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Action Shots of Pink’s New Billboard

Written by PETA | January 7, 2008

If you’ve checked the front page of PETA’s site lately, you’ll know that our good friend Pink has stepped up in a big way for horses who are victimized by the carriage horse industry in New York by creating a petition against the cruel business and starring in a billboard to help educate people about the horrors that go on behind the scenes in that industry.

Anyone who works in advertising will know that getting a billboard placed can be a tricky business sometimes—some billboards end up on the side of a dirt road in, like, Pottawattamie, Iowa, and some just never see the light of day at all. So these shots of Pink’s beautiful new ad in Times Square, New York, are nothing short of glorious. Check ’em out (then sign Pink’s petition here).



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  • FreedomWinds says:

    Hey PETA! Ever thought of helping out a little here in Times Square Hong Kong? D

  • proslaviy says:

    Hi how I can send PM?

  • Barbara says:

    The carriage horses in Charleston SC could use the help of you folks. Those animals are forced to carry as many as 16 18 people on one carriage with one horse. I know I have counted and the number of obese people on one carriage is astounding. The heat they have to work in is appalling. I have stood down in the market area they leave from and watched to see if they get water when they come in from a tour and they don’t. I guess they have to limit the urine output for the sake of their precious tourists. It seems as if everytime someone tries to say anything they are ridiculed in the Post and Courier newspaper and on the radio shows.

  • Shellie says:

    Ken Ken Ken…You brainless idiot what the hell do you think PETA stands for DUHHH!! I fully support Pink but i also support alot of other concerns in the world…Now see you can do both it’s called having a HEART…

  • robert says:

    well here it goes againPink found somthing to do with with a semi ignored career .Obviosly what she knows about horses is..well shit! Hey Pinkwhats thrushwhats laminitisthe best products to use in case of colic..gee Pink what kind of colicgasimpactment? to set the record straightjust about all of the horses that have gone down thru the years have been from the 1 killer of all horses COLIC. OH BY THE WAY THE DAY THAT POOR BABY WAS KILLED AFTER INTENTIONALLY BEING SPOOKEDAND IN MY OPINION DRUGGED!! Four horses died on the tracks in the cityand gee not a word.HORSES WORKTHEY HAVE BEEN BRED TO DO JUST WHAT THERE DOING FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS..PERIOD.I KNOW FOR A FACT THEY ARE HOUSED IN WHATS FOR HORSES SUPERB CONDITIONSGREAT BLACKSMITHS AND REALLY ALL U HAVE TO DO IF YOU HAVE A FUCKING BRAIN IS GO LOOK AT THEM SEE IF THERE AFRAID TORMENTEDIT WAS BORN A LIEIT HAS REMAINED THATAND WILL STAY A LIE..HEY IT WORKED FOR THE NAZIS.Oh yea isint pink like some kind of modern talentless artist. Oh yes the smallest of our horses can pull 10 times there body weight with no wheels these buggies use tons of greasebearingsand breaks 2 help horses downhilloh and the big horses…by the way there called draft the genius worried about fat people a 1900 hundred pound draft horse is not even aware theres sothing behind him.

  • Summer says:

    Ana Very very well stated. Humans have created the human and animal atrocities that we all must work so hard to alleviate. Just because one cares deeply about the horrible cruelties that are inflicted upon innocent and helpless animals does not mean that one does not care equally about the horrors inflicted upon humans. But you are absolutely right…HUMANS inflict this horror and cruelty upon both the animals and other humans.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Thrilled to see a role model for young women and also looking forward to visiting NYC again!!!!!! Finally a billboard worth staring at!! Pink you rock Mama!

  • VS says:

    Posted by amber Jan. 7 2008 0538 PM I love Pink but where are these horses going to go if the petition is a success? CharlestonSC does carriage rides as part of the tour of Charleston. They are not physically abused and horses haved been used to farm and transportation since before we were born. Horses are just like dogs they are a loyal companion to their owners. amber the horses can go where other neglected and abused animals go when they are finally allowed to live the rest of their lives in peace to reputable sanctuaries where they are given a 2nd chance at a peaceful life away from the unjustly demands of working for humans. About the horses made to work in South Carolina do you happen to be around these horses 100 of the time to know for an absolute fact that they are never abused by their handlers or “owners”? It is quite sad that the loyalty of horses is abused in situations where they are forced to work put in stressful scary and tense situations trying to maneuver alongside big city traffic hauling around lazy human beings no matter if the weather is bad for long hours and this is what the public sees when these horses are working. I fear for what they go through behind the scenes.

  • amber says:

    thanks mark for the site it helped out with the information that i was looking for.

  • Sally_BadGirl says:

    Bonjour In this Society of consumption we need to remember that we are the society and we work for… then we can fight pacifically against unfairness.. I think that it’s a civic proof! Don’t forget that today we are building the society of tomorrow.. Thanks for your attention! Thanks SallyBadGirl

  • Jaclyn says:

    Well said animalfriend!! I completely agree with you!! Also you rock Ana!!! We also hope to get some feedback from Ken Hodgkins on his progress with helping human kind. Check with us in a month Ken! o

  • nico says:

    ken your an immoral insensative moron!!!! how would you like to live in the torterouse conditions some animals are forced to live in how would you like your skin ripped off you while you were still alive and able to feel it for some selfish person to wear? how would you like metal rods stuck in your brain all day without pain relief and infected?? your just selfish PETA is a great organization!!

