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Ad Board Clears PETA UK’s ‘Child Abuse’ Ad

Written by PETA | January 30, 2007

After PETA UK released its brand-new “Feeding Kids Meat Is Child Abuse” billboard, a number of groups complained about the ad to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Having a brief look through the list of complainants, it really seems like they all have something in common, but I just can’t quite put my finger on it. It does strike me as a bit weird that The National Farmers’ Union, the Guild of Welsh Lamb and Beef Suppliers, and the International Meat Trade should suddenly come down with a case of social responsibility, but who am I to question them? I’m sure they’re just worried about Britain’s children. It’s a moot point though, as the ASA rejected the complaints and cleared the ad, because, honestly, if feeding dead bodies to your kids isn’t widely considered to be abusive, it probably should be …

Either way, the ad’s a classic. Check it out:


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  • dorTrieseeMic says:

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  • Fred says:

    What I have not come to understand is how groups like PETA can put themselves upon this eating lifestyle pedestal and not realize their own hypocrisy. There is not one human on this earth that has not purchased or promoted the death of an animal. Everyday products have either animals animal byproducts or have involved the death of animals in one way or another. Toothpaste has coral in it a living organism. What? Coral is not an animal you say? Ok. Do you spray your lawn? Do you use pesticides? Look at farms that grow vegetables that use pesticides. Pesticides are one of the leading causes for the declines in yellow jacket and frog populations.Weird how that works out. Ohh and who decided that vegetables were not living creatures. How do you know that lettuce does not scream when you rip it out of the ground? Water is a vegetables lifeblood correct? But since it’s not red they do not give a second glance. You do not believe that vegetables are living things? Then why do they wilt shrivel and die? The point is that humans have survived since the beginning of time using the natural resources around them. It is a complete impossibility for us to survive without killing something. Animals kill other animals so when is PETA going to attack them too? What they advertise is not the issue. Their hypocritical mission statement and lack of clarity lead to their dilution of purpose.

  • halo snipe says:

    The UK is one big idiot. WHY? Because of this ad Feeding kids meat isnt child abuse because you don’t have to give them so much! their gun ban and everything else we have here is opposite there.

  • Long Time Farmer says:

    Every day we kill animals of all types. Just living and driving down the road. And french fries do make kids fat. And health problems too. I can now only have 1 cup of rice a day. And 1 piece of bread. And I wish you quit tell me to die. You mite like me if you mite me. Have Type 2 diebits their is not much I can eat now if I do not want to die. And I loved rice and bread so much.

  • Robert says:

    The French Fries don’t make kids fat?

  • Michele says:

    In response to “arkansasninja” it is not just fats and other additives to burgers that make them “bad” for people. Animal protein from burgers or any animal products for that matter causes calcium loss and heart disease. Also cattle and other factoryfarmed animals are pumped full of antibiotics to keep them from getting sick in their horribly cramped and filthy conditions so you’re eating those antibiotics too yum! and they are given growth hormones so that the farms can “raise” these animals as quickly and therefore as cheaply as possible again yum!. With respect to PETA’s goal to protect animal rights check out some of PETA’s videos such as “Meat Your Meat” which is real video footage of what goes on in slaughter houses you’ll get the idea.

  • arkansasninja says:

    I think all of yall made some good coments but I most agree with but I most agree with sue and anna. Im not a member of peta but I do support some of the things they do some other things though I dont really agree with. Also I really think that peta is starting to get away from their main goal which is to protect animal rights. Today they mostly just spend their time and effort bashing others good people like hunters fishers steve irwin and people who arnt vegans or vegetarians. I have nothing against vegans or vegetarians I think they are great people for being able to not eat meat. I really think that if peta got back on track then less people would hate peta and more people would join to help animals. Also on the burgurs being bad for you thing I dont think its perticularly the meat its the way they cook it all the oils fats and other junk they put in there to make it taste good. But I understand why people eat fast food burgurs. There handy fast and cheap. And in todays fast paced society all them things are esential. GOOD DAY TO ALL.

