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10 Best Meals in Norfolk, Va.

Written by PETA | December 24, 2007

I first put a version of this list together when a couple of my friends were moving away from Norfolk, Va. and it got me thinking about where I would eat my last meals in Norfolk if I were ever to move away (Don’t worry Ingrid, I never will!). So here’s a list of the 10 best meals Norfolk has to offer, voted on by a panel of me.

10. Machismo—Boca Burrito with all the veggies and vegan sour cream and vegan cheese. I think maybe machismo means “Home of the Monster Burrito” in Spanish.

9. Dragon City—Vegetable Dumplings as an appetizer followed by vegan General Tso’s Chicken. It’s Chinese fast food just as you want it—greasily delicious!

8. Taco Bell—Two Crunch Wraps with beans substituting beef, no nacho cheese, no sour cream, add guacamole. Taco Bell is wonderfully delicious (that’s right, I said it), but I’m including it on my list because the employees there are so nice. Who would’ve thought it’d be the Taco Bell employees who would be the nicest?

7. Yorgo’s Bageldashery—Chickette Sandwich on a Poppy Seed Bagel with a Toasted Sesame Seed Bagel with Vegan Cream Cheese. It shouldn’t be special to have vegan cream cheese at a bagel shop, but it is, so kudos to Yorgo’s.

6. Rajput—Vegetable Samosa as an appetizer (of course!) followed by some Palak Tofu as the main course. It’s always been a dream of mine to write a book of reviews of samosas. I essentially never pass up the opportunity to order one. The owners of Rajput are super friendly, I love the copper cups, and I really love the Palak Tofu.

5. Kotobuki—Veggie Sushi and some fake meat dish (hmm… lets go with the teriyaki ham). Something about funky table and being forced to take off my shoes really makes me like it there. Plus I love courses – and when you get a salad, sushi, and a main dish you’ll get plenty. And if you order enough sushi then it comes on a wooden boat (a boatload of sushi!)

4. Tap House—Chickette Sandwich. It’s not just the food that makes me love Tap House, though I do like the newish chickette sandwich and their fries are delicious. I also give the Tap House points because it’s nice that Neil knows what I drink—though I guess water isn’t the most difficult order to remember…Oh, and while eating there put in some of quarters in the wonderful indie rock filled juke box and play some pool.

3. Bangkok Garden—Spring Rolls for an appetizer; Garlic Tofu for the main course. This one kinda goes without saying. Garlic Tofu is just such a staple I always feel like I should order something different but I have so much trouble bringing myself to.

2. Amalfi—Veggie pizza with faux chicken and soy cheese; Vegan Cheesecake for dessert. It’s a little pricier than most of these other meals but amazingly delicious—’nuff said.

1. Bella’s Pizzeria—Soy cheese pizza Bianca-style, with olives and broccoli. The soy cheese novelty/wonderfulness makes Bella an easy choice as my favorite. It’s the one restaurant I really crave going to and conveniently it’s the restaurant closest to my home.There’s a lot more great food in Norfolk, these are just my favorite meals. If you’ve visited Norfolk or live here, post your favorite meals that the area has to offer. And if you’re on the fence about wanting to apply to work for PETA I hope this run down of some of the wonderful food in the area helps push you along the way. – Joel

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  • Laramie says:

    Thank you Joel for this great list of restaurants and their vegan options!!! You should be sure to share it with the local restaurant travel and Visit Virginia guides!!!

  • Michele says:

    Ana and Antigone1000 whew that’s a lot of alliteration! thank you very much for your kind words.

  • Ana says:

    Thanks Maya!!!!!

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Well said Michele. Clearly you know what you are talking about.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    WELL SAID Ana! Living a life that advocates for animals and promotes sustainable living has the net effect of helping those less fortunate and aiding social justice. One can get a PhD on the subject it’s a reality. Good Karma to you my dear!