  • Michele says:

    Ken why the hell should YOU get to tell Pink what she should do with her own money? She is not doing anything illegal and she is saving the lives of some of our fellow earthlings. Wow is it so terrible that she is showing COMPASSION?????? For all you know she could also be donating “vast” sums of money to Unicef the United Way or a local children’s hospital. Since when does helping nonhuman animals mean that people are not capable of helping humans as well? Ken you are a true example of an ignorant worthless shithead if all you can do is criticize people for helping animals.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    If you haven’t called your Senator’s and Reps please be sure to and asked them very nicely to please push Bill S.311 for the Senate and HR.503 for your Reps. to the floor for a vote. This means our horses will no longer be sent to slaughter in Canada and Mexico. Everyone should be responsible for our animal companions. Please do not believe what the A.Q.H.A. is spewing it’s all lies. If you can’t take care of animals the right way you shouldn’t have any. There all thousands of Vet’s nation wide willing to put down your horse’s with compassion and at a low cost so there is no excuse for selling them to a kill buyer. Last year all 3 slaughterhouses for horses closed they said it would never happen. Let’s pray that all slaughterhouses for all animals close. What a great and compassionate world this would be. Many rescue centers are out there. ARA’S are the finest people on this earth and you will find the best right here on PETA. All beings tremble before violence All fear death All love life The Buddha

  • olivia says:

    Well done P!nk Great to see you help yet againkeep up the good work.

  • K says:

    Wow that’s amazing! Thank you P!nk!!!

  • Ana says:

    Ken Hodges Why don’t you get started immediately and make those changes!!! Donate both your time and money and that way both humans and nonhuman animals can live in a better world. Nonhuman animals did not create the problems you describedTHE HUMAN ANIMAL DID!!!! Helping animals is not synonymous with not helping people. The Peace Corps beckons you so go online and sign up and open your wallet when human charities ask for donations to help the very causes you are so concerned about and make sure to to give up ample time to alleviate these humancreated conditions that humans face. Make sure you contact the Bush administration about the war in Iraq. Human sex slaves exist because HUMANS pay for those services and parents also give up their children for the money paid them by amoral HUMANS. There is enough food in Africa but warring black ethnic groups are at war with other black ethnic groups and the stronger groups deny the weaker groups the food. The BILLIONS OF DOLLARS THE USA ALONE has donated to these African nations hasn’t changed anything. Unfortunately nonhuman animals do not have at their disposal billions of dollars in aid for them. Please change these sad manmade circumstances asap!!!

  • animalfriend says:

    Ken Hodgkins you silly person should know that PETA is an animal rights organization hence it’s very all right that she cares about chicken and all the other suffering animals in the world! there are thousands of organizations all over the world caring about people and instead of making stupid remarks you should go on their sites to support them! me i support animals as well as people because my heart is big enough for the two as many of us are doing here! in the same time i would like to thank Pink for her great intervention against this brutal senseless carriage horse industry because the time has come for everybody to walk or take a taxi! and PETA is 100 pct right in declaring that animals are not ours to be used and abused because every animal abuse is against human dignity! because we are humans we DO have other possibilities if not we would just be heart and brainless freaks with no conscience feelings and INTELLIGENCE hence nonhumans! so in future please think before you accuse someone of neglecting his duty!

  • Steve says:

    Great so then Ken maybe you should work on these issues.

  • liliana says:


  • Ken Hodgkins says:

    Wonderful. Except she should be using her vast amounts of money to petion things that acutally matter the asian human sex exchange or the war in Iraq or starving people in Africa… Oh I forgot PETA Doesnt care about people just chickens

  • PeaceSurge says:

    Go PETA! Great billboard Pink!

  • Scarlett says:

    Now they should put one right on Central Park South where all the horse carriages park themselves and solicit idiots to enter their horse torturing devices.

  • Mark says:

    Amber Unfortunately there is a whole slew of recorded abuses in the New York horse industry. There’s a really successful political action committee working on the issue called Leage of Humane Voters. They have lots of information on it too. Here’s their website

  • nic says:

    i love u p!nk. U Rock!!!! I’ll sign your petition too

  • Steve says:

    Great job PETA!

  • matthew says:

    i was in the city last night i live in the urbs and i didnt see this billboard. when did it go up and how long will it be up there because i wanted to see it maybe someone could tell me where it is located specifically ? ps i saw a horse carrying a few fat people and i felt so bad that he had to carry their asses because their probably to lazy to walk a few steps and try to loose some of their weight !

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Pink is a brave and fearless lady. Her inner beauty shines through and through.

  • Richard says:

    They have those poor horses in Dublin too I always feel sorry for them

  • Mystique Makepeace says:

    YES!!! finally something advertised in Times square isn’t just there to make people buy stuff but something to urge people to do out of the kindness of their hearts. Oh P!nk you are a true living saint.

  • amber says:

    I love Pink but where are these horses going to go if the petition is a success? CharlestonSC does carriage rides as part of the tour of Charleston. They are not physically abused and horses haved been used to farm and transportation since before we were born. Horses are just like dogs they are a loyal companion to their owners.

  • BullyDawg says:

    That’s some prime advertising real estate! Congratulations!