  • PCB says:

    In response to Sue’s comment….. Everyone knows Burgers are bad for you if you could live on them Obesity levels especially in the U.K wouldn’t be through the roof. Burgers are all processed meats that are saturated in fats oils and preserves. So there’s very little goodness in burgers anyway. Wjile I agree that eating in Moderation can be seen as O.K It won’t stop the negative effects of eating junk food. The ad is a perfect portrayal on how society relate to food. Most rather choose junk food over healthly eating because not only they think it tastes better but have become accustomed to it. Most School campaigns have already proved unsuccessful at trying to encourage students healthy eating. So in response eating too much junk food like burgers DOES!!! cause Obesity anyone that says othrewise is either ignorant or foolish

  • Sue says:

    For goodness sakes the kid is eating a burger. Yes its got meat in it but what about the burger. Its white and full of sugar and I’m sure the kid also had some fries to go along with the burger and a big sugary soda. So be real. Meat does not cause obesity its all the junk food that kids are being fed.

  • pcb says:

    I agree with certain comments made by ..Cuckoo4tofo Because meat has become so mass produced we begin to forget about the health benefits of alternatives foods like fruits and organic vegetables. Meat in my opinion is responsible for all sort of problems. One of which I feel is rise in Heart Disease and Obesity. While meat does contain high levels of protein which is a important food group it also contains fats and oils. As I say the eating of meat is purely down to choice but as humans are omnivores we begin to forget that we don’t need to rely on meat as a food source. Also I think the ad is great…But I also feel that not enough is being done in schools to educate young people about healthy eatingnutrtion and the affects of bad diets. I only learnt this stuff at college while studying sportfitness nutrtion I think if today’s society weren’t ignorant about food and it’s nutrtional value shocking rises in obesity and heart disease would not happen. Keep up the good work..

  • Cuckoo4tofu says:

    “People have the right to chose what they want to eat wether it be meat or vegetables. Anna” In that case people have the right to eat other people if that’s what they wish to eat and they also have the right to have slaves if that’s the way they want their household to be managed. If it would be wrong for yourself to eat meat then it should be wrong for anyone else to eat meat. No one has a “right” to abuse their power at the expense of other living beings. Don’t get me wrong I understand that in certain lifeordeath circumstances eating animals might be necessary. However when a person is in a cushy position where choosing vegetables over meat is just a few shopping isles away they should choose the vegetables. When it means saving 95 + animals a year vegetarianism is just a simple matter of having compassion and common sense. What’s wrong is wrong. “Fight your war against the horrible commericial farms and fast food places like KFC that abuse and neglect animals not the consumer who in most cases wants to just feed their family on a low income. Anna” Your argument would make a little sense if most people were doing poorly financially and were buying meat over the more expensive meat alternative. However you can be a healthy vegetarian without buying the fake meat and instead buying good old fashioned fresh vegetables. Vegetables are much cheaper than meat it’s just that most people are so stuck on the convenience and taste of meat they aren’t accepting to plantfoods which can’t be tossed into the microwave like frozen chicken nuggets. For the most part it’s about laziness and selfishness and PETA and other animalrights groups are trying to spread awareness of the vegetarian diet and its many benefits so that people can emerge from the dark and overcome their ignorance with which the meat industry is responsible for blinding them. As for the ad I think it is brilliant and hopefully will be an eyeopener.

  • phyllisia says:

    anna has a good point but I still like this ad. I believe it makes people think. It could come off as a little insulting but when I think of all the beef industry billboards I see I don’t mind near as much.

  • anna says:

    As a vegetarian and against the cruelty of animals i think this is going alittle too far. PETA is no longer just fighting for animals rights they’re fighting a war against PEOPLE eating animals which is wrong. People have the right to chose what they want to eat wether it be meat or vegetables. Fight your war against the horrible commericial farms and fast food places like KFC that abuse and neglect animals not the consumer who in most cases wants to just feed their family on a low income.