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Victory! El Al Will Not Ship Monkeys to Labs

Written by PETA | June 18, 2012

UPDATE: After PETA asked supporters to contact El Al Airlines and urge the company to cancel this shipment, the airline received more than 10,000 e-mails and posts on its Facebook wall. El Al has now announced that it will not transport these 40 monkeys. Furthermore, El Al has confirmed that it will never again transport any primates for use in experimentation!

Last week, the High Court of Israel ruled that the Mazor breeding farm, which is associated with the notorious primate breeder Bioculture, cannot export 50 monkeys to a U.S. laboratory because they were captured in the wild. Because the majority of Mazor’s monkeys are wild-caught, this means it’s unlikely that Mazor will be able to sell these animals to laboratories.  

Unfortunately, the court is allowing Mazor to export 40 other monkeys who were born in captivity. In a shocking betrayal, El Al Airlines is slated to ship the monkeys despite the company’s earlier promise that it would not transport primates to laboratories.

A Cruel Fate

If this shipment isn’t stopped—reportedly, these monkeys are scheduled to be shipped soon on an El Al Airlines international flight—these 40 monkeys will go to Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL), where they will be used in cruel and almost certainly fatal experiments.

SNBL is the vile facility in Washington state that PETA exposed with photographs and video footage released to us by a whistleblower. You may also recall that a monkey was sent through a cage washer and scalded to death at SNBL and that this facility has a long track record of violating federal animal welfare laws.

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  • kim so hyung says:


  • namyeekang says:

    Stop piease

  • dostana says:

    why isnt the TAKE ACTION link working?

  • cynthia buynak says:

    these experiments are cruel… what good results have come out of these/……stop please

  • MONICA says:

    Pls stop!!!!

  • Kim Garam says:


  • Anne-marie Neckebroeck says:

    Please cancel your involvement with this and any other shipments of primates to laboratories, as many other airlines have already done. It is inhuman!!!!

  • KBaby118 says:

    This is disgusting. These are intelligent beings with feelings and experimenting on them is beyond ridiculous. Humanity is doomed if this is how we treat our creatures.

  • nelli mazinova says:

    Do experiments on people or on yourself, then you know how it feels !

  • Irasema says:

    No a los experimentos con animales

  • ilonka Poidomani says:

    STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lizeth Arevalo says:

    it´s a sad situation that people can’t see behind their comfot): and think what can we do for the innocents

  • Libby says:

    This is so sad. Why can’t people understand that we are supposed to protect defenseless creatures not torture and kill them.

  • Joy says:

    Please, please, please question why you would do such an act? You may think that money and greed make the world go round but compassion and respect of all living creatures will have to take priority for any of us to survive. Don’t think short term.

  • MEEAGAN says:

    Don’t abuse monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stuart says:

    please stop your involvement with this kind of inhumane treatment of animals,your participation in this does nothing to enhance your reputation around the world,in fact it stains it and shames it ..i for one will never use your airline whilst you are involved with treating animals in this way and will make it my business to bad mouth your company to anyone and everyone that will listen…shame on you

  • pzylla says:

    stop the shipments and experiments of this poor creatures!!! they are animals and have fealing like all of us! please stop it!!!

  • rschmid says:

    please stop these cruelties right now! stop it!!!!

  • Bschmid says:

    please stop this inhuman behaviour concerning the animals. please stop it!!!!

  • e schmid says:


  • Therese Andersson says:

    Look into these eyes, they have lost all hope, please STOP!! This is so cruel……….

  • Helen Panayiotou says:

    Stop this shipment. This is cruel and evil

  • anna says:

    STOP animal experimentations

  • j.park says:

    please dont do that

  • Joan O'Neill says:

    Stop this shipment! Save the monkeys from a certain hurtful death

  • Jeanine says:

    Any and all animals are naturally helpless and depend on either their own instincts to survive on this “habitable” planet for however how long we allow it to be habitable, and then they depend on humans to treat them with understanding of their nature and respect. They are live creatures created by GOD. Stop the abuse. Remember the saying, “what goes around, comes around?” It is true. We all pay for our mistakes. There are consequences for everything we do, good or bad. Be mindful of this. Stop mas production of all animals for abusive purposes and stop the tranportation or importing of them to face cruel fates totally undeserving of it all. I thank you.

  • renee wines says:

    stop using & killing monkeys in labs…

  • Luisa De Vignani says:


  • Jihyun Ko says:

    Please stop it for MONKEYS…

  • dsPark says:

    Don’the do that !!

  • Christine says:

    PLEASE don’t send these poor creatures to a fate worse than death. Keep to your earlier promise and refuse to transport primates that will be abused in labs anywhere in the world.

  • Angel Ko says:

    Please stop such an inhumane act.

  • Angel Ko says:

    Please, stopping taking part of inhumane acts such as shipments of primatesw to lab.

  • kim sung min says:

    Please don,t do that !!!!!!!!!!

  • Ji-Wook Yang says:

    Why animal sacrifice should they also like us with life is a living entity, why human beings to their test subjects to be too harsh do not think Buddhism in a monk said to the frog killed more But tortured me Told me that one day feel like a frog position for experimental animals abused for the day of judgment will come to you, please, please stop here to give

  • RH. Kim says:

    STOP THE Murder!!!!!! Please, Save monkeys…

  • flavia bussi says:

    PLEASE STOP KILLING MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • R. Humphreys says:

    I politely urge you to cancel your shipment of primates to labs, as many airlines have done already. These primates are destined to a life of suffering and are already restricted from exercising their natural tendencies. Animals are not somehow ours to use as we wish.

  • Kim chae hyun says:


  • Yitka Sima says:

    The suffering of these animals MATTERS – it is entirely unacceptable to contribute to these inhumane practices

  • Nicole BONNEMAIN says:

    Stell “DIR” vor, du wärst einer dieser Primaten und ich würde etwas unternehmen, um DIR zu helfen! Ich liebe alle Tiere über alles, für mich ist es schlimm, was auf dieser Welt geschieht. Hilf “DU” den Primaten, dann hilfst “DU” mir auch. Danke, auch dass Sie sich Zeit genommen haben, meine Bemerkung zu lesen.



  • Karin Hannah says:

    Please, take no further part in supplying these inhumane laboratories with more victims. Those laboratories who refuse to follow a higher and more modern standard of experimentation where the use of animals has shown to be extremely inconclusive and superfluous. Those companies refuse to raise their standards because it is cheaper to use innocent animals,the bottom line being more important to them than the suffering of our fellow creatures. So again please help companies such as this no further. Please.

  • kate says:

    How would u like it if I keep u locked up and treated you like u were nothing, hurt nd abuse you at every chance I had. You wouldnt , would you. Have a heart what your doing is so far beyond wrong. Grow some balls and start doing what’s right for a change

  • Dana Mihalko says:

    Please do all that you can to cancel your involvement with this and any other shipmets of primates to labs. Follow in the footsteps of many other airlines, sharing in their good reputation. Do what you know is right and make a good choice: choose not to torture animals. Thank you.

  • park jung hee says:


  • Jessica says:

    This needs to end now!! Why give promises if you can’t keep them, what you are doing is so inhumane!!

  • Miranda says:

    Please cancel your involvement with all shipments of primates to laboratories as many other airlines have already done so. This is inhumane and needs to end now.

  • Helga Oliveira says: