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The Most Abused Animal on the Planet Is …

Written by PETA | May 23, 2011

Do you know one of those people who says, “I’m a vegetarian, but I still eat chicken”? Considering that chickens are arguably the most abused animals on the planet, they should be one of the first animals we remove from our plates—and there’s no better time to do that than World Week for Abolition of Meat.

Chickens’ cognitive skills rival those of cats, dogs, and, in some cases, primates. They are adept communicators who develop complex social structures. Chickens show deep love for their family members and care for others in their group. A mother chicken starts teaching her chicks to “talk” before they have even hatched, clucking softly to them, and they cluck back to her and each other from inside their shells. Human babies cannot replicate their mothers’ sounds until they are several months old.

But the billions of chickens who are slaughtered for food or crammed into cages and used for eggs suffer horribly throughout their short lives.

If you know someone who still eats chickens, please share this information with them and ask them to become a champion for chickens.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Kathy says:

    The more I see on how chickens, cows
    And any other animals are tortured and
    Killed is making me more N more want to ” STOP ” eating meat. I haven’t been eating my meat lately & I Think I will STOP Eating meat All Together !!
    Because I can NO longer think the horrible way these animals are treated
    And then to put on my plate and eat.
    I Can NO longer enjoy eating meat with
    Visions of the Cruelty that goes on.
    Not sure what I will eat but I do know it can NO Longer be Any meat of any kind. When chickens are being Tortured by way if hanging upside down and chopping off body parts while alive.
    I just MUST Draw the line.

  • loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool says:

    i think you shouldnt kill animals, let them die naturally and then you can eat it, dont kill them just because your impatiennt or you just think its funny or fun, because it really isnt. Do you really want me to go and kill you and your family and make it fun? No. So dont do it to anyone else. How can you even do it? you filthy people need to die in hell animal abusers!

  • Chicken Girl says:

    POOR CHICKEN!!!!!!!!

  • CuriousAboutPETA says:

    Why eat no meat? I understand we can get along fine without it. But why not make ALL animals vegans? Why not stop breast feeding because it isn’t vegan. At what point do we say enough is enough. I am an animal lover. I eat meat too. I am thankful for the nourishment they provide me as well as companionship. So should I be chastised because several days out of the week I am gutting a variety of animals to feed other animals? The animals we have for feedings are mass frozen. I work at a wildlife shelter helping to rehabilitate injured wildlife. We frequently have local tribes come in and say blessings to the animals. I think killing just in mass (because so much gets wasted in stores) is bad. In a farm setting fine you use what you kill. I unfortunately cannot raise animals of my own because I do not own a farm. Eating them live is horrible. But I will continue to eat meat. I respect your decision to not do so but respect mine to do so.

  • nick says:

    @Tania. Chickens are domesticated animals. They don’t exist in the wild (Unless you are talking about Red Jungle Fowl which we are not) They don’t have a natural environment, in fact they thrive where we raise them. Preferably free range, not cages.

  • Seth says:

    I had a budgie years back whom flew freely around the apartment, and absolutely loved to pick away at all chicken dinners prepared at the table.

  • thinking man says:

    There is nothing wrong with eating meat. The factories are terrible. But what about free-range chicken? Vegetarians are really stupid for that reason. If they don’t eat meat because they shalt not kill others than its just plain dumb. Hate to break it to them but they are OMNIVORES. We are made to have meat in our diet. To go without is stupid (besides religious reasons, and just plain not liking meat. That is exceptable.) Other than that, good god! Should mountain lions not be predators too? Should hawks start eating salad? By treating certains animals like they are human, we should have to treat them all like they are human. Thankyou.

  • kathy says:

    @George: You are also an animal as we all are. I agree there are many human animals lacking awareness – as evidenced by your post.

  • abby says:

    I remember when I was little I raised chickens and used their eggs. They were my pets and I loved them! Hell I’d bring them in the house some times. I treated them just as I would treat my dog or cats… I don’t get how people can torment animals. Some people are just sickening.

  • Evelyn says:

    So Josie, you don’t eat potatoes? 😛

  • Lisa says:

    I really dont understand why people say they are vegetarians but still eat chicken??? any normal person with a brain would associate Chickens with meat, the whole point in being a vegetarian is you do not eat any meat atall, what do they class Chickens as then???? they are animals like cows pigs etc they feel pain and suffering like any other animal, as for Sarah’s comment wow you must of had some nasty chickens thats all i can say about that, my late Grandfather used to keep chickens and we talking in the UK here he had a huge alloment and they used to roam around they would come ruuning to meet me everytime i used to visit and even had a couple of favouites that used to fall asleep on my lap in my Grandfathers shed, there was no fighting or pulling feathers out they all looked after eachother and were like a big family and looked out for eachother they are very family orientated and extremley intelligent.

