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Ad Council (Hearts) Great Apes

Written by PETA | November 7, 2008
wikimedia / CC
Ad Council

After learning from PETA just how hideous life can be for great apes who are kept captive and forced to perform in advertisements, thanks go to Ad Council president and CEO Peggy Conlon for signing our “Great Ape Humane Pledge,” committing never to use great apes in ads! This means the Ad Council won’t ever support the abuse of great apes in advertising.

To express our gratitude in PETA style, we sent Conlon a box of vegan chocolate chimpanzees and a big “thank you” for joining the host of companies that have stood up for great apes. The Ad Council joins the likes of Subaru, Honda, Yahoo!, PUMA,, and SEGA, which also recently made this fantastic pledge.

Oh, and PETA will be following up with the CEOs of all the top U.S. ad agencies that sit on the Ad Council’s executive board, requesting that they follow suit, so … expect more on this campaign in the near future! Of course, if you work in the ad world, you can save us the trouble of tracking you down by signing PETA’s “Great Ape Humane Pledge” today! Yes, chocolate monkeys would follow shortly!

Written by Sean Conner

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  • Scott says:

    Let me premise with that I believe animals should not be treated cruely in anyway. Also though this is a few months old I found this through a search engine and wanted to comment. You CANNOT use the Bible to back up not using animals for food. They did sacrifice animals in the Bible afterall. As for animals that eat meat does anyone else share the view that all carnivores should be prevented from killing other animals and thus forced to be herbivores? That makes no sense. If you don’t want to eat meat that’s your choice and fine by me. But have a good reason and don’t try to find one in something that doesn’t support it.

  • Jasmine Chen says:

    Good work PETA!! Keep it up. i love signing petitions and helping innocent animals.

  • cousin carl says:

    I agree with all of you guys. The gorilla needs to be free. By the way I have been a Vegan for four years and I dislike the views of people who eat meat just like all of you. Noone that can eat another creature should feel good afterwords it is truly sad. I dont like apes beeing held captive it should be tigers in those cages and othe carnivorous animals they are all sinners just like the people who eat meat. I think people and animals have the same rights just like you guys and should be punished the same way. The animals are our friends folks and no person or other animal should be able to eat each other.

  • Maria Salvatierra says:

    Thanks God for the CEOs who understand animals have emotions and feel pain just like us. Thanks God for CEOs who aren’t selfish and care for animal life. Bravo Peta you are God’s angels. As a real Catholic a real one not a fake one I see animals as God’s creatures and I will never eat them nor wear them nor experimenttest on them because I don’t do what I don’t want to be done to me. I give them the same mercy and compassion I ask God to give to me. God Bless you Peta!

  • Eureka Morrison says:

    Great news. Thank you so much PETA. And thank you to all the companies who take the pledge. We can do it. we can eradicate the horror of using animals as props for ads.

  • REGINA W. says:


  • lynda downie says:

    Great job Peta! Thanks Ad Council and the other companies that took the pledge.

  • Jeff says:

    Good job PETA! Thanks goes out to the CEO’s and Presidents of companies who are signing pledges to help ease animal suffering. Keep those signatures coming!

  • SASHA says:

    Great work PETA! Change is come! People are understanding now the abuse of apes and other animalsand a big THANK YOU goes to the C.E.O.for making the change happen.