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89 Years Vegan and Counting

Written by PETA | April 27, 2011

I’ve been vegan for more than 20 years and thought that was a long time, but Loreen Dinwiddie takes the vegan cake. The Oregon resident, who just celebrated her 108th birthday, went vegan in 1922 and never looked back. Loreen attributes her longevity to “fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It’s all there in the Bible.” She may be onto something, since studies show that vegans slash their risk of our nation’s top killers: heart disease, cancer, strokes, and diabetes

You could grill a whole lot of veggies with 108 candles.            moonlightbulb/cc by 2.0

Watch Loreen in action and see if you don’t agree that she deserves our vote for Cutest Vegan Centenarian. Do you know someone who’s been vegan as long (or nearly as long) as Loreen? Comment and tell us about it!

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • enlightened says:

    if u check leviticus in the bible it talks about pork being unclean (and other various versus. just google “bible pork unclean verses” . it also says not to eat shellfish, get tattoos etc. When they did eat meat it was still not to eat toxic unclean animals like PIG (chews its cud or something) they ate lamb and things. also back then they didn’t have MONSANTO, genetically modified frankenfoods, animals in captivity treated and abused worse than slaves & terrorist (it is very common for all cattle and pigs to get their testicles & horns chopped off without pain killer. to pain kill all the cattle and pigs would cost WAY to much. remember this is the USA its all about profit). those people leading those companies you choose to eat meat from (supplied mcdonalds , bk, all walmarts, all food that isn’t labeled non-gmo grass fed organic) is evil and you are partaking in something that will always damage your temple. The bible says its a sin to do evil and bad into your temple. eating bad foods is just that. the body is gods temple (so the bible says). that goes to all u bible believers. i am a vegan but way beyond a bible. i have transcended into universal laws (thanks to my shamanic journeys, meditation in silence and darkness, getting to know the real god/universe and self). no book man tarnishes and taints thruought the years (see english kings in the 1300-1800s) when the leaders are still touching lil boys gets my attention. if all this religion was real seems instead of hating others (altheist, all those not your religion) christians would see that the food they eat are killing them, but then again the bible talks about the blind sheep of israel. I guess this is most christians (the 99% sheeple) . Fluoride poisoning (water and toothpaste) have really done a job on the average sheeples pineal gland they can NOT see or have no senses. the few senses they have are bombarded to the max with OVEREXCESS sugars, fats, HFCS, and other fake frankenfoods. go vegan. it will make you more spiritual (as you get in touch with god , mother nature, and all creatures), your mind body and spirit will come into perfect balance and harmony

  • JerriT says:

    In the Bible angels ate meat, I am a vegan, but not for religious reasons. Most people in the Bible ate meats, so it is not a sin to do so.

  • vegetarian bible info says:

    ANSWER TO: Where in the bible it says it is not OK to eat animals? The ANSWER is GENESIS 1:28 & GENESIS 1:29. “”And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed upon the face of the earth, and the fruit of every tree, and to you it shall be your food.” And there you have it. God’s Original ideal plan for all mankind was that he commanded that plants (nuts, seeds, plants, herbs, seasonings, vegetables, fruits) would be the food of mankind. NOTE! Keep in mind the following, there are many contradictions in the bible, you can find evidence to prove anything, and the opposite someplace else, example: Turn the other cheek, and then take An eye for an eye! But this about vegetarianism is different. Because this is God’s original vision, BEFORE SIN. In other words, there are other instances in the Bible of humans eating meat (paul, jesus & fishes, etc) but those came AFTER sin infected the world! Thus eating meat is tied to the existence of sin. That wasn’t god’s original vision, God’s original ideal world he created was that plants would be the food of all mankind. Another instance from the Bible: THE GARDEN OF EDEN. Notice that God created Mankind in a GARDEN. If God’s ultimate ideal for mankind was to eat meat, God would have put Adam & Eve right into the middle of a ‘delicious’ SLAUGHTERHOUSE. Afterall, if God intended mankind to slaughter animals and eat them, then the ultimate place would have pools of blood to drink, and animals hanging from strings all over the place, all cut up, in God’s ideal place for man to live. That’s NOT what happened. God created man in the GARDEN of EDEN, not the SLAUGHTERHOUSE of EDEN. That should settle it once and for all. And no person can cite any of the other passages in the bible that talk about eating meat because those are contaminated. Those all came after SIN was unleashed in the world and therefore all meat references are not God’s original will. They are infected with mankind’s sin. And there you have it.


