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Why is the AKC like the KKK?

Written by PETA | February 7, 2008

Earlier today, we launched the latest and (IMHO) greatest installment of the new video series for our Animal Birth Control Campaign. Just in time for the American Kennel Club-sponsored Westminster Dog Show, this one makes a few telling points about the folks who run the AKC—a group which discourages spay/neuter legislation and bills aimed at protecting pets from abuse as part of its agenda to cash in on the animal-breeding business, while millions of homeless animals die in shelters and on the streets. I love this video.

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  • Friend says:

    PETA, you’ve got the right idea; however, your philosophy isn’t rooted enough. AKC is even more like the KKK because both are products of a specific nation-state, in this case, the USA nation-state. Just as each nation-state has a “race” of human, be it “Chinese,” “Brazilian,” “Indian,” or “Italian,” all dog “breeds” are ultimately an engineered product of a particular nation-state, be it “Maltese,” “Dalmatian,” “Irish Wolfhound,” or “French Bulldog,” even though humans and dogs are each one species only. In either nation-state case, human (“race”) or dog (“breed”), it is all the same performance: forced inbreeding within arbitrary borders.

  • Dutchie says:

    Above is mentioned Marion Bienes, a holocaust victim who rightfully compared the 2nd World War with what we humans do to animals. Marion, now 86, currently lives in Israel with her son. She has written her life story in her autobiography ‘Why the Horses?’, people who are interested can look it up at 🙂

  • Joey says:

    The AKC is one of the sad things about humanity.

  • Shelby says:

    Great video! Funny yet informative. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • Tibetan says:

    lol.. this one is awesome..

  • kelly says:

    Well said AJ. I support PETA in working to enforce laws that punish animal abusers but we need to put the blame where it belongs… the backyard breeders and puppy mills. As a breeder judge and exhibitor for 15 years I can tell you from experience that the vast majority of AKC dog show folks are wonderful caring people that truly love and appreciate their dogs. The AKC separated from puppy mills more than 10 years ago which is why the largest puppy mills created the 30+ new “registries” for dogs… that includes the so called “designer breeds” such as Labradoodles and Peekapoo’s that are just mutts sold for profit. Those registries will “register” any dog for a fee and some even register breeding “stock” for free. They have NO STANDARDS of care or of quality. The AKC has high standards for care and quality! Those that don’t abide by those standards are fined and are expelled. People will always want to have pets. To say that ALL breeders are bad is really doing a disservice. As a breeder I spend a great deal of my time educating people about my breed and about the care of dogs. There is a long interview and application process for one of my dogs. Not everyone qualifies. All of them are nontranferable and must be returned to me in the event the owner is not able to keep the dog for ANY reason. I even offer a $500 buy back guarantee. All puppies that are not show prospects are sold with Limited AKC Registration papers any offspring are not eligible for registration with the AKCand are on a strictly enforced spayneuter contract. Those that are show prospects are coowned by me and are only bred if they are of exceptional quality free of health problems and are certified as such and have achieved a Championship and other event titles. I am very careful about where my “granddogs” are placed and to date I can account for every puppy I have ever produced. They are still where I placed them and I receive frequent updates and photo’s and visit many of them. All the health certifications and testing I do on my dogs helps to greatly minimize the risk of producing health problems in my puppies. I also support the AKC’s Canine Health Foundation which provides millions of dollars in funding research into canine diseases… which in turn can also benefit people as well as our beloved furry friends. In addition myself and other responsible breeders are active in rescue efforts. I have two rescue dogs in my home now and a foster dog. Shelter dogs are wonderful but it’s unreasonable to expect that everyone that wants a dog will always want a shelter dog. A number of my homes have always had shelter dogs and they finally came to me because they wanted a healthy well bred dog without the unknowns and baggage that comes with a shelter dog. All that money I make breeding dogs?? Yeah right. I’ve yet to break even on just the direct costs of breeding a litter. When you consider the cost of the health certifications the cost of the stud fee the best dog to compliment my female AND minimize health risks generally doesn’t live close by the cost of frozen or chilled semen a veterinarian to artificially inseminate the female ultrasounds blood work a csection if needed and the costs of carefully raising and developing a litter of puppies in my kitchen you’d realize that it’s a labor of love not profit. I love my breed and my dogs. We should be fighting for the welfare of ALL dogs. In this case I disagree with PETA. The AKC is not the enemy. Specific breeds are NOT the enemy. Bad owners and puppy mills ARE.

