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How Many Dogs Will Be Abandoned After Westminster This Year?

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 13, 2013

When Banana Joe was announced as this year’s Westminster winner, his handler, Ernesto Lara, was given a silver bowl. But perhaps he should have been handed a silver shovel so that he could help bury all the dogs in animal shelters who lost their chance at a home, thanks to the greedy breeders and cruel puppy mill owners who supplied Westminster’s contestants and who will supply the countless “designer dogs” yet to be born because of shows like this one.

Outside Madison Square Garden, a costumed dog flanked by PETA members pointed out to attendees what purebred pimps really do: They flood the market with puppies even as 3 to 4 million dogs are being euthanized every year for lack of a good home.

Inside during the finals, two PETA members held up signs that read, “Adopt! Don’t Buy,” and “Breeders Kill Shelter Dogs’ Chances.” Security removed the duo promptly, but audience members couldn’t miss the message. 

And the death toll will climb. Following the show every year, breeders see a rush of people who want a carbon copy of the winning dog—and then animal shelters see a rush of people who abandon them when they turn out to be too much work or don’t act like the dog on TV.

In fact, Lara won’t even be keeping Banana Joe—he will be returning the dog to his breeder.

The results are in: Real winners adopt from animal shelters.

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  • mammacaz says:

    Misty I for one do not care if this article is considered Bias because it is true in more ways than its being given credit for, as the article suggests it is the bigger picture people need to be looking at, I for one agree adopt a pet don’t buy!

  • jean sweat says:

    I would love to adopt the red and white border terrier on your site on facebook.

  • anna says:

    Those dog shows are paid for with the suffering of puppy mill dogs. Puppy mill registrations are the top source of income for the AKC, which is why they support cruelty and work to protect puppy mills. The breeders and show handlers at Westminster and the other dog shows profit dfrom the puppy mills! Supporting cruelty in order to profit from breeding is the definition of greedy. Some of those “top show breeders” run separate puppy mill operations on the side, and some sell their dogs to the mills. The AKC exists for one reason- SUPPORTING PROFIT FROM BREEDING

  • Misty says:

    It’s true that people are ignorant and go after “winning” dogs, but This is not completely accurate. Ernesto was only a handler. A handler exhibits the dog, but the owner, who in this case is the breeder, is the dog’s caretaker. Not every breeder is a greedy breeder and I know for a FACT thos Westminster companions did NOT come from puppymills. I understand your ideas, but this article is far too biased.