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9 Things You May Have Missed This Week

Written by Michelle Kretzer | July 7, 2012

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Don’t stop believin’, cows! Sporting goods company PUMA says it plans to stop using leather in the future. 

They can delay gratification, plan ahead, show empathy, share, and set goals and see them through. Who am I talking about? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not humans.

Contagious yawning isn’t specific to people, either. New research shows that our canine family members catch our yawns, too. 


You did it! Thanks for convincing the Bridge Foursquare Church to cancel its greased-pig scramble.

Here are other animals who need your help:

Calves could be saved from having their sensitive horn tissue chopped off, burned away, or gouged out if farms simply bred cows without horns. Urge cheesemaker Cabot Creamery to stop cruel dehorning and breed hornless cows instead

It’s bad enough that circuses imprison elephants and drag them across the country, forcing them to perform. But when the elephants are suffering from tuberculosis (TB), it’s even worse. Urge the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ban TB-positive elephants from performing.


How far will goats go to persuade people to help stop the military’s cruel trauma training exercises? How about spit in people’s water, eat their mail, or enact some Facebook vengeance? These hilarious goat photos are must-see and must-share.

pmarkham|cc by 2.0

Summertime and the living is cheesy. Check out our list of the top five restaurants for vegan mac and cheese.


What do you run for? Your heart, your waistline, your stress level, your chocolate addiction? How about running for animals? You can when you join the 2012 PETA Pack.

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  • PETA says:

    Thank you for your comment, Joe. Horses are herd animals who naturally associate with large numbers of other horses, graze in meadows, trot great distances, play, and court. Horses don’t voluntarily pull plows, wagons and carriages – they “work” only because people force them to do so. Horses don’t enjoy hard labor anymore than a person would if forced to strain or exercise hard all day long. Horses are not equipment and can suffer from the heat, humidity, and overexertion. When there is a respectful, loving bond between horse and human, then horseback riding can be as much an act of companionship and exercise as walking one’s dog. However, just as we oppose the use of “choke” collars on dogs, we also oppose the use of whips, spurs, and other devices that cause discomfort and pain to horses. With domesticated horses, PETA supports humane, interactive training. Just as a dog can be lovingly or abusively house-trained, gentle methods can be employed to teach a horse to tolerate a rider on his or her back. PETA does not support training methods based on punishment. We do not support the solitary life for a horse and believe that horses must be kept in social groups.

  • Joe Dtruth says:

    I’m for the action against the crualty to cat for lab experiments; but for people to say do away with horse drawn carriages? I feel some of PETA views are a bit extreme. Horses are made to be a working animal, I guess PETA don’t want people to ride horses either, right?