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The Actions for Animals Never Stop

Written by PETA | October 11, 2010

And here are a few recent ones: 

PETA Germany’s “shoebox demo” was a startling reminder that a shoebox can be considered a coffin if its contents are made from animal skins. The action sparked a flurry of media attention—Teddy Hilton called it “creative” and “chic.”


PETA’s Lettuce Ladies could barely keep up with demand during their veggie dog giveaway in Baltimore. One eager fan was hugely relieved to learn that the dogs were indeed intended for hungry two-legged animals.  


Caring folks visited the Santa Ana Zoo to remind both zoo officials and visitors that imprisoned elephants who express their frustrations over their miserable confinement can be very dangerous—and that forcing them to give rides is outrageously irresponsible and cruel.


These “chickens” ran for their lives in a McDonald’s-sponsored marathon in Chicago.


Thousands recently gathered in Washington, D.C., for the One Nation Working Together rally on the National Mall—among them were PETA reps who offered up the many reasons why going vegan is the most logical, responsible choice. 


You can help animals, meet caring people, and get in on the action too!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Violet Highley says:

    This is fantastic and amazing! This gives me a warm feeling and a sense of gratitude to know that so many people are doing what’s right and helping out animals!! 😀 Thank you all for everything you do! You have no idea how happy this makes me feel, to know that there are so many caring and wonderful people who are making a difference in this world!! <3

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I’m glad the protest at the Santa Ana Zoo went well.  I used to work at that zoo, in the gift shop, and I well remember all of the problems associated with the elephant ride the first time it was featured years ago.  I remember parents dragging terrified, screaming children up the steps used to mount the elephant and children crying and struggling to get free during the ride; I remember an angry father trashing the gift shop over the fact that his wheelchair bound son was not allowed on the elephant due to safety concerns; I remember seeing fresh wounds on the elephant on numerous occaisions.  I was relieved when the ride was discontinued and I am amazed that the zoo is offering it again!  I will be contacting the zoo to notify them that I will be encouraging a boycott.  PETA, feel free to contact me again when there is another demonstration, I will be there, and I will bring the bullhook that you sent me.  I have used that a lot recently, including a neighborhood garage sale where I handed out free anti-Ringling DVD’s and brochures and let customers see and handle the bullhook.  Also, our square dance club has a Halloween dance coming up where we are encouraged to come in costume,  and I will be coming as a Ringling trainer…khaki shorts and shirt, leaflets, bullhook, and all.