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AKC and KKK: BFFs in Some Ways?

Written by PETA | February 6, 2009

If you watch the USA network, then you are probably aware that the Westminster dog show is next week. They’re promoting it out the wazoo—I know this from being forced to sit through commercial breaks during House because the Best Cat in the Universe is snoozing on my lap.

Anyhoo, PETA wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to get dog breeders’ dander up, so we’ll be outside Madison Square Garden during the show.

Last year, we held giant posters bearing the image of a sad-eyed shelter dog and reading “Breeders Kill Shelter Dogs’ Chances.” This year, we’re up to something different and thought-provoking: We’ll show up dressed as Klansmen to point out some of the eerie similarities between the AKC and the KKK. Pure bloodlines, master race/master pedigree, woeful lack of fashion sense. Creepy, isn’t it?

To give you a sneak peek, here’s the leaflet that our “KKK recruiter” will hand out:




And here’s the banner that our hooded henchmen will brandish:




Purebreds only? Wrong for people. Wrong for dogs.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Luke Shonka says:

    Thats so true

  • Elle says:

    This is so true, the AKC and the KKK are pretty similar. I have a Morkie (Yorkshire mixed with Maltese dog) and live in NYC. People here are so arrogant regarding purebreed that they look down on my dog for not having all the pure traits of a Yorkie despite that he looks like one and is only 5lbs. We need to change that mentality. I live in an apartment so a small dog is a must and there are endless shelters you can adopt small dogs from that have been abandoned by stupid owners that because they were expected to grow only 3lbs and ended up being 5lbs have given them away.

  • Jenn says:

    I agree with this post. I have for many years owned pure labs. Although I had great success with my labs there is a dangerous side. Dogs for example that are bred and bred create inbreeding in labs and in pitbulls this is very common. This can lead to many complications for exaple with the pit bulls they can go insane as they age. This is a direct result of over breeding. I am not saying do not buy purebreds. I would just say be very careful.

  • Glassoniongirl says:

    Well I have to agree puppy mills are beyond bad. Theyre bad to the dogs they breed create the problem of overpopulation the dogs bought from puppy mills can have seiouse health issues etc… but the purebred thing its kinda like this If you cross every dog of a certain breed of dog and not breed another generation of that breed the breed will die out. And most breeds cannot be brought back. Its like wolves going extinct. Theres some extinct dog breeds that Id like to have seen but like the dinosaurs theyre extinct and no one can see them alive. I think there should be dog breeders but ones that dont over populate and that treat their dogs right. Id be upset if the dog breeds were bred out. But I think there should be more mutt shows.

  • Soul Snider says:

    OMG!! Very scare y similarities that I have never really thought of until now. It is so sad to know that they pat each other on the back for getting their beloved purebreds from such harsh and disgusting conditions just for the sake of having the certificate saying its pure! Makes me sick!

  • Erica says:

    I have been breeding and showing dogs for my entire life. And I would like to touch on a few things. Jadey said “The AKC makes most of its money from puppy mill registrations from some of the most cruel dog breeding factories in the country” And that is far from the truth the good breeders are the ones supporting Westminster. Yes some puppy mills are still able to register their puppies with the AKC. But the good breeders out here are reporting the puppy mills you need to be after the pet store that sell the puppies and anyone who is selling “designer” dogs. They are the puppy mills 98 of us who show our dog are breeders and we are not involved in breeding for money we are in it for love and passion about our dogs. Oh yeah and we pay taxes too. and harlie said “Even Show dogs suffer. They have to remain in “mint” condition. So this mean solitary confinment so their coats don’t get messed up from playing with other of their own species. Most breeds aren’t even allowed to step foot on grass because it may stain their coat and hurt the breeders chances in the show room.” Yes we do take care of their coats. But every one of my dogs goes and runs in the grass back yard with their playmates every day. And my dogs are white and I live on red clay. It just mean that you have to keep them clean ie. if it is muddy you rinse the mud out of their hair when you bring them back into the house just like you would do with your house pet to keep the floor and furniture clean…but they still need to have fun and get exercise. So maybe instead of attacking all the good breeders you should look into going after all the puppy mills that supply the local pet stores and anyone who is selling a dog with CKC papers that is the kennel club created by the puppy mills so they can sell registered dogs. They are the people who treat the dogs with cruelty.