    HUGE NUMBERS OF VEGAN & VEGETARIAN CENTENARIANS FOUND. —————— LISTING OF DOMINANT VEGAN & VEGETARIAN CENTENARIANS: [Page 1 of 80] Loreen Dinwiddie – 108 year old Centenarian – VEGAN.The oldest woman on record in Multnomah County and perhaps the oldest woman in her entire state. She follows a fully plant-based VEGAN diet. This vegan centenarian is in incredible fitness and health even at near super-centenarian status. Angeline Strandal – 104 year old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. Appeared in NEWSWEEK magazine. She loves the Boston RedSox and even watching heavyweight fights. She has outlived 11 of her siblings. What enabled her to love longer than most: “I’m a vegetarian” she says. Beatrice Wood – 105 year old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. The woman whom the James Cameron movie “TITANIC” is written about. This vegetarian inspired the character of the elderly woman named “Rose” in the film. (The one with the necklace.) She thrived to 105 on a complete Vegetarian diet. Blanche Mannix – 105 year old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. Blanche is a lifelong vegetarian, meaning she never has, and chose never to eat meat in her entire life. Blanch’s lifetime has seen the Wright Brothers launch the 1st aeroplane, and two WORLD WARS. She is exuberant with happiness and life, and attributes her vegetarian diet for her longevity and happiness in life. Missi Devi – 105 year old Centenarian – VEGAN. She followed the Jain lifestyle, which respects all animals. Jains follow “Ahimsa” in which they avoid even dairy in order not to inconvenience the cow too much, and try to eat mainly fruits and aim for things which try not to hurt or kill the main stalk of the plant offering the nuts, fruits, or food. Aiming to eat only what it kindly offers. Missi was a Vegan Centenarian and lived to an incredible 105 years old, she was one of the most-honored people in her nation. Catherine Hagel -114 year old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. She is the 2nd oldest person in the United States, and the 3rd oldest person in the entire world. The ovo lacto vegetarian likes carrots and onions and lived on a vegetable farm. Aside from vegetables she enjoyed strawberries, which she sold at a little stand when she was a little girl. Her confirmed baptismal certificate affirms that the vegetarian was born November 8th, in the year 1894. She had TWO sets of twins, and still has a daughter that is 90 years old. Interestingly, Catherine’s sister in law once held the sopot as the oldest living person in Minnesota, living 113 years 72 days old. Catherin herself says she says she is still active and enjoys vegetable gardening, picking raspberries, and recently she canned some tomatoes. Charles “Hap” Fisher – 102 years old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. He is the oldest living resident of the Brandon Oaks Community. The vegetarian still has a sharp mind and IQ. He is still active as a scholar at Roanoke College and is likely the oldest scholar in the nation still publishing research. He is a scientist. He has a degree in Research Chemistry and has worked out numerous equations. The vegetarian centenarian also taught at HARVARD University. One day his favorite beloved pet chicken was killed and roasted and put on the dinner table. He was 10 years old and vowed never again. Charles said he has been vegetarian for over 90 years, and he is now a centenarian aged 102. Christian Mortensen – 115.252 years old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. Christian Mortensen, vegetarian, holds the record for the oldest fully documented and verified Man in the World, and perhaps the oldest man in human history (fully documented and confirmed) according to the esteemed Gerontological Society of America. This vegetarian’s case of extreme longevity has been written about by John Wilmoth, PhD in CSA Research. Male centenarians are rare, females often live longer. This is why the vegetarian Christian Mortensen’s achievement is so astounding. He achieved such a feat of longevity he actually reached what is called SUPERCENTENARIAN status, which is a person who has lived over a decade beyond 100 years old. And in fact, aided by his vegetarian diet, and exhibiting NO signs of degenerative diseases nor dementia, this still mentally sharp vegetarian remains as the oldest fully confirmed human male in documented history. (Keep in mind there may quite well be older individuals, but Christian Mortensen is unique in that his documentation is conclusively proven.) The vegetarian singly re-defined Longevity Researchers and Gerontology Scientists ideas on the the limits of human male longevity. He retains a great sense of humor and happy in life. Claris Davis – 102 year old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. Known simply as “Miss Claris” she was born in Jamaica and is a 7th day adventist, a religion which follows a healthy vegetarian plant-based non-paleo diet. She doesn’t miss eating Meat at all and in fact is happier for it. In fact, she makes everyone around her happy as well. “There is never a sad moment around Mama Miss Claris, she keeps you smiling all the time!” said the woman who tends to her. “She is always singing”. Fauja Singh – 100 year old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN – Astonishingly Mr. Singh has retained such athletic muscle and strength that he is a Marathon runner! This vegetarian in fact holds