  • Esme says:

    Soheil: I’ve also had pet chickens and I agree that they were intelligent. They were also very gentle and loved to be held and petted–but they were very scared of strangers! I love chickens. It makes me sad to think of how abused they are. If only people knew how loving they can be.

  • Rita says:

    I don’t get that. The first question most people ask me when they find out I’m a vegetarian is “do you still eat chicken or fish?” Do they think chicken and fish aren’t animals? I once had a coworker pushily insist for about 15 minutes to me that fish wasn’t meat and that I should still eat it.

  • george says:

    Chickens, like almost every other animal, do not show any kind of self awareness.

  • Tania says:

    @ Scott. You can not care and love Gods creatures and then eat them. What do you not understand of love? @ Sarah. If you think you have seen chickens in THEIR natural environment in a yard you are mistaken. That is not their natural habitat. Regardless it does not justify they way humans treat them, sadly you do not understand this. I hope one day you realise this.

  • Reality says:

    Chicken goes best with potatoes and coleslaw

  • kathy says:

    Sarah, why do you spend so much time on a site you disagree with on every point?

  • Jay says:

    The only reason I do not eat chicken is because i do not like the taste. I will eat eggs though.

  • Barry Stevens says:

    We live on the edge of the jungle in Costa Rica. We have had fer-de-lance snakes, scorpions, even a 4-inch tarantula in the house. Then – we got chickens. The chickens eat all the nasties outside, and none of them get inside. We have a golden and white chicken named Goldie. Every morning, she bolts from the coop and runs onto the porch for her special handout of corn. Then, she had some baby chicks. She brought the brood over to the edge of the porch, and they waited while she jumped up and took a kernel of corn. But instead of eating it, she went over and dropped it in front of the babies. Back she came, bringing corn to each chick. When each of them had their “breakfast”, she happily dove into my have to beak up the rest of breakfast. The brains that God gave a chicken!

  • Tammy Karaba says:

    How very cruel this is. One of the most important things to a peaceful life is to see the cruelty in the actions that we do or the cruel things that we keep allowing to happen becuase of our actions (eating meat). I guarantee you will live a much more peaceful life going Vegan. Join us today in our graceful attempt to abolish cruelty to animals worldwide (that includes killing them to eat them). Go Vegan!! 😉 Tammy

  • Soheil says:

    I’ve had pet chickens. They’re super smart and you’ll only get to know this when you start living with them , inspecting on their behavior. They really deserve something better than those filthy factory farms.

  • Scott M Sykes says:

    First let me say that I CHERISH and LOVE all that PETA does for the animals and those who do not have a voice about their abuse and will ALWAYS support them in their cause. Second, I will always be an omnivore since I love the taste of ALL (well, ok MOST) foods that that I eat. With that said, as a Christian I am told that I am a SHEPARD and CARETAKER of God’s garden (Earth) and to LOVE ALL of God’s Creation as He LOVES me and ALL manner of food are “clean” for me to eat. Abuse of anything, whether that be a creature, human or substance, is a sign of a deeper seated psychosis in a person’s mind and soul. Why do you think that children who maim, tour tore and kill animals end up being psychopathic and serial murderers? What we need to do is to start getting back to the foundation of being CARETAKERS of our world instead of greedy plunders and thieves. If we view this world as a place to pass on to future generations and to respect and treat ALL things with LOVE instead of abuse then we may end up with less abuse of those who are under or care and supervision.

  • nicole pillay says:

    ignorance or people turning a blind eye of the source of meat is usually the cause

  • sarah says:

    I would like to add… From some one who grew up with chickens who ran around our farm they to can be vicious if a member of the “family” is injured they will attack it and basically. Rip it apart and eat. There not that kind and loving to there felllow chickens. Also top hens will take and attack lowler ranking hens for the best nest spots often reulting in lost eyes and ripped waddles and combs. Roosters will also get nasty towords hens they will force them down ripping feather combs and waddles to bred. Chickens waile adorable are actually very vicious towords eachother.

  • JosieJansen says:

    I dont eat Chicken, also no Meat , i don’t eat nothing with eyes!

  • claudia leon torres ortiz says:

    I can not understand why people can still eat meat after watching how those poor animals suffer