  • Joan says:

    While I support the cause it’s really sickening to see history being exploited for it.

  • lynda downie says:

    True there’s strong evidence for a biological basis for mate selection with the attendant expectation of passing certain traits onto offspringin nonhuman and human animals. But that is far different from genetically engineering nonhuman animals solely to suit OUR wants and needs. I question the ethics of manipulating and controlling the reproduction of nonhumans to gratify human desires. And this doesn’t begin to address the health issues involved with selective breeding of nonhumans.

  • Kristen says:

    Puppy mills bad Responsible breeders not necessarily I don’t understand why it’s wrong for someone with allergies to want a dog that doesn’t shed. Someone commented that people would look down on humans who searched for a mate based on breeding qualities but if anyone has taken basic biology on a subconscious level we all do. That is how we continue to exist. Did you ever think about how some people WANT a certain dog. And no there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe you have allergies maybe not. Maybe you live in an apartment maybe you have a large house and yard. Maybe you have little children or other large pets and can’t take on a fragile dog. There are SOOO many valid reasons to want the type dog you want. Maybe you don’t want a shelter dog because the ones at your particular county shelter may be exposed to sickness and you can’t commit to a sick animal like you can a healthy one from a breeder. Just think about it before you attack breeders who do it for the love of the breed.

  • Jack says:

    I like it! Except for the whole “in some respects” thing. Like obviously they’re not literally best friends forever. But still great stuff. It’s awesome to see this campaign taking off on the internets.

  • lynda downie says:

    Reading the posts it just hit me how selfish we humans can be in relation to other animals. If we have allergies or taste for a certain look or temperament we simply tamper with the animal’s genetics and produce tailormade dogs to suit OUR needs often at great cost to the animal. I wonder how many people would be outraged by parents who did the sameselecting the characteristics they wanted in their offspring.

  • Jason says:

    Stray there are obvious parallels to the human situation in that we could argue that no one should ‘breed’ because there are children waiting for adoption in foster care etc. I’m not defending either side but before you call people idiots consider the limitations of your own argument and stop being so damn arrogant.

  • Dr. Tasha White says:

    I am a college educated woman of color and believe that peta is spot on. The connection is blatant the species differs but the ideas are the same. Thank you for bringing breedism to the attention of Westminster attendees!

  • Joanna says:

    Hi Lindsay You really should do an exspose of show dogs! You can start with the two at my house. They run loose on the beach or in the park every day and play with other dogs. On show weekends they get a big romp on Friday morning and then their show baths. Teeth are wiped clean nails trimmed ears clean and coat brushed. After that they have to be on leash or in the house and stay clean for Sat and Sun. They are not in solitary confinement. On the way home from the show they are turned off leash again for a big run. They eat better than millions of people on this planet get plenty of rest and are loved every single day of their lives. That might be a great contrast to what goes on for many other dogs but is not cruelty. Shows are stressfull for dogs and mine are always kept in their familar crates at the show with their usual blankets and beds so they will feel safe. The dogs sleep through most of the day whether at home or at the show. The main diffeernce at the show is they get extra attention and better treats for rewards. I understand why people dislike the shows. They are really pretty stupid and meaningless. On the other hand at least the people showing are doing something with their dogs and not just chaining up the dogs in the back yard to suffer in the cold. If anything the show dogs suffer from excessive attention. I do agree the ear cropping is an ugly tradition and should be eliminated but really over all the show dogs are a bunch of pampered pooches and your time and energy would be better spent working for dogs that suffer for food and love.

  • Brian says:

    I am torn on this issue because I see the point regarding show dogs and how they are modified for the ring but then agin I don’t think that all breeders are bad. I know we have one pure bred Boston Terrier and 1 rescue Boston. We went with a pure breed because we wanted a dog but needed a dog that did not shed much and was pretty allergy friendly due to my allergies that was friendly with people and accepting of children that was good as a “house” dog and did not require a ton of exercise. Some people are looking for specific traits in a dog and while I always want to take home a shelter dog and have in the past it is not so easy to do when you have small children and don’t know what breed the dog is and how it will be as part of your family.

