give them away take them to shelters or abandon them. We are all aware of horror stories about neighborhood dogs on short chains who spend most of their lives alone. Our cities are full of stray cats and dogs who live miserable lives and starve or freeze succumb to disease or are tormented by humans. Some people who claim to love their companion animals mutilate them senselessly by having their ears cropped their tails docked or their claws ripped out so that they will not scratch the furniture. You may treat your animal companion as a member of your family and effectively accord her or him inherent value or the basic right not to be treated as your resource. But your treatment of your animal really means that you regard your animal property as having higher than market value should you change your mind and administer daily and severe beatings to your dog for disciplinary purposes or not feed your cat so that she will be more motivated to catch the mice in the basement of your store or kill your animal because you no longer want the financial expense your decision will be protected by the law. You are free to value your property as you see fit. You may decide to polish your car often or you may let the finish erode. The choice is yours. As long as you provide the minimal maintenance for your car so that it can pass inspection any other decision you make with respect to the vehicle including your decision to give it to a scrap dealer is your business. As long as you provide minimal food water and shelter to your pet any other decision you make apart from torturing the animal for no purpose whatsoever is your business including your decision to dump your pet at the local shelter where many animals are either killed or sold into research or have your pet killed by a willing veterinarian. Many years ago I adopted a hamster from a law school classmate. The hamster became ill one night and I called an emergency veterinary service. The veterinarian said that the minimum amount for an emergency visit was $50 and asked me why I would want to spend that amount when I could get a new hamster from any pet shop for about $3. I took the hamster to the veterinarian anyway but that event was one of the first times my consciousness was raised about the status of animals as economic commodities. As someone who lives with seven rescued canine companions whom I love dearly I do not treat this matter lightly. Although I regard my companions as family members they are still my property and I could decide tomorrow to have them all killed. As much as I enjoy living with dogs were there only two dogs remaining in the world I would not be in favor of breeding them so that we could have more pets and thus perpetuate their property status. Indeed anyone who truly cares about dogs should visit a puppy milla place where dogs are bred in the hundreds or thousands and are treated as nothing more than commodities. Female dogs are bred repeatedly until they are spent and are either killed or sold into research. We should of course care for all those domestic animals that are presently alive but we should not continue to bring more animals into existence so that we may own them as pets.

  • sugar candy says:

    Hey Mason heavy brained guy Peta is an animalrights organization it would be very nice if you would show up on an human rights blog and tell them to make animal protection!

  • Kelley says:

    Great adI don’t suppose we’ll be seeing it any time soon on Animal Planet! HA.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    ANIMAL LIBERATION You are blessed to have someone so special in your life. Thank you for fighting the good fight. Peace!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mason A lot of us fight not only for animal rights but also human rights. It’s often the naysayers on this blog that try to separate the two and accuse us of only caring for animals. Many of us are also vegetarian or vegan which helps free up enough grain to feed the whole world getting it to the starving is another matter. This is an animal rights blog. If you’re not into that you could use your time more productively by supporting your own causes.

  • Lindsay says:


  • K says:

    I love PETA’s ads! They need to be aired on TV!

  • Rose says:

    Selective breeding promotes healthy dog genetics for most breeds not just aesthetics.

  • lynda downie says:

    You do that Mason. You see a need you respond. That’s what Ingrid did. And we’re following her lead.

  • Mason says:

    Whoa now… first of all i can see the connection they are trying to use. hell it works i suppose… but isn’t that extreme? hey i love animals as well but it’s not gonna stop me from eating or having them as pets. face it if peta had their way it’d be a new Hitler regime with Ingrid leading the way. how about using this energy to help out a homeless kid? starving countries?