for his age group, the world record for running the marathon. In fact, a major part of even getting to the level of gaining a chance at his record is first being able to get to his age in the 1st place, much less then being able to run 26 miles. Fauja is a Sikh, a people of India whose striking long beards and moustache’s add to his impressiveness. He currently lives in the UK and has even been offered commercials for ADIDAS sportswear and has been featured in their campaigns. He is 6 FEET TALL and follows a healthy vegetarian diet. He enjoys lentils, green vegetables, curry, chappati, and tea with a bit of ginger spice. In the year 2000, the vegetarian Singh astounded the world by completing the 26.2 mile incredible stamina endurance race and beat the previous world best record by nearly 58 minutes, at the age of nearly 90! Today he holds the record for the world’s oldest centenarian endurance Marathon Runner, all on a vegetarian diet. Florence Ready – 101 year old RAW FOOD VEGETARIAN CENTENARIAN – To this day she practices a 6-day-a-week Aerobic exercise regimen. That’s right, this vegetarian food lover is over 100 years old and still doing Aerobics 6 days a week. She mostly eats RAW FOODS, including mainly fruits and vegetables. She’s been a vegetarian for nearly 60 years at the age of 40. 60 years is more than some meat-eaters have stayed alive, nevermind the other 40. “You talk to her and completely forget she’s 101 years old,” her friend Perez said, “It’s pretty amazing.” -Blue Ridge Times Frances Steloff – 101 year old VEGETARIAN Centenarian cared dearly for Animals. She is considered the Patron Saint of Animals and always did her best to tell people to take care of all the wondrous animals we have all around us. She was a Poet, a Writer, and ran a bookstore whose clients included the renowned George Gershwin, Woody Allen, Charlie Chaplin, and more. In her fiesty early years the vegetarian had to fight for women, and against censorship (remember this is the 1800’s and early 1900’s) in order to fight the banning of books, and freedom of speech and for women and caused her share of controversy resulting in one of the landmark legal decisions against censorship in American history. Her obituary was featured in the New York Times. Gladys Stanfield – 105 year old LIFELONG VEGETARIAN Centenarian. Gladys learned to drive in a Model T Ford, loves her purely vegetarian diet, and admits she loves the occasional bit of chocolate and loves to eat whole grain honey buns. The centenarian vegetarian is the oldest resident at Creekside. She has never eaten, nor ever wanted steak, due to the smell of it. The vegetarian loves life, has tons of friends and celebrated her most recent birthday with over 70 people at her birthday party. She has been a vegetarian and never eaten meat for 105 years. Harold H.D. Singleton – 100 year old Adventist African American Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. Harold “HD” Singleton was a great leader who pioneered the Adventist work among Blacks in the southern US. He graduated Oakwood University, survived the great depression, and rose to become the president of the South Atlantic Conference. Not only rising above the adversity of being a pioneer for the rights of african americans, he also had the foresight to stand for health and life as a vegetarian over a century before it may have even occured to those of us today to give it a try. Herb Wiles – 100 year old Vegetarian Centenarian – William Howard Taft was president at the time when Herb was growing up, and a company named Chevrolet Motor Cars was first formed. Yet he has survived til today and credits his Vegetarian diet, faith, sense of humor, and exercise as his secrets to long life. Yes, he said exercise. This vegetarian still works out his muscles at the Gym. Herb is part of a community at LOMA LINDA, a so-called BLUE ZONE of centenarians where reside some of the longest lived people on earth. Nearly all of them avoid eating meat, practice vegetarian plant-based diets, and eat fruits, nuts, vegetables, and have a sense of purpose. Loma Linda was featured in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, and Dan Buettner’s book “The Blue Zones: Lesons for Living Longer, from the People Who’ve Lived The Longest”. Herb the vegetarian still maintains his healthy muscles at the Loma Linda fitness center and uses up to 10 exercise machines to “hit different parts of his body” he says, in addition to maintaining his healthy meatless diet. Many more… Just [Page 1 of 80] For more, put “vegan centenarian longevity” into Google for even more examples of long lived vegan and vegetarian centenarians.

  • Rita says:

    Waitersmom, I don’t think she meant that she read a passage that said it’s not okay to eat animals. (Though I wish the Bible did say that.. it would have spared them so much suffering.) I think she’s saying that her diet, fruits veggies and nuts, is recommended by the Bible.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Congratulations Loreen and Happy Birthday! You’re in good company. The gentleman who coined the word vegan, Donald Watson, was a vegan for over 60 years, and enjoyed 95 years of good health.

  • Carla* says:

    Way to go, Loreen!! You are an inspiration!! Hugs and kisses from Canada.

  • waltersmom says:

    not to be insensitive-please show where in the bible it is not OK to eat animals-I missed that-grew up catholic-(I know..sad as it is)-give me those passages?