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What Would You Do With $4,800?

Written by PETA | December 23, 2010

Let’s play a game. You were just given an envelope which contains exactly $4,800. You have 30 seconds to decide how to spend that money. The catch is, you have to choose from the four options below:

  1. Save the lives of 480 impoverished individuals in Africa by providing essential malaria vaccinations
  2. Alter 96 dogs through lifesaving spay and neuter surgeries, which will prevent 107,200 unwanted puppies form ever being born, abused, or euthanized
  3. Provide a hearty serving of beans, rice, and bread to 19,200 homeless people, giving them the sustenance and nutrients that they need to survive for the day
  4. Purchase one Donna Karan fur coat, which may have come to be by cramming rabbits into tiny cages and killing them via anal electrocution.

Time’s up. So what will it be?

Written by Ashley Palmer

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