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22 Charges Filed Based on PETA Investigation at Hormel Supplier

Written by PETA | October 22, 2008

It’s with a proud and ecstatic heart that I report this news today! Our investigation into an Iowa pig farm that breeds piglets destined for Hormel has resulted in 22—that’s right, count them—22 criminal charges.

The Greene County Sheriff just announced in a news release that six individuals employed by the farm at the time of PETA’s investigation now face a total of 22 counts of livestock neglect and abuse. Those charged include a former farm manager—who we understand still works on another pig factory farm—and a supervisor, as well as two individuals who still punch the clock at the Iowa factory farm as we speak.

A whopping 14 of the counts are aggravated misdemeanors—the stiffest possible charges under Iowa state law for crimes committed against farmed animals—carrying up to two years behind bars. To PETA’s knowledge, this is unprecedented.

Charges based on PETA’s undercover investigations are now pending against pig factory farmers in both Iowa—the nation’s top pig-raising state—and North Carolina, which occupies the second rung on that dubious list!

This is a small victory for farmed animals, but we mustn’t forget that Hormel, which financially supports this farm, has by all appearances yet to make any changes as a result of this investigation. It has refused to meet with us or even watch all of the footage, which we have repeatedly offered to show the company. Maybe now that the law has spoken up, Hormel will finally listen.

Please, urge Hormel to take action now.

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Cindy O'Dea says:

    Dear Peta, I am so incredibly grateful for you all, your organization…. I am now vegan thanks to you. I am going to donate monthly. I sure wish I could donate time to you guys and make a difference. When I retire, that is my goal. I lose sleep many nights about this. i do not understand any human being that does this? It’s as if they aren’t human. Makes me question how a loving God could let this happen. These poor sweet animals. I think Molly needs to understand that even if many of the people there weren’t involved, they still have blood on their hands. Money and greed are of course behind all this factory farming. So even if decent people work there, they are enabling this to continue. Thanks again for all you do. You are truly angels. Cindy

  • April says:

    I am sickened . I can honestly say I hope the very worst to those people.

  • Carly says:

    what people do to animals digusts me and we should be the ones to kill and slaughter those people who do that to animals. i say WHOEVER KILLS AND SLAUGHTERS ANIMALS FOR STUPID REASONS SHOULD BE KILLED AND SLAUGHTERED THEMSELVES!!!!!!!

  • Nikki C. says:

    I hope everyone involved gets sent to prison and everything that they did to those pigs happens to them over and over again til they stop moving. Maybe then those workers will think twice about how they treat animals.

  • rae says:

    This dipicable act on theses poor hogs are just the tip of the ice berg. Some of thes employees have small children and girlfriens and it hasn’t stopped at the hog farm. Thiey will come full circle.

  • Catherine Anton says:

    I am 85 nowI have spent my whole life rescuing everyone in animal kingdom . I am femalesometimes people think all is in vainit is not.I belong to every animal organizationand nature org.I founded Citizen’s For Animal Protection.I count in the thousands creatures both wild and domestic I have saved.I join you in your crusade.Never stop never give up never dispair!PETA is wonderful!an old crusader

  • wendy shaw says:

    Animals are not here to be EATENTO WEARTO EXPERIMENT ONFOR OUR ENTERTAINMENTOR TRANSPORT.. They DESERVE OUR RESPECT When people learn what the word compassion really means this will be a far greater world to live in currently I have been overwhelmed by such gross acts of suffering I truly wonder about people. I am VEGAN because I love animals. Would you eat a cat? why is it so much different to eating a pigsheepcowchicken they all crave lovetouch and a kind word they all have instinctual family units they all love their offspring and naturally come to their defence when they are in danger. We are not built internally to eat meat we don’t have canines and we are certainly not designed to consume milk from another species.The reason for cancer! it’s the only way the animals can pay the human race back.. Heart attackshigh cholesterol just like smokingstroke alcoholliver disease.KARMA IT”S WONDERFULGO VEGAN you can’t save the world but you can personally save 100 LIVES PER YEAR think about that Think about them. They are being bred and treated like this for YOU as long as you consume FLESH you contribute to their suffering.Their is no nice way to breed animals to ultimately KILL them anyway they may as well not be born at all.And think about these bastards that work in these hell holes you will never have a sane person working in any of these facilitiesthey have to have a screw loose to start with to do the job if thats what it can be called a licence to kill more like what next serial killer?? GO VEGAN I FEEL FANTASTIC and I have a clear conscience my home is cruelty free BE THEIR VOICE PEACE IF YOUR NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION YOUR PART OF THE PROBLEM

  • Jasmine Chen says:

    this is amazing peta rock!!!

  • keith says:

    Guilt by association ” Molly.” Remember it !!

  • Molly says:

    I do not believe you guys truly know what was going on in that hog unit. You cannot prosecute people who were not a part of it. You have ruined many lives of the people who were not a part of the abuse.

  • brittany says:

    praise the lord!

  • Nicole says:

    I wish those Mother and anybody that does something like this the worst most horrible most painful slow without dignity death!

  • John says:

    Whether you eat meat or not I myself am not a vegetarian we must understand that farm animals give the ultimate sacrfice their lives for our benefits. Farm animals MUST be treated with the respect and care they deserve!

  • Marcus Sam Donutboy says:

    good job people i apploud you

  • Christina Smith says:

    I watched your progam today… I will never eat meat again… I was wondering what you think of stem cell meat?? I read an article in a union news letter that we received at work a grocery store saying that with the production of stem cell meat cattle can be eliminated off the planet saving us from green house gasses that they produce… this idea horrified me…

  • eduardo tuyu barrera says:

    los felicito su causa es noble e importante gracias a todo esto son mejores personas a todos lo que s eprecupas por lo demas son animales al que nosotros no? felicidades me llamo eduardo y mis 14 aos lo logro comprender no creo que ea dificil a esas personas de mas de 20 aos comprenderlo

  • Gwenda says:


  • Rebecca says:

    What the hell is happening to the human race?Last time a pig was a LIVING CREATURE.First you kick the pigshock the pigcurse the pigand than you go home and eat a big fat roasted pig for dinner just to fill your FAT belly. I hope in your next life you become a pig on a dining table woth an apple in your mouth on Christmas Eve!!!!!!!

  • Paul says:

    While I am not a proponent of violence amongst people after not only wathcing this video but listenening to the comments I would love to get into a caged environment such as the tight quartes these poor animals are kept in with a few of my animal loving friends and give these monsters a taste of their own medicine AN EYE FOR AN EYE I say !

  • Lisa says:

    This is wonderful wonderful news!! I have prayed and done all that I can to help and finally we have a victory. Criminal prosecution for these horrible people if you want to call them that are finally going to be punished for their horrific acts. I am working on a free meat diet I will try harder for the sweet animals of the world. Thank you God.

  • adriana says:

    I called Hormel and they informed me it was none of there employess I said i know its your suppliers .. They told me they condone that time of behavior and I said you should sever all relationships with these disgusting people….

  • José Carlos de Sou says:

    No legal eles sofrem muito.

  • vincenzo says:

    Those wretches who torture animals should be send away from all the countries of the world. Coward!

  • Marcos Filizola (Amazonas-Brasil) says:

    Recebi um email falando sobre o trabalho de vcs e me comovi com a crueldade praticada contra os animais.Espero que mais pessoas se juntem a vcs e se sensibilizem com a causapois s assim teremos um mundo mais humano e sem sofrimento para os animais.

  • Sarah says:

    This news has truely blessed my day. I feel such self relief when i hear that we are one step closer to stopping the cruel things being done to innocent animals. This has made me in such a better mood today thank you peta