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PETA Ad Honored Alongside ‘Frozen,’ ‘Gravity,’ and ‘Game of Thrones’

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 13, 2014

Update: The Visual Effects Society (VES) has just honored PETA’s daring public service announcement “98% Human” with a remarkable three awards at the annual VES Awards ceremony. We’re grateful that our work is being celebrated alongside such productions as Frozen, Gravity, and Game of Thrones, but the real measure of success for “98% Human” is that dozens of ad agencies agreed not to exploit apes in their advertisements after they watched it.

Originally posted on June 25th, 2013: 

“Thought-provoking.” “Eye-opening.” “Haunting.”

These are all words that could be used to describe “98% Human,” the public service announcement that Adrien Brody narrated for PETA that explores the plight of great apes used in film, television, and advertising. Now we can add “award-winning” to that list. “98% Human” just claimed a Gold Lion for visual effects at the prestigious Cannes Lions awards.

The spot was created by top ad agency and longtime PETA friend BBDO and was brought to life through Academy Award winner Brody’s powerful narration as well as cutting-edge computer-generated imagery by celebrated production company The Mill.

Of course, the true measure of the success of a PETA campaign is whether it helps animals. And “98% Human” is doing just that.

Since the spot was released, three more ad agencies have signed PETA’s Great Ape Pledge and promised never to use real apes in their projects. They’re in good company: Dozens of other agencies—including the top 10 in the U.S.—have agreed not to exploit apes for profit.

“98% Human” is changing the way the entertainment industry views great apes.

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  • Kris says:

    Thanks for this awareness. Animals don’t deserve to be hurt and abused like this. Everyone needs to wake up and get it once and for all.

  • Emiliana Clark says:

    Wow! I was expecting footage of them being abused, etc. But that was just as confronting and effective. I refuse to watch anything with performing animals in them.
    This ad just shows that it is capable of using technology to incorporate animals into films, etc and not the actual animals.

  • Iwill never watch or buy anything that uses great apes, chimps anytpe of monkey’s in calenders t.v commercials or advertising any product.thanks for drawing awareness to these innocent amazing animals that deserve to be left in the wild in peace.

  • janet says:

    Thanks for taking the lead and getting others to understand the meaning of treating animals as if they are just as important as humans. Another way of knowing what this means is by not calling animals it – i just signed that petition too.