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1-2-3 … Mice Go Free!

Written by PETA | June 22, 2009
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That’s the number of glue traps—123—that have now been removed from the shelves of Gelson’s Supermarkets in Southern California thanks to PETA member Renee Papadapolous.

Renee’s letter to Gelson’s—in which she described how mice and other animals suffer hemorrhaging, shock, and other horrors when stuck in “pans of pain“—earned a speedy reply from the chain. She admits, “I was actually surprised at the quick, positive, and friendly response ….”

Friendly indeed! Gelson’s immediately assured Renee that it would stop selling glue traps as soon as its current stock ran out. Thankful that Gelson’s was taking such swift action, Renee still thought that something more could be done, so she offered to buy the chain’s remaining stock of 123 glue traps. The entire stock was shipped to her, and she destroyed them.

Renee’s refusal to rest until rodents were spared has earned her our “Compassionate Action Award”—it’s also a reminder that one person really can make a difference for animals by taking action. Now are you ready? One … two … three … go!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Bob says:

    By the way Lori Ryan the cross is a symbol of the death of Jesus Christ for mankind because of sin in their lives not a symbol for feeling bad for a dead animal.It doesn’t sound like the God you know is the God of the Bible. Sorry.

  • Lori Ryan says:

    Wish I had known about the cooking oil. Went to a freind’s mother’s house years ago and she had a mouse caught in a glue trap that she told one of her sons to throw in the trash. I stopped him and took the poor tiny little thing outside and tried to unstick his little feet from the glue….I finally did although bits of it were still stuck to his feet. Before I could put him on the ground though he died right there i my hand….of fright I think. I remember walking home crying with a horrible knowlege of just how cruel life and people can be. To the person who is offended by the cross on a mouses grave… hope is that God has compassion even for the tiniest of His creatures……The God I know wouldn’t be offended by that cross at all…it was a symbol of respect and caring for a tiny animal who died an undeserved death of pain fear and suffering….but that’s just my feeling. The woman who stood up to the store is a reallife hero in my eyes. Lori

  • bob says:

    The mouse traps I found that work the best are the ones that are spring loaded and snap the neck of the rodent killing it quickly in most casesdiscard the pest into a trash can then reset trap to catch another one.

  • Tina Max says:

    I received a catalogue from Get Organized. They were selling humane mouse traps the mouse enters a little house and can then be taken outside and released. However I was taken back by the catalogue picture of the mouse trap. It illustrated the home owner using the trap to dispose of the alive mice into a trash can. Then what would be the purpose of a humane trap? So I contacted cusomer service and the rep explained they take customer complaints very seriously. Well after I lodged my complaint with them I never saw another picture of the mouse trap in their catlaogue. It might be just a coincidence but the bottom line is I never saw it again advertised. I think Walmart should be the next project.

  • Crista says:

    I remember seeing a package of a glue trap and it stated to just throw the “catch” and the glue trap itself away in the garbage. How could anyone with a heart throw away a living little thing into the garbage! I can imagine how anything might feel being stuck and not being able to be freed. Then this gigantic human comes to only to hurt you.

  • SB says:

    I found a mouse in a glue trap at a relative’s house once. What I did was gently pull the mouse away from the pan not too much it could cause serious damage and use manicure scissors to snip away the glue. Once the mouse was off the pan I kept trimming the glue off bit by bit. The mouse had been on the trap for about five hours so he was too exhausted at this point to give any resistance. Once most of the glue was off I removed the rest with oil brushing with an old toothbrush. The whole process took about an hour. It worked and she was completely recovered and released the next day.

  • Caroline Mattson says:

    A friend of mine fell for the claims on the Glue Trap label and she ended up with a mouse stuck to her first trap. The mouse cried nonstop. The trap instructions never even mentioned using oil to unstick the rodents it said the user HAD to kill the mice because releasing them was impossible. When I showed her the factoid about the oil she got really upset at the company that manufactured the traps. I was upset at the company too.

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    Jagger PETA often buys stock in companies or gets stock donated see httpwww.peta.orgjnewstockdon.asp by our members so that we can lead shareholder initiatives but unfortunately we’d never be able to buy up all of a company’s stock. We are a nonprofit after all!

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    JA The best traps are definitely catchandrelease ones. We’ll respond to your WalMart comment via email shortly.

  • Jagger says:

    Since Peta has a lot of money they should make a pact with this company and buy all of their stock too then have them replace them making regular mousetraps from now on.

  • JA says:

    Hey guys WalMart the largest chain in in the world sells these horrible glue traps! Supposedly they “can kill instantly” but how is that possible when the animal has to starve to death in order to be killed? Granted if an anorexic mouse got stuck it would pretty much die instantly. This is not very likely. I think we should petition WalMart to stop selling these things! Are spring loaded traps just as bad? I heard they cause a lot of pain and the best trap is catch and release?

  • bob says:

    I will ask again. Why did Carla put a cross over the grave of a dead mouse?

  • odibu says:

    I bought glue traps because I thought they were humane. The trap instructions said you could use cooking oil to release the mouse from the glue. It was horrifying and I’m sure the mouse felt the same way. I released him anyway but I doubt it was the best approach and I no longer use them or buy them.

  • Amanda Goodwin says:

    What about getting rid of mice poisoning? That stuff is horrible and it takes like four days after being ingested to take effect and than it basically makes the mouse die from internal bleeding. Which can take several days. I think we should be working on getting THAT off are shelves. but either way both are pretty horrible.

  • Cat Von D says:

    If I’m ever in a restaurant retail store anything and I see one of those glue traps I smash it up and toss it in the garbage. On my way out I make sure to tell the management why I won’t be returning to their establishment any time soon. PETA’s done a great job of reducing the supply of glue traps now it’s up to us to reduce the demand!

  • HC says:

    This is good news. Glue traps are not humane or ethical. I am no savior of mice but even I agree the ban of glue traps is logical. It is more humane to use a mouse trap that instantly kills the mouse rather then have it forcibly glued to a piece of cardboard for hours on end. Usually the mouse will either rip its furskin trying to get free or some even begin to chew their own limbs so they can get free. Either get a an instant death trap or a more humane but way less successful motion trap which keeps the animal inside but alive so you can release it later.

  • JNelson says:

    I can’t believe someone had the courage and moxy to reach out to Gelson’s Market like this. Renee could have easily just passed the traps by on her way through the store like the rest of us. And then if that wasn’t enough she decided to clean out the stock and buy the traps herself. We need more courageous people like Renee. Renee is a hero and an inspiration. Pass on the good word.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Animal experimenters tell us that must torture mice in research labs because they are so much like us. Then why do we have leagal glue traps that barbarically and agonizingly kill mice that are so much like us. Leave the mice alone and experiment on human tissue.

  • bob says:

    I’m confused Why would you put a cross over the grave of a mouse?

  • carla says:

    Roxanne It is not just the US Government. It’s every government. Look at China Japan Canada and so many more. Don’t just bad mouth the United States!

  • Carla says:

    Thanks Renee and Peta! I worked at my friends Italian Deli last year I came in one morning and one of the cooks had put a glue trap out the previous night. My friend told me to go into the back and see the little mouse that had been trapped on this glue trap. I was soooo horrifed. I tried to help the little guy but there was no way I could. We burried him and put a cross over it. I came back in and cryed my eyes out. I told the cook NEVER EVER buy those damn glue traps again. They are discusting! I wished I could have helped this little mouse … but as anyone knows .. it is impossible. Thanks again Peta for being the voice for even the littlest creatures x

  • roxanne says:

    US govt is evil and tortures animals and people.