  • Rob says:

    I’m not always a fan of PETA but this was REAL good. The AKC idealogy and practice is similar to past “master race” programs in history.

  • Mark says:

    I hate animal abuse. I am a dog lover. I give them all equal attention and alot of it. I however do not breed my dogs. I however am a little disgusted at these vidoes. What is failed to be mentioned why the anger and outrage at breeders who are letting dogs breed responsibly. The people who you should be angry at are the ones who are irresponsible and let their animals stray and breed out of control which are the reason why the growing number of animals in shelters and the ones who are being put down not the ones who are are being responsible with it. I do not like mixed breeds so why be angry at me for not liking something or believing in all your views. Remember I do not like animal cruelty or neglect one bit and I do not tolerate it at all. That is the only arguement I have. The rest may be true but just look at the bigger picture and who is really at fault which is not the breeders but the people who are irresponsible with thier pets. Thank you. Please keep in mind I am not trying to start a flame or any intense arguements. Just part of a bigger picture I see that is left out of these sections. Keep up the good work!

  • AJ says:

    Animals deserve respect but comparing the selective breeding of purebred dogs to a group that attackskills people and burns people’s houses etc. based on race is ridiculous. Reputable breeders actually produce quality dogs and breed not only for physical appearance and conformation to the breed standard but also temperament and HEALTH. All dogs bred by reputable breeders are tested to be free of genetic diseases prior to breeding. All reputable breeders have spayneuter contracts and usually limited registration for their dogs placed as pets. The only dogs that don’t come with spayneuter contracts are the showprospects and the breeders typically coown those dogs so they can insure they are not bred until they have earned their championship in conformation and have all the proper genetic health testing done. Most reputable breeders are also involved in breedrescue groups. And breedrescue groups aren’t only for purebreds they also take in dogs that are mixed with whatever breed their group is affiliated with. Also reputable breeders make you sign a legal contract that if you no longer want the dog you get from them you must return it to the breeder. Dogs from reputable breeders rarely end up in animal shelters. Likewise reputable breeders screen potential owners to see if they are a good for for the breed requiring personal and veterinary references as well as interviews via phone or inperson prior to selling a dog to someone. If you aren’t a good fit or your references don’t check out you don’t get a dog from them. AKC is not based on puppymills. Yes some AKC registered dogs come from puppymills but the AKC is just a recordkeeping organization they can’t police everyone. They don’t promote puppymills. In fact why do you think illegatimate registries such as the Continental Kennel Club came about? Because AKC found out their horrible breeding practices and refused to register any more of their dogs so these bad breeders had to create their own “registry”. Place the blame where it belongs backyard breeders and puppymills. Also Jaime is correct. PETA is “breedist”. They support breed specific legislation and want all pit bull type dogs to be euthanised immediately if they enter shelters. Just because a dog is a certain breed they don’t deserve a loving home too? I can’t think of anything more “breedist” than that.

  • Douglas Hill says:

    This video certainly has changed my point of view. I was a supporter of PETA in many ways but am so outraged over this gross misrepresentation of the AKC and “crop and dock” breeds that I will not only NOT support PETA but will do everything in my power to prevent PETA events in my community legislation and propaganda.

