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60,000 Canadian Seal Pups Saved

Written by PETA | April 25, 2007

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the sealers trapped in the ice in Newfoundland.

Well, it turns out that there are still hundreds of hunters trapped, and now they’re starting to run out of food, water and fuel. The Canadian coast guard is working hard to rescue them before it’s too late. Now I don’t wish suffering on anyone, not even callous hunters who cruelly kill baby seals who are too young to even swim or get away, but the good news here is that since so many hunters have been stuck for so long, it looks like they’re going to come up around 60,000 seal pups short of their quota this year, which means that a whole bunch more of these cute little dudes will actually get to grow up . . . and that, of course, is a very good thing!

Is it me or is the karmic irony in this story almost too much to handle? Check out this ABC News piece for the full report.

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  • MammaPenguin says:

    Mother nature loves her creatures and always knows whats best <3 God bless the ice, huh?

  • Allan Hopkins says:

    I have talked to a number of ex pat Newfoundlanders in Calgary on this issue. I have heard many of the people that live on the islands aren’t able to buy food from the store because the ferry doesn’t come. Therefore hunting seals is necessary. Oh by the way Colin Jenkins do you think it’s necessary to boycott our exports just because a small group of people on the East Coast do this to survive?

  • Ria, Fiona, Peta, Margaret, Jareth, Molly says:

    We all live in the UK and signed the petition to stop the hunting last year and this year. I am really pleased the hunters are trapped and i don’t care what happens to them if they die out there its poetic justice as they would have murdered defenceless seals who hadn’t had a chance to live. As it is the rest of them are now safe i just wish they had got trapped sooner to save the lives of others. They say the coastguard is working to save them they are so lucky. Does the coastguard care about the slaughter of animals? This is a great day for animals.

  • kathleen ac says:

    People that can beat an animal to death skin it alive and then throw it’s body back into the sea are sick! It is the 21st century. We have heaters department stores to buy clothes WALMART to buy cheap clothes if you can’t afford the expensive ones so no one NEEDS fur! When I saw the PETA video of seal skining I couldn’t stop crying. I don’t know how anyone could ever hurt a helpless little animal. Oh and I forgot who said it but the seals are not over populated. There numbers are decreasing every year and global warming is not helping either. In a perfect world I would say I hope the sealers get rescued and go home to their families and get a new job….but that won’t happen. They will continue to kill baby seals brutely and so I hope they die out there and suffer just like the seals do. Karma’s a bitch.

  • L. Fair says:

    To Cassandra above First of all you state that the seal population is overgrown. I don’t know where you get that from because the population of the seals is down greatly and will get worse due to global warming. Thousands and thousands of baby seals died because of this alone. secondly you say the seals provide food. Then why is it that the sealers take the skin from the seals and then throw the rest back into the water? There is no excuse for this seal hunt and a sealer said himself in the 2007 seal hunt as followsWe all go out for the love of it rather than the money which isn’t there anymore.” You say that you dislike people killing animals just for their skin then you better watch the video’s on the seal hunt the past few years because then you will get the truth.You are trying very hard to find a excuse for this horrible slaughter and it is not working.

  • cassandra FROM NEWFOUNDLAND says:

    If I may interject to tell you what I think and know about this issue. For one there is some information amiss here white coat hunting has been illegal for years if they do get killed it’s not a lot of them and it is illegal so most people DON’T DO IT. secondly the seal population is so overgrown that they are depleting their own food source and thirdly they provide food not just some skin to sell but in my personal oppinoin it’s good to use LEFT OVER skin i dislike people killing animals just for skin but using left over skin to make a coat or whatever reduces waste try to acctually know everything before you go accussing us of excesive cruelty oh and by the way Heather Mills pretty much put a death sentence on the pups she was petting seals reject babys that have been touched by humans those were white coat pups who couldn’t fend for themselves and she got them abandoned way to go Heather.

  • kaila says:

    i am so glad that mother nature has stepped in and hundred of seal hunters ships are stuck in the ice. when I heard that they were stuck I jumped around so happy that 60000 seal have been saved!!!!!!!

  • Colin Jenkins says:

    I hope those murdering bastards die out there that will teach them for killing those poor seals.The Canadian should be ashamed of themselves and i won’t buy any goods made in Canada or ever holiday there until they stop the murder of these lovely seals. Human beings DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to do this to any Animal. Go to Hell you killers and suffer big time…

  • Brett says:

    Jen First of all sorry I said “Newfie”. I did not mean it to be derogatory. I had a friend who lived there for 2 years and that is how he refered to everyone so my bad. I find it funny though that it is OK for you to say it but not others. It’s like Africanamericans saying the N word but for the rest of us it’s taboo. Anyways… It is not misinformation that I am “spreading” here. I have seen the hunt for myself and I have read up on veterinarian reports and I know what I am talking about. I have never seen some type of police or government body go with the sealers to make sure that they follow procedure only the sealers on the ice with the occasional Canadian Navy icebreaker leading the sealers to their prey. I have seen with my own eyes the sealers hook seals that are fully conscious on their hakapiks and drag them aboard. So can you explain to me how the government is able to regulate the hunt when it spans hundreds of miles? The answer is that you cannot.

  • Jen says:

    To Brett What makes you so informed may I ask? Where are you pulling thse “facts” from? I’m not a sealer and have never been on a hunt that’s true. But I am a NewfoundlanderI’ve been dealing with this type of misinformation and bigotry since grade school. As I mentioned friends of mine are directly involved with the sealing industry including a marine biologist who worked for the DFO who have not ‘blinded my eyes’ as you put it. It makes me sick to my stomach when people like you express hatred and condemnation for something you DO NOT understand. And please don’t use the term “Newfie” unless you are one. It’s considered derogatory.

  • Maya says:

    Hi Brett! Thanks for the info. Don’t get me wrong I’m a vegetarian and I am doing everything I can to boycott sign petitions and oppose any hunt with guns or otherwise. I am also earning a graduate degree in conservation biology. My only point was that if the native people can still use the pelts after the seal has been shot and killed instantly there is no excuse for the sealers to take the hit financially if its more humane to shoot them. After all they have carte blanche from the government. Again I do oppose the hunt. Thank you for your comments too Brett thus far I’m glad you’re posting kind and intelligent posts!

  • Brett says:

    Maya The sealers do shoot the seals with guns but usually from their boats and they only wound the animal. Most sealers don’t want to shoot the seals as the companies that buy the furs pay $2 less for every bullet hole they find. So it is in the interest of the sealers to NOT shoot them. They get less money for the pelt if they do.