    Kurt K coming back concerning animal abuse in slaughterhouses i would like to ad this here before you mentioned that the holocaust is not comparable to animal abuse because it was an extermination of special kind of people! ok here i would like to ad that i visited the holocaust museum in israel and there i saw actually handbags and other horrible things made of human skin! so the abused is always killed for a ‘total abuse’ even if they are humans! these rascals were not content having them killed no they wanted more they wanted literally their skin! i know a survivor of concentration camp bergen belsen marion bienes she still has her number tatoo on her arm! she is the head of a jewish community in holland and a great animal lover! whenever i saw her she compared her situation in the concentration camp to the situation of abused animals and she is travelling around the world exposing herself in a cage in order to protest against the two human abuse and animal abuse! she is a great shining light for me in my life and i think we should have a heart for the two in exactly the same way humans and animals even if i hate twolegged beasts who make suffer humans and animals! there were times needing to save people today there are times to save animals! i’m back soon!

  • liliput says:

    Coach what kind of a twisting halloween wanker are you lost himself on this blog! go to shit elsewhere we are not afraid of you airhead riding his donkey backwards! are you suffering from ABS? Asshole Behaviour Scale

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Great video

  • Jaclyn says:

    This is a great video. Very clever how the connection is made between the KKK and the AKC. Very good work with this video Peta!

  • Jamie says:

    Nice ad but… All dogs are created equal? Fight breedism? I thought PETA supported breed specific legislation. Bit contradictory and hypocritical don’t you think?

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    This is perfect. Very well done! Great job PETA!

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    What an interesting ad!! Who comes up with these fabulous ideas anyway?? I like the ad but I do think it could have been a little more sassy. It does get the point across though that is for sure. And for those of you who are offended by this ad or any of the other PETA ads.. don’t watch them!! It is these ads and videos protesting rallies that bring attention and that is exactly what PETA is trying to do. As far as having tact… why should they?? PETA is not known for it’s tact they are known for getting a point across and drawing attention in whatever way possible that will make you think and sometimes make your jaw drop. I love it. If you can’t handle it then get the heck off the website!!


    Kurt K i’m back here and what i see you are again blaming PETA unjustified! what is your exact position? do you want to help animals or are you just another PETA hater? i think if you want to help animals we could agree even if we are not always sharing the same viewpoints! i love animals and want to help them and i realized that PETA wants to help them it’s easy like that! if you see something which you don’t like then try to bring a nice and maybe better proposition! it is very easy to critizize but it’s far more difficult to make it better! me i find this here a good inspired ad maybe you don’t then bring something better! concerning animal abuse of course there are people in this world in every country and society treating their animals nicely and with respect but the anonymous horror of slaughterhouses is worse than you think! people working in slaughterhouses are often from third world countries like asia and africa and they don’t have any feelings for animals because their only lifepurpose was to survive! when they are stressed they are ready to commit every kind of horror towards animals! from others we got even phonecalls when they are stressed! above all the electric automatic systems! imagine when they fall out on monday morning at 7.00 o’clock! there are many problems many many it’s too easy to stop with this here! if you are honest and you want to help animals you shall find your very special place here at PETA but please do it with love for PETA and the animals!

  • Anonymous says:

    kurt k one more time this is a proanimal rights’ blog site. we pay for membership and can say what we want. if you don’t like the heatthen get out of the peta kitchen. nobody is forcing you to come here.

  • Anonymous says:

    cock fighter 2000 this is not the place for you to discuss your sadistic mental illness and illbehavior problems.

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    Cock Fighter 2000 why do you not find other lovely words instead of vomiting crap here on this site! Wait you neonazi jerk one day you shall end in a 2 meter high inxxxxxx pot and then for sure you shall be color blind!

  • Coach says:

    PETA HSUS… I now know who chairs your organizations. No wonder Mr. Vick is in jail and now you’re trying to influence MLB baseball to isolate Mr. Martinez. Not a chance. Continue to hide under your pointy hats and cry fowl for the little chicky while your orgs foresee humans less as important as people. What a prime example of an organization to model after.

  • Evita says:

    I think this is my favorite of the new companion animaloriented commercials that PETA has put out in the past 3 months. Awesome work PETA!

  • Canaduck says:

    Hahah that was very funny.

