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Adrian Grenier Attempts to Rescue Dog

Written by PETA | March 31, 2010
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Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier has a heart to back up those drive-me-crazy (yes, I did just allude to the 1999 Adrian Grenier–Melissa Joan Hart classic) good looks. While out for a run yesterday, the Entourage star stopped when he spotted an injured dog on the side of the road. Grenier checked the dog’s vital signs and attempted to revive the animal, then contacted local authorities when he realized it was too late.

Follow Adrian’s lead! If you ever see an injured animal—even if you think he or she may be dead—stop and check. Many animals go into shock after they are hit by cars and can end up paralyzed and in pain. If no one stops to help, they may be left to suffer, sometimes for days, before they eventually succumb to their injuries. It only takes a minute of your time to reduce animal suffering.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Laura says:

    Nice to know that one of the stars from one of my fave shows is such a good person! I wonder how where he learned to check a dog’s vital signs from? I’ve stopped to check out cats on the road too nice to know i’m not the only one! Thanks for posting this story PETA!

  • Risa Langford says:

    I remember when I was in the 3rd grade some old man who lived down the street had shot this squirrel and it could hardly move right and I was like DONT KILL IT! LET ME TAKE IT HOME AND MAKE IT BETTER! So he was like You better get it before I finish it off..So I found a bucket and caught it and put it in there and took it home and then I told my grandparents to take it to the vet and so the next day they did and when I got home they told me that the vet had to put it down cause it was shot in the spine and couldn’t walk anymore. I cried for hours. I also tried to save a bird..TT

  • Betty says:

    Well stoping and try to review crashed animals is a good advice but I think is better to be careful tender logical BEFORE crash any dog or cat on streets. In my opinion BE CAUTIOUS is better than review them. Donate for them is better than review them. Raise your voice in public events in order to wake peoples sensitiveness about protecting animals is better than review them after crash them. No?

  • christine says:

    i love this story because i have tried to save a big pig that was left to die onside of a counrty road nobody stopped to help me it was bleeding and i just grabbed a blanket and with my husband we brought it to the local humane society and even thought it diedi know i tried while comforting it before she passedso please follow with what he did and just try to help!!

  • lisa says:

    Just read the little dog was called Juno and Adrian posted on Twitter this comment A moment of silence for Juno the little dog I found this morning who had been hit by a car. Shows there are people in this world that do care.

  • Lulu says:

    Never cared for his acting but now I certainly appreciate his compassion…

  • lisa says:

    I can understand the comments made by Pike in some aspects but this was not a wild animal this was a little yorkie someones pet yes animals can strike out and bite yes animals in distress or injured do lash out and try to attack its their way of defending themselves when in pain but to tell people to stay their distance and wait for help baffles me not only do’s it prolong the suffering of the animal it also takes seconds or minutes off their life if they are seriously injured and any caring human being would take the risk of being bitten to save the animals life. Adrian tried to revive the little dog with no thought about his own safety i think he’s a fantastic human being for tryimg.

  • NT says:

    Good for him! I’d like to know how that dog got injured he was wearing a collar…

  • Anna says:

    That is so sad. It is really nice that he made sure.I can’t believe that people just drive by when they see an animal lying by the side of the road.Even if they are certain that the animal is dead… How can anyone just leave them there? My mom saw a cat lying on the side of the road and nobody was paying any attention. She turned around and picked him up. She said he was still warm and he was wearing a collar. My mom brought him to the animal shelter where I work and his owners were contacted. I LOATHE people who hit animals and leave them either alive or dead. They deserve respect whether they had a family or not.

  • Andre Inglis says:

    The fact is that he tried. That makes him a hero in itself.

  • Pike says:

    Just thought you should have probably added that you should be extremely careful when approaching injured animals wild or domestic as an injured animal may strike out and bite or claw you since it doesn’t recognize that you are trying to help it. If the animal you are approaching shows signs of extreme fear attempting to move away eye rolling whimpering and growling or showing signs of aggression baring of teeth menacing growls attempts to claw or bite then you should stay a good distance away and call someone. It is not safe to run up to injured animals meaning to do well because they don’t understand that and having a stranger come up to them and enter their personal zone can put some animals on the defensive. Don’t let the animal suffer don’t leave it behind but don’t put yourself in unnecessary harm either. Make the proper call to get the animal the help it needs.