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About-Face for Facebook (Game)

Written by PETA | May 7, 2010
Kennethhung / CC by 3.0
Smiling Pit Bull

We are happy to report that Zynga, the creator of the phenomenally popular Facebook crime game Mafia Wars, has nixed the pit bull as a fighting tool. Countless social gamers stopped plowing their FarmVille fields long enough to voice their objections to Zynga about the game’s negative depiction of this most used-and-abused breed, and the company quickly responded in just the right way.

We’ll be sending Zynga a thank-you note and a box of vegan chocolates as a token of our appreciation, and Mafia Wars “maniacs” can voice their approval to Zynga’s customer service center.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Kathryn Cooke says:

    I don’t even play Mafia Wars but as an owner of two incredibly loving Pit bulls I am glad they stopped! Pit bulls need all the positve advocacy they can get

  • susan Korths says:

    I wont use or buy from companies who promote such cruel and horrifying games. I will boycott this. Thanks to Peta and thanks to Zynga for this reaction. There is a lot more to do for Zynga but for the first step its great. Thanks again

  • Amy McAlister says:

    I’m glad they took the pit bull off the game. I get that pit bulls cab be mean but I also think that its how they are raised. I had a pit bull who was a big baby but he was raised to be a nice pit bull.

  • carol karriker says:

    thank you peta! i had to call a local radio station 106.5 on this particular topic. thank you for all of your involvement in all animal well being!

  • Donna Ricci says:

    Not so fast Zynga! The character “Mandy” from the vampire wars game still holds a dead cat on a leash at her feet. Can’t we get that down too?

  • sunshinegirl says:

    what about all the other animals that mafia wars is using in the game? They say that animals will become a big part of fighting soon in the game. Instead of taking just one off they should maybe take all of them off?

  • OUAI says:

    Thank you to listen to your heart. With this kind of this decision you will make young people think better. God bless you

  • Kayla <3 says:

    Love you PETA! This is great news

  • Karen Moore says:

    Excellent but they still use Beta “fighting” fish as a level in Mafia Wars and they also have cock fighting too. I stopped playing Mafia Wars for just that reason.

  • Jade says:

    Yeah I stopped playing that game when they said about using animals as weapons in fighting. I might start playing it again now they have removed the pitball.

  • Timo Sguazzin says:

    Exellent and brilliant!

  • Christi says:

    That is just awesome news! I own a blue nose pit and he is my big baby! Thank you for all that you do PETA!!!

  • Thecutevegan says:

    Props Zynga!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs Elizabeth Lean says:

    this is appalling and definitely would consider pulling out of Zynga Games if they do this and do not remove.

  • Meagan Jeffrey says:

    Its so sad that this breed is so badly abused and used.. I know its just a game but gamers sometimes take things seriously. s