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6,600 Turkeys Never Stood a Chance

Written by PETA | March 7, 2011

cyanocorax/cc by2.0

A fire that destroyed a single barn on a turkey farm in Richlands, North Carolina, killed 6,600 animals. The owners think that the electricity in the old building started the fire, which swept through the entire barn, burning to death every bird crammed inside it. The owners dug a mass grave for the bodies and intend to continue their turkey-farming business.

These birds died in a horrific way, but the future they faced wasn’t much better. On turkey farms, thousands of birds are packed into dark, filthy sheds. Portions of their toes and beaks are cut off without any painkillers. They are genetically bred to grow as fast as possible, and many become crippled under their own weight. Turkeys are allowed to live just five or six months before they are shackled, have their throats cut, and are sometimes scalded alive in defeathering tanks—all to become a sandwich or centerpiece.

Don’t let turkeys suffer and die for your next meal. Send for your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit today and enjoy the many benefits of a healthy and kind life.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Brad says:

    Imagine how you would feel if you were trapped in a burning building! Animals are God’s children, too! They have feelings and spirits just like us!!!!!

  • Maria says:

    Those who con not handle properly animals, should not raise them! As simple as that. There should be some regulations and authorities responsible for their implementation for the welfare of animals

  • Their Voice says:

    Reading this is bad enough but i have seen video of this treatment. Utterly sickening! I became a vegetarian because of this. I refuse to support this industry. Just imagine being there and hearing them screaming as they are being burned. Remember Jesus freed the caged animals in the temple.

  • Shar F. says:

    Last summer I came out of an office in a small town to cross the street at a traffic light. A truck load of live turkeys was stopped at the light. The smell was undescribable! The experience literally scared the s— out of them. I looked up at the terrified looks on the turkeys in small cages–how awful. Will never eat another morsel of turkey meat.

  • ashalaylay says:

    atleast they wont be eatn!

  • lisa says:

    The owners ralk about about the money they have lost also the bews reports make an issue of the money the owners hvae have lost, nothing about the animals or how they suffered, totaly disgusting

  • Brianne says:

    That is terrible! I had no idea!

  • Lenir Angélica says:

    Que horror, triste demais, se a maioria das pessoas tivessem consciência de tamanho sofrimento, a maioria abandonaria o ato de devorar esses inocentes e todos os demais, cuja agonia é em todos os casos monstruosa nas garras daqueles que somente visam o dinheiro pouco ligando para a tortura a que subjugam os seus irmãos.

  • ocean17 says:

    no words, i am speechless right now. i will say a prayer for these poor abused mistreated animals tonight.

  • Arusa says:

    Terrible! I wish some one or even me could have saved them!

  • Milena says:

    Horrible!!! They died in such a painful way!! =(((

  • ezunigajr says:

    How can inhumanities such as this continue? These people just committed an atrocius act, unintentionally, but non the less, horrible. These animals were born in this barn, where they were over fed, lived unhappy/unhealthy lives, and died in one of the most painful and slowest ways possible. These owners should be put over a fire or scalded in boiling water. One second for every turkey they have raised and killed, then lets see if they would keep on with this “Family” business. PS) And I bet my left arm someone said, “Thank God no one was hurt.” God never told Adam that the animals were his to torture or sell.

  • Hannah says:

    Those poor babes, what an awful way to go! At least they will no longer have to suffer at that farm though.

  • swetha says:

    no words…!! horrifying incident..

  • Stephanie Thigpin says:

    This is just horrific……….. :/

  • Minttu says:

    Horrible! These ppl are sick! Dont eat meat

  • Teresa Echeverría says:

    Pensemos que estas “acciones” son lo que va a nuestro plato: Cancer, tumores…etc.