  • anie says:

    I have a question if PETA wishes all animals to be free no pets then why do they sell “pet products”? I myself love and adore my dog and generally spoil her. I think with the AKC there are breeders who take it to the extreme but that does not mean everyone who breeds purebread animals are bad. Just like not all Peta supporters are radical far left liberals.

  • kelly says:

    The AKC is built on a foundation of puppy mills and animal abuse. That is what pays the bills. Most AKC registrations are for puppy mill puppies. AKC breeders have some of the most genetically impaired dogs on the planet because of inbreeding. Yes championship dogs. AKC Responsible Dog Owner Days are AKC lobbying for purebred dog sales not helping dogs. The AKC is like organized crime.

  • Therese V. Fish says:

    The AKC video on here was really stupid in my humble opinion. Dog breeds have different qualities. If we had no breeds no one would care as much about dogs I think. No one would have any loyalty to a dog breed and helping it. You’d have no basis for determining the possible characteristics of a dog no love of a certain breed. Besides if everyone spays and neuters the bloodlines WILL stay pure the only dogs reproducing would be purebred bitches and studs. If you first combat the unwanted litters then you have an estimated 75 reduction in shelters. If you combat the actual puppymills then you will have way less dogs with behaviorhealth problems and even less in shelters. SO they should attack the people not spaying and neutering I know not the dog breed clubs the clubs who have been celebrating breeds that have specific purposes known temperaments etc. Not all breeders are puppy mills. In fact the best AKC breeders make potential puppy buyers go through an interview and fill out a lot of paperwork. Responsible breeders who do interviews and check references should be praised. Besides AKC does some great research on trying to cure canine health problems and as the most prestigious dog breed club you know you’re not getting an AKC dog from a puppy mill. It’s kinda like getting a GIA diamond you know where it came from that it is quality and that it didn’t come from a rebel group. The Kimberly Process that tracks a diamond from the source is almost like a pedigree and the rigorous standards a breeder must go through to be deemed an AKC breeder and also to have their litter deemed AKC. For instance I can’t go out and buy two AKC dogs breed them and legally claim that they are AKC the litter itself needs certification which requires a lot of checking into their condition their environment etc. Akc also encourages responsible pet ownership and celebrates the Responsible Pet Ownership Day with various events in many communities. If they demonize AKC then they are demonizing the one club with rigorous standards to ensure that your dog came from a reputable breeder and not a puppy mill the one that is working to cure canine ailments.

  • Eyes wide shut says:

    i can’t be absent for one day and it happens everybody falls on his or her nose tom is cochran!!!!!

  • Anon says:

    it makes me mad that the AKC condones the mutilation of animals to maintain their “breed standards”… i.e. some breeds have chopped off tails or pinned up ears to give them a certain look… aside from being physically cruel chopping off a dog’s tail robs it of it’s main source of communication with other dogs… also many purebred dogs have physicalmental problems caused by constant inbreeding… don’t support the AKC!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Tom Hi! I would really encourage you to reconsider your position. If you truly weren’t welcome here Jack would not have posted your comment. And I guarantee you you and I have totally different values but I welcome your input completely. Wanting to only hear one side is like having 2 countries try to negotiate peace while only one country shows up useless! All I can say is having worked in shelters the purebreds always win the day because so many of them are given up to shelters. If no breeder’s pets filled the shelters that would be one thing. But no matter whose “fault” it is cats and dogs that were bred by breeders do fill up the shelters and create huge overpopulation problems. Adopters come in intending to adopt these desperate stray or abused animals and always wind up walking out with a purebred because they’re hard to resist leaving the stray and abused animals to live in steel cages for weeks only to be destroyed in the end. But I welcome your input no matter what it is!

    • Karen says:

      I agree with you Maya. Purebred dogs do take up homes that could have gone to other homeless dogs. Therefore so called “good breeders” are just as much to blame for the over population problem as the irresponsible owners. The only difference is that the irresponsible owners let it happen because they are lazy. The breeders do it because they are greedy. Actually the breeders are also lazy for breeding dogs for money instead of getting a real job.