  • Cock Fighter 2000 says:

    ….Ahhhh where to begin. I am a NeoNazi cock fighterdog fighting bigot who thanx to your incredibly poignant and crafty little video NOW SEE THE ERROR OF MY WAYS. I will now join PETA and together we will fight till the end. Save the Chickens!!!!!!!! Now I can be a vegan liberal communist bigot. Thanx guys.

  • K says:

    Oooooh I love it! hah!

  • Kurt K says:

    I love how PETA insults everybody! You guys haven’t any tact. That is a great way to get people to listen by insulting their neighbors and friends.

  • kelly says:

    Then Denise Flaim enlists her PERSONAL breeder friends and business partners to post congratulatory comments on her AKC advertising columns and support AKC lobbying and political agendas. It’s a con game and Newsday is paying the bills.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Hilarious and very well acted! The point is made with crystal clarity. Let the fireworks begin!

  • Trey says:

    Kelly You are right akc people are nutjobs. I adopted a german shephard and i took him to a pet store to get some toys. The owner of the store insulted the length of his tail and was telling me about his german shephard a two time champion his wife said that my dog had great ears. They started to fight and i mean i was scared so i left without buying anything. Too bad it was one of the few stores that didn’t sell animals but i couldn’t take the strangeness.

  • kelly says:

    One reason that Denise Flaim is promoting AKC and other kennel club dog shows is to pressure the public to buy admission tickets and give the AKC and other clubs money. That she and her breeder friends will directly benefit from. The AKC for example makes most of its money from registering puppy mill puppies and that money pays for the dog shows. But dog show costs have gone up and the AKC and other kennel clubs have had to raise some fees for people like Denise Flaim. So now these breeders hope to advertise and get the public to buy tickets and pay some of their bills. Not to mention come to these shows where these breeders can flog their “merchandise” and sell people dogs. Denise Flaim is DIRECTLY USING NEWSDAY and falsifying a “journalist” status to advertise and promote her own business interests. And the business interests of the business lobby she belongs to. Her columns should be marked by Newsday as “unpaid advertising.” Actually Newsday pays HER to write advertising copy and use their publication at no charge.

  • kelly says:

    And yet another one of these hateful breeders pretends to be a “journalist” in New York City DENISE FLAIM who writes a column for Newsday. Denise Flaim is an AKC dog breeder who uses Newsday to promote AKC forprofit breeding forprofit businesses and the PURCHASE of purebred dogs from herself and her fellow AKC breeders. She also uses the column to lobby for AKC business interests and spread AKC propaganda. She is promoting AKC dog shows now in hopes that she and her friends will get more business and more buyers. And the AKC will make more money. Her column is like an ad for the AKC! Shame on Newsday.

  • kelly says:

    This ad is right on target. One thing wrong the breeders in the audience were too sane in your video! “Real” AKC breeders are a lunatic group full of ranting hostility and hatefulness toward people AND dogs Should have included some of the AKC breeders that love to talk about “inferior mongrel dogs” that should be killed.

  • Mike says:

    Unrelated to this blog post but Pedro Martinez of the NY Mets has been videotaped at a cockfighting event. He even went far enough to laugh as he himself released the roosters. Email everyone you can. Send an email to the following Everyone please send the following email to The title of your email should read Suspend Pedro! After learning of and viewing the recent cockfighting that Pedro Matrinez participated in I am calling for an immediate suspension of Pedro Martinez. His suspension should mirror that of Michael Vick due to his acts being just as despicable. Professional athletes are role models for children all over the world and paid and rewarded for their work. They should also be responsible for their actions of the field. By ignoring this you would indeed aid in the harming of countless animals all over the world. I appreciate your assistance in this matter! Your help will help to protect many innocent animals! Pedro needs to be suspended! Thank you. Sincerely

  • Brandon Becker says:

    Great work! The point is made clearly and effectively and strikes at the roots. This is what I like to see!

  • Peace to You says:

    Very clever