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10-Year-Old Takes McDonald’s Execs to Task

Written by PETA | May 20, 2011

Most kids get butterflies in their stomachs when they have to read a book report aloud in class. This week, bright elementary student Rose McCoy spoke before hundreds of McDonald’s investors and executives at the company’s annual meeting. Armed with 20,000 of the nearly 125,000 signatures that PETA collected from young consumers, our superstar volunteer brilliantly made our shareholder resolution stand out in the room full of suits. She asked the fast-food behemoth to require its suppliers to switch to a less cruel method of slaughtering chickens.

Controlled atmosphere killing,” already in use by McDonald’s European suppliers, prevents birds from having their throats cut while they are conscious and from being scalded to death in defeathering tanks. Rose, a lifelong vegan, told the shareholders, “Kids like me love animals, and we don’t want to see them suffer anymore for McNuggets. If McDonalds can spend a billion dollars to make its restaurants look pretty, then can’t it make this simple change?”

Please join Rose in asking McDonald’s to stop the worst abuses of chickens in its suppliers’ slaughterhouses.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Some people just don't get it. says:

    To partially respond to Richo’s comments; by PETA going after big names, like McDonalds and Colonel Sanders, who use a lot of chicken, it brings much attention to the problem. And as far as you resenting PETA getting “free advertizing,” well they are a non-profit organization which also spends a lot of money on advertising and helping animals; and it’s not exactly “free advertising,” because the issues are “news worthy!” I am a fairly new contributing member to PETA, and I have also chosen to be a vegetarian, which I have been for a couple of months now…saving 100 animals a year. Multiply that by all the vegetarians and vegans in the world and that amounts to the prevention of animals put through tortures pain, agony, missery and fear. I am also on my way to being a vegan, substituting dairy products for non-dairy, in order to prevent the horrible conditions and misserable lives cows and chickens have to endure on factory farms. I’m drinking soy milk, eating only free range eggs, and I’m looking for a cheese substitute, and just about to give up ice cream…love those blizzards from Tastee Freeze! I wish I had done this years ago; I’m almost 62; but if I live to be 92, that’s 3000 animals I can save from being cruely slaughtered for food. And through PETA, the American and local Humane Societies, the ASPCA, and other national and local animal welfare groups, I am making a small difference, which put together with others’ donations, make a big differenc in rescuing all sorts of animals from neglect and abuse, and preventing horrific treatment of animals being slaughtered for food. I care about people, too; giving to Compassion International for two children, St. Jude Children’s Hospital for children with cancer where no child is turned away because of the inability to pay. And last, but not least, to my church to help meet the spiritual needs of the members and the community. Please donate to PETA and/or other charities…it all adds up. God bless you one and all. Linda…. Roswell, NM

  • compassionate christine says:

    COMPASSION is never the wrong answer.

  • Crw says:

    It’s because of kids like her, that we DO have a future.

  • Richo says:

    One has to catch the suppliers or chicken farmers for supplying cruelly killed chicken…..why blame McDonalds….just because its a brand….these very suppliers supply to all over US and other parts of world…….then peta should go after the suppliers that run after famous brands for publicity…..please come to India….every roadside chicken shop kills the chicken the same way like McDonalds suppliers….please take somme action on them…come to kerala….gods own country….fish and beef is staple food….wht action will you take….I knw you will not take any action as no major brands are involved as suppliers n peta getting free publicity.

  • Astrid Murrison says:


  • JohnLennonGirl97 says:

    Thank you for standing up! Power to the Kid! 😀 Peace and Love!

  • Penny UK says:

    McDonalds cannot allow this to happen anymore, it must be stopped immediately by them.

  • evetmp says:

    thank you Rose for speaking up for the chickens, you put it so beautifully, let’s hope that they listened to what you said and then DO what you said!

  • aussie_gal_kirstin says:

    that kid is amazing!!!

  • Roxanne says:

    What a remarkable little girl. If only more children were like her, then perhaps we will have a future.

  • Abby says:

    What a good story! I wish more kids were like this girl!

  • Emily says:

    You’re amazing Rose, and I agree with you on all of it. Why can’t McDonalds change something so simple for the animals they use.

  • Bree says:

    I felt sick seeing that girl wearing that shirt! She clearly has no clue what organization she is supporting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for animal rights and fair treatment for animals so I turn to the ASPCA because PETA may want to help animals but they do it in all the wrong ways. Sorry for my rant but I had to get that off my chest.

  • Rachel says:

    This gives me hope 4 the future. I never would have had the courage to do something like that when I was a kid; I probably wouldn’t have the courage today. Good on you Rose. 🙂

  • Jess says:

    What an awesome, bold, courageous, empowered kid! Go Rose!

  • megustalosanimales says:

    Rose is an inspiration to us all… how many 10-year-olds have the courage to do that? Go Rose, on go far!

  • shaun says:

    So many people are very proud of you Rose and I have a feeling you will accomplish a lot of important things in your life to save animals from suffering. You are a super bright star in the sky!

  • Jewelz says:

    I have been turned off if mc Donalds food for a while now because I know the truth about how the animals at handled. Time for serious change, and only u guys have the power to do it !

  • RoryReloaded says:

    Could you stop brainwashing the little kids?

  • Valerie says:

    This young Peta member should be proud of the work she has put into this issue – already a great activist!

  • Apache Troll says:

    Doesn’t surprise me that peta would resort to having a poster child to promote their message.

  • kathy says:

    Great job Rose McCoy!

  • Aneliese says:

    You’re awesome Rose!!!

  • MA Moo says:

    Power to the Kid! Thank YOU Rose!