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Ad Award Winners … and Losers

Written by PETA | January 22, 2008

The annual Glitterbox Awards are PETA’s way of recognizing companies that advertise their products in a way that promotes kindness to animals, and this year’s big winners are General Motors and Georgia-Pacific’s Brawny paper towels for commercials which, respectively, raise awareness about vegetarian diets and protecting the environment, and depict a “man’s man” as someone who humanely removes a spider from the house. You can watch GM’s veg-friendly Chevy ad here. I can’t find the Brawny ad on YouTube, but here’s one from last year where the Brawny man saves a baby bird. Seems like they’ve got a good thing going over at Brawny.

Lest we get overwhelmed by all this positivity, we’ve also handed out two Litterbox Awards to companies that advertise in ways that show a lack of respect for animals or handle animals irresponsibly. CDW hauled in the dubious honor this year for a series of commercials featuring a man and his chimpanzee sidekick. There’s some more info here about the lousy conditions that chimpanzees used by the ad industry have to endure. And the other Litterbox Prize goes to a Singapore Airlines print ad, which shows a man holding a bullhook as he forces an elephant to bow. I’m not going to link to either of these ads, because, well, they suck.

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  • says:

    Ad Award Winners and Losers.. Great idea 🙂

  • Kurt K says:

    What about termites? They are pesky little critters that cause alot of damgae to many peoples homes. Surely you can’t support termites. Can you?

  • jemma says:

    I joined PETA because of Alec Baldwin. What a blessing both have been thank you. Is there any chance that PETA can arrange Alec as a guest speaker in the near future so maybe I could get my photo taken with himn? PS yes I have contributed a lot to PETA. Alex

  • rojo says:

    maya i’ll consider it an offset program for the animals whose deaths I am responsible for. It’s been very dry here for 2 years up until the last 6 weeks or so. Our frogs have been living underground during that time similar to hibernation and have now emerged to sing us to sleep at night.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Hi Rojo buddy! Of course I won’t argue with the wife LOL but you are most certainly not a wimp in any way it takes one hell of a lot more courage to pick up a spider and bring it outside than to crush the poor creature with your boot. And frogs are extremely beneficial to the ecosystem you are a REAL MAN for seeing the big picture and preserving habitat and important species in order to protect the Earth. Well done my man!! Cheers!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Kelly That is really really wonderful. Look out world PETA people work among you. We are everywhere. Peace!!!!!

  • rojo says:

    Hi Maya and Jack I am glad that relocating spiders is appreciated by some in the wider community. My wife thinks I’m a big girl for taking them outside instead of simply squashing them. Or for fishing the odd frog out of the toilet and going down to the river with them instead of using a an arid environment toilets are a sought after territory for frogs.

  • Mister Jingles says:

    Hi Jack and PETA folks i’m just snowing in here is a real hot mail for you I just checked out the new shooting star Leona Lewis she has an amazing voice and is a true eye candy but here is the surprise she is a vegetarian and shall soon create her own leatherfree fashion line! Maybe you could approach her and we could look forward to a new overwhelming PETA ad…… or ‘stunt’ as some people prefer to say……. i’m keen to see her united with PETA so now i’m waiting for you surprising us!!!

  • Caboose says:

    oh come on kelly

  • kelly says:

    It may seem like a small thing but….every time I see that idiotic Travelocity ad with the gnome falling off the cliff and killing a bird on his way down I get pissed. The gnome was a cute trademark for Travelocity but now the travel I book for several people! gets booked with another company. I now associate Travelocity with taking a cheap shot at an animal and that’s what I associate with the company name and they can stick it.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    I have been afraid of insects for as long as I can remember and I overcame that fear when I found out that my boyfriend would remove insects from the house and let them outside instead of killing them. Now I participate and am not nearly as afraid of them. It’s all very Buddhist. I’ve seen so many cat litter ads that are not cruel but very misleading. Good idea not to air cruel ads! Even negative attention may get them more money not what we want!