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4-5-6 … The ‘No More Glue Traps’ List

Written by PETA | June 26, 2009

I bet it made your Monday to read how one determined woman helped countless small animals by convincing Gelson’s to pull glue traps from its stores’ shelves. (Really, how dang adorable is the mouse in that post? I could stare at her all day.)

Let us make your Friday too. Check out this year’s ever-growing list of companies, businesses, and agencies that have pledged to not use gruesome glue traps ever again, all because of the hard work of PETA and our supporters:



  • Notables at the Party Store: Lexington, Kentucky
  • AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) software company: Austin, Texas
  • Central Technical School: Toronto, Ontario
  • Manhattan building owners Richard and Hilde Basch: New York City
  • USPS facility: Baltimore, Maryland
  • JPMorgan Chase banks
  • American Eagle Outfitters stores
  • Virginia Beach School District: Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Knox County School District: Knox County, Tennessee
  • Carroll County School District: Carroll County, Maryland
  • Princeton School District: Princeton County, New Jersey
  • Fashion Institute of Technology: New York City
  • Lanterman Developmental Center: Costa Mesa, Orange County, California
  • Ireland’s Four Provinces Restaurant: Falls Church, Fairfax County, Virginia
  • Local restaurant: Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Florida
  • Lowe’s: West Jordon, Salt Lake County, Utah (This store stopped using glue traps to catch birds—now if only the chain would stopping selling the traps as well.)
  • Circle Center Mall: Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana (birds)
  • United States Postal Service: Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky (birds)

And we’re waiting for the final word from the following:

  • Costco: Gaithersburg, Maryland
  • L.A. Unified School District: Los Angeles County, California

I’m sure there are many more establishments that we haven’t heard about. Make PETA Files readers’ week by leaving a comment below about any businesses you know that have sworn off glue traps.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Emma says:

    Well done in getting rid of glue traps. I had not heard of these until tonight. I also learned tonight that GIN TRAPS are now illegal, in the UK at least, thankfully. However I have heard that BREAK-BACK traps, LEG-HOLD traps and other SPRING TRAPS are not yet banned for use on mice & rats (only protected species). I think these sound incredibly gruesome and painful/cruel after I overheard a conversation in my local pub – someone trapped a mouse in a spring trap, which BROKE IT’s BACK (it was doubled-up apparently – and for how long is anyone’s guess) and then he said he WATCHED while the mouse stared up at him, and then threw it over his garden wall – still alive. What a horrid death! I was so upset at hearing this..surely all mouse/rat traps should be BANNED..except for the humane box traps that catch the rodent alive and allow people to set them free afterwards?

  • Nichole says:

    I went to Target to find some mice repellent as it was my fault for making it such an appealing bed and breakfast I was so upset to see they sell them my Dad told me that when he was young he used them in his apartment and the agony in the noises the mouse made while stuck to the glue haunt him. How anyone including my dad could look at that and just not think about what they were about to put an animal through boggles my mind. Thank you for getting these off the shelves!

  • Victoria Young says:

    I just want to say “THANX!” and to let everyone know that since my previous post 10 days ago….PETA contacted Deleware North Corp. in Sequoia National Park and were successful in convincing the end of using glue traps here! I am soooo happy! Thanx PETA!!!

  • Victoria Young says:

    I work in Sequoia National Park for Deleware North Corporationconcessionaires and althoI do understand that we shouldn’t allow mice in the stores etc….I absolutly DESPISE the Trapper glue traps they use here!! I am very sensitive to suffering and I can not stand to walk into work and find crying halfdead with their insides tore out from struggling to escape mice!or chipminks or any animal! I have thrown the traps away and protested against them…I just can not comprehend how anyone can not realize how frickin inhumane those traps are! And especially in my case…hello people you’re in the middle of a national park where you’ve come to experience nature….so what if you see some mice! It is their habitat we have invaded in the first place! Anyway….I desire any positive advice on how to go about eradicating such inhumane practices here!

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    Alex We’ve never heard of them before now. Thanks for the info.

  • Alex says:

    Canadian Tire sells glue traps. Does PETA know about them?

  • ellie says:

    Glue Traps seriously? We can put a man on the moon but we can’t find a humane way of keeping mice and rats out of stores?!?! STAND UP AND TAKE ACTION TO THE PROBLEM EVERYONE! You may think that they’re just miceyeah but still living and it’s still wrong!

  • muay thai says:

    Whats the best way to get a hold of stores to complain about this. I’m definitely going to take action against this ASAP.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    While I can’t add any more companies that have ended the use of glue traps I can add one that needs to Family Dollar. I entered the one of the Santa Ana locations last week to see glue traps all over the floor in plain sight of the customers. And if that was not bad enough there was no air conditioning and the place was enveloped with the smell of insecticide. My husband and I could not stand it we walked right out. We would have complained but none of the employees spoke English and I don’t think they were in a position to do much about the conditions anyway. Needless to say my husband and I will not be back.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Glue traps are hellish concoctions.

  • Barb Struss says:

    Home Depot sells glue traps intended for mice where I live in Albany NY!!! I can’t believe they still endorse these gruesome products!!! I hope they stop stocking glue traps soon and add their name to the “good” list you have created. Keep up your hard work PETA.