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Abuse at Ross University?

Written by PETA | February 15, 2008

We sent this letter to the St. Kitts Attorney General yesterday urging him to immediately investigate the “teaching” procedures being performed on dogs, donkeys, and sheep at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, which is owned by Chicago-based DeVry, Inc. (of late-night TV commercial fame). We’re also calling for prosecution of any school officials who are found to have been violating the island’s cruelty-to-animals statutes.

All this got set into motion when we received numerous photographs documenting the mutilation of animals who are forced to undergo multiple surgeries before they are killed and cut apart. The key points to remember here are that a) there are numerous humane alternatives to the tests conducted at Ross, and b) it is illegal to cause “unnecessary suffering” to animals under St. Kitts law. As it should be. Here’s what PETA’s research director told the media today:

“Ross University is forcing its students—men and women who will devote their lives to healing animals—to maim and kill dogs and other animals in unnecessary, painful procedures. We’re asking the attorney general to help students and animals by enforcing St. Kitts’ anti-cruelty laws.”

If you’d like write to the veterinary school about this issue, you can do so through the handy webform here.

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  • ellis johnson says:

    Fire Rupperct immediately. He is an unfeeling monster!

  • 4th year vet student says:

    @ kelly: Any chance you might provide an estimate for what a human hospital would charge for surgical removal of ovaries and a uterus? It would be much closer to 20,000$ than 250$, the quote that you have stated is “ridiculous.” Consider a vet’s overhead: Rent, surgical instruments, technician/assistant salary, sterile gowns, and most importantly, the time and money spent on the veterinarian’s education… 250$ for an intra-abdominal surgery IS ridiculous. It’s ridiculously cheap!!! Just because it might take a significant effort for you to save this money in order to do the responsible thing for the community, and the right thing for the cat’s health (spaying/neutering), does not mean that the service is overpriced. I suggest that you volunteer or work in a shelter, or a vet practice. Then you will see firsthand how hard vet’s work, and how little money they have to show for it at the end of the day. We deal with a lot of stress in order to allow us to enjoy the opportunity to care for your animals. We don’t eat lunch. We don’t have weekends. We work 12-16 hour days, over and over. Please show us some gratitude. 250$ is quite insignificant in comparison to my 250,000$ in student loans. Please educate yourself before posting. This will avoid unnecessarily disrespecting the people trying to heal your animals, and it will also save you from appearing to be completely ignorant of medical economics. Peace and Love!

  • Michele says:

    Melody Kerber if you think veterinarians should automatically be “allies” you really need to read “Slaughterhouse” by Gail Eisnitz.

  • Larry says:

    Joy Although I don’t agree with Peta on this and think that there is nothing wrong with future vets learning by working on animals that otherwise would die or that are already dead it is ridiculous for you to invoke the 1st Amendment in the context of this message board. Peta is not the government thank the heavens and therefore doesn’t have to allow you free speech or access to their message board. Of course it looks like Peta does post all comments but it just takes time for the comments to show up. Nevertheless if Peta chose not to post your comments that would have no 1st Amendment implications whatsoever. Before you throw around accusations get the facts straight. After all isn’t that what Peta has done and what you are speaking out against?

  • kelly says:

    There need to be more good vet schools. But the veterinary trade keeps numbers of graduates kept to a minimum to INCREASE PROFITS FOR THE VETERINARY TRADE. Fewer vets less competition. Animals are hurt by this but the veterinarian business gets more cash. And thus vets can get away with charging $250 for a cat spay. Ridiculous.

  • Mabel says:

    What do more reputable vet schools do? Do they have students learn surgery only on animals that actually need the procedures or do they use dead animals? In medical school cadavers are often used so surely vets could learn without operating on live animals that don’t need it. And I wouldn’t think it would be hard to get alreadydead animals to use.

  • minttu alander says:

    I wish one day animals do the same for you.You are not humanbeings. There are methods whitout using any animalbut you don’t have heart to do it. SHAME ON YOU!!! minttu alander fron finlandhelsinki

  • Maggy says:

    We took in a 3 week old homeless kitten 1 12 years ago. When it came time to have him fixed we called our vet and made an appt. We had no idea our vet had taken in a new vet. When we went to drop off our cat we were surprised to find the doctor was a SHE and that she had only been working for our vet for a few weeks. Our vet was out of the office that day and the new vet had been scheduled to do the operation. Something told me then to leave but I didn’t. When we went to pick up our cat he was in shock. The new vet had done a botch job on our cat. It took him weeks to recover. The new vet had left right after the operation and no one was around but some dumb girl. It took us all day to reach the vet. By that time we had stablized our cat and were giving him antis that we kept on hand. It took him at least 3 weeks before he could get up on the couch. For 2 weeks he tried to pull himself up but it hurt him to bad. His nose which is normally pink was pale white for at least 3 weeks. As we were leaving the vets office my husband read the new vet’s diploma. As soon as we got home I looked it up on the Internet and found it was a crappy school. This is what you get when you let someone who has gone to a cheap shcool work on your pets. For all you people out there with pets if a new vet works on your animal make sure you know where heshe studied. Stay away from schools outside the US.

  • lynda downie says:

    You’d think DeVry which touts itself as offering advanced theoretical and practical knowledge would insist on only the most current teaching methods in veterinary science.Thanks PeTA for calling attention to the helpless victims in St.Kitts.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Thank you PETA for not villinizing vets along the way. Most vet professionals must choose either remain as an assistant earning $7 and hour with no health insurance AND not be allowed to do anything but take out the trash while at the clinic OR become a vet tech or dream job of veterinarian. In order to do so we are often required to enter a program where animals are kept in lousy conditions at best and we are required to torment and destroy perfectly healthy animals at worst. We were told in the vet tech program that if we did not destroy certain healthy animals like we were required to they would be destroyed immediately anyway. Ideally the programs would take in shelter animals ours did and only use them for experience with spay neuter and preventative care then adopt them out and get even more shelter animals and continue during the semester. But our program also had rabbits the head of the program would rescue unwanted rabbits which was nice but instead of finding them new homes they were forced to live in cages at the school their whole lives. They were unhealthy and miserable. Not good.