  • Lindsay says:

    Even Show dogs suffer. They have to remain in “mint” condition. So this mean solitary confinment so their coats don’t get messed up from playing with other of their own species. Most breeds aren’t even allowed to step foot on grass because it may stain their coat and hurt the breeders chances in the show room. Show Dogs suffer too. People don’t think how miserable it must be for these poor dogcats who can’t live their lifes to the fullest. Show dogs suffer. Get the word out. No dog should suffer solitary confinment just to have a perfectly intact coat. We don’t even do that to prisioners. Can you imagine being a dog and not even being about to run around in the grass or play with another of your own species. Someone should do an expose on the life of a show dogcat. Hitler wanted to create the supreme race too. Add that into your spin. Hitler and KKK go hand in hand.

  • Harlie says:

    i agree with rev. Meg so just be careful. I like it but i think you should make ur own kind of costumes because even tho they are very similar its not exactly the same. I just donbt want peta in some kind of trouble or certain people offended

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Yeah kudos to anyone with the balls to hand out these flyers in public. I’m not saying the message it delivers is bad but Rev Meg makes a point. You hand out the flyer to the one guy who supports the KKK and then only god knows what could happen next.

  • Kristie Jeffrey says:

    Heck Yea!!! This is amazing!!! I hope it gets so much attention! Keep up the good work!!!

  • Justin Michalik says:

    Oh wow. Im excited! I know a lot of people are going to be really offended but its time they realize. This is a really good idea. Good luck!

  • Rev. Meg says:

    Before you send people out there in sheets you should know that the KKK is alive and well in many parts of the country some of them are extremely dangerous and use terrorist tactics and are not above retaliating against those who they feel are making fun of them or misusing their cause. Please be very very careful they are not just in the Southern United States.

  • Stray says:


  • Stray says:

    Jadey this campaign will get results stop being so negative! Nothing will be achieved with that attitude. “Well at least breeders only breed once or twice a year” Are you kidding? Yes that’s not horrible at all considering they’re essentially killing dozens of shelter dogs by doing that. Yeah lets not go forward with this campaign Jadey has shown us the way! Idiot.

  • SparkyGump says:

    Stuff like this is why my wife and I love PETA. Even before I came to senses and became a vegitarian I always thought clipping dog’s ears and docking their tails was cruel. And it’s group like this that help perpetuate this abuse by requiring it. Whenever I see one of those shows they always reminded me of a facist spectacle.

  • nicole says:

    fantastic idea you guys have some very innovative minds on your team

  • Casey Love says:

    That is absolutely beautiful you guys are amazing.

  • kelly says:

    This dog show is paid for by the blood money from dogs suffering in puppy mills right now. The AKC makes most of its money from puppy mill registrations from some of the most cruel dog breeding factories in the country httpwww.bogartsdaddy.comBouvierBouvPagesarticleinquirepuppymillsAKC.htm And those AKC breeders in the show ring DON’T CARE because they all are running tax cheat businesses selling dogs and making money too!

  • Jadey says:

    the problem is.. people who buy dogs from breeders wouldnt adopt a shelter dog because they want a big ”brand” on their dog they are not interested in a 1 year old mutt… they prefer their ”brand” as long as you have the big brand who cares about things like diseases due to consanguinity which are very common amongst pure breed dogs uh? if they couldnt get their ”big brand” dog they wouldnt take a dog at all… plus taking a dog from a shelter is quite complicated they ask you more questions then when you give birth lol I remember when I wanted to adopt a dog from the local SPCA I had to fill a whole bunch of papers BEFORE being able to ask a few questions about the dog and those people dont want any one to ask questions about their ”perfect” lives even if I agree with the idea behind this campain I doubt that you will get any results… beside I think that pet shops who takes their ”pure breeds” from puppy mills do more wrong than the good breeders who usually breed their dogs once or twice a year and have only 1 or 2 breeds because they actually CREATE the shelter dogs they sell dogs who have been separated from their mothers too young and who are therefore more at risk of developing behavior problems and they offer low prices often less than the adoptions fees for shelter dogs which encourage impulsive buyings behavior problems + unplanned dog buh bye little puppy in our world… they are the one that really deserve negative publicity!

  • Nicole N says:

    Very Fantastic!

  • Aneliese says:

    Love it. Awesome banner.