  • Tom says:

    Karen … I read your entire heartfelt and intelligent post but take exception with your last sentence. Different points of view although allowed to be expressed are in fact not valued. It seems that those of us who post views in opposition to PETA are reminded that this is an animal rights blog and that we should go away or that we are offending you by illustrating the absurdity of some of your campaigns or simply dismissed as being uneducated morons. And thanks to Greatdogs post for letting me know that the AKC is supporting legislation that is in opposition to a PETA position I will gladly forward them a contribution … otherwise I’ll be spending those few dollars on a Big Mac or a Bucket of KFC.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Brandon I agree it truly disgusts me how “exotic” animals are mass produced just like toilet paper or any other product and tossed in the trash when people are done with them. Don’t even get me started on declawing cats. I would just say that as far as ownership is concerned the relationship between cats and people really began in a very symbiotic way. Wild cats willingly hung around human areas at docks because of high rodent read dinner populations and humans liked their presence because it controlled diseases and protected people. Of course eventually humans began encouraging cats to hang around and eventually invited them into our homes but for example if I adopted a baby from Romania the baby would not be my property just my dependent. Similarly when I cared for my elderly mother in law before she died I had to do everything for her and put certain restrictions on her but I did not own her. She was still her own person. My cats are not allowed outside but one is harness walked outside and all our cats do whatever they darn well please in the home. It is their home just as much as it is ours and although they are highly dependent on me I beleive they are their own spirits and I don’t feel like you or I should feel any discomfort in “owning” a cat or dog. But you and I are certainly on the same page I hope we can end the pet trade declawing and breeding!!

  • tom says:

    Sharon … right on. It is this kind of looney nonsense along with promoting the removal of the statue of Colonel Sanders and the in your face pushing of your principles that motivates me to actively oppose you organization. The fact that I choose and enjoy eating meat or engage in hunting or betting on the ponies and yes even watching the Westminster dog shows does not make me an animal abuser or one that is in favor of cruelty to animals. However PETA’s definitions of cruelty are pushing the envelop that if left unchecked will deny me my freedoms.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Sharon I have to say I couldn’t agree with you more. The Pedigree ads are actually more shocking and disturbing to me and I used to work in a shelter!! It’s too bad their food sucks but their commercials are good as PSAs and probably do way more for public awareness. I don’t know how anyone could sleep at night after watching the Pedigree ads.

  • rojo says:

    Brandon on the pet issue I tend to agree and have made many comments about the lack of thought in releasing feralstray cats back into the streets to freeze and lead miserable lives. Something like $4 billion are spent on pets in the US alone that money could be better spent maybe sponsoring a cow in retirement. Gary Francione makes a sound argument for the rejection of pets in society they’re not ours to own. We only have them as the bottom level in our pecking order to elevate our own self esteem. Exception made to the 20000 guide and assistance dogs in the US they are more than mere pets.

  • chuck says:

    This is rediculous. The fact that there are retarded people out there who are too irresponsible to spade and neuter their dog has absolutley nothing to do with the fact that we AKC breeders have fallen in love with whatever breed has captured our hearts or the resulting desire to promulgate that particular breed. If a person wants any old dog as a companion then their local pound is an option for them but for those of us who are a little more discerning. For myself I am a huge fan of Giant Schnauzers and I seriously doubt I am going to find such a magnificent animal at the pound and fail to see why you think I’m not entitled to provide others with such a blessing as mine are. How about this I am currently single so perhaps Pamela Anderson is required to become involved with me rather than finding the next scrawny tatoo’d rock ‘n roll head case because her personal taste should be secondary to providing love for us strays. Peace.

    • Karen says:

      Chuck, you only care about what YOU want. What about what’s good for dogs. What’s good for dogs is to not be born into a world where there are not enough homes because selfish people keep breeding more and more and more because its what people (you) want.