  • Ana says:

    Lancelot your comments are greatly appreciated and make great sense. Nancy good response to “anonymous”. Loving animals is not synonymous with hating human animals. Michele as usual your comments are a bright spot on this blog. I greatly appreciate reading them! anonymous Please get a life and some sense. Your comments are ridiculous. If you are so concerned about South Africa I suggest you do something about it. Many animal advocates sacrifice in many different ways to help animalswith money and time. So follow our example and do the samemake the world a better place. The Peace Corps beckons you!!! Don’t waste time on here criticizing honest and good animal advocates. BTW I am vegan and that is my way of living lightly on this earth. Not too many animal advocates are worried about diamonds or lots of jewelry for that matter. When we have a little extra money rest assured it goes to some unfortunate needy creature. The cats I rescue need my money more than any jewelry store. Materialism is not a forte for many animal advocates. You have us confused with hip hop “singers” and pop starsget in touch with them. Start with M. Blige B. Spears Jay Z and P. Hilton for example.

  • Caboose says:

    Michele cool it. So by eating meat you don’t have to eat as much to get protein as from a puely plant based diet learn to mix it up people

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Lancelot has a great point and although almost all of the restaurants look stellar I was surprised to see Taco Bell on there. Of course individual animal abuse is an extremely serious issue deforestation sets off a chain of events that affects every living being on Earth and kills our planet. Well said Lancelot. I support the idea 100 percent.

  • Michele says:

    Stephanie maybe you would like to do some research on this site and others like before shooting your mouth off on a site for ANIMAL RIGHTS! The sheep DO get cut because the whole point is to get as much wool as fast as possible so the sheep farmers I’m talking about large operations here in general don’t take the time to “groom” the sheep the way you would see your dog being groomed at the vet. Meat is NOT necessary to eat for protein at all. Humans can get ALL of their protein from plantbased foods and in fact humans who have meat in their diet generally eat way too much protein anyway. Anyway Stephanie my dear you have a LOT to learn if you think that your personal belief system is going to make everybody say “wow I never thought of that…” The people you are talking to on this site have actually done the research and they are not just saying what they believe it’s the FACTS! If you are not actually interested in learning more then go away.

  • Sarah says:

    Sorry Joel I have lost all faith in you. First of all Bella’s is totally not number one. I think Kotobuki should be right there and taco bell taco bell should be totally deleted from this list. Why is Charlie’s MIA? Joel I think you’ve been on vacation too long.

  • Christi says:

    Haha I’ve been veggie for over two years and for the first time ever this christmas morning my dad made me “soyrizo” and “egg” How sweet is that!?!

  • K says:

    In response to Lancelot’s post.. I have been boycotting Taco Bell and I love Taco Bell because they are under the Yum! Brands Corp. Just doesn’t feel right if I did eat there.. so if or when KFC makes changes I’ll be there.

  • Stephanie says:

    ok i love some of the things that peta is doing but changing taco bell just so vegetarians will have something to eat is just retarded. the whole point of having a taco is to have the delicious juicy mouthwatering ground beef. just to let you know meat is good for us. it gives us the protien to keep us going. it also gives us energy and strength. and it will weaken your immune system if you dont eat it. and there is one thing that you ARE ALLOWED TO WEAR ‘CAUSE IT DOES NOT HURT THE ANIMALS and that would be wool. all they do is shave it off the sheep. they dont even touch their skin!!! and i know that you might not approve of this to be seen on the website but i think it should because i think that people should know that ya’ll are taking it too far!!!

  • Michele says:

    Anonymous why the hell do you have to wonder anything about the people on this site?? Don’t YOU wonder how any human being can be so vicious to an animal? Or maybe we should be wondering about you are you perhaps trying to assuage your own guilt by deflecting away from the issues at hand? Are you a vegetarian? Because if you are not then YOU are causing animals to be abused!

  • Caboose says:

    Lancelot be quiet. It’s their choice.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Hi Nancy! Wow it didn’t even occur to me to go there. We have a Trader Joe’s and a Whole Foods right next to each other the reason I don’t usually go there is the traffic is extremely bad in that area but at this point I’m willing to brave it if I can buy shade grown. I’ve been learning about deforestation of the rainforest in grad school and boy does it motivate! Thank you so much for the great advice! Have a safe and fun holiday!!

  • Le Petit Prince says:

    Anonymous are you an idiot?

  • Nancy says:

    I’m curious “Anonymous” what has led you to believe that ANYONE who isn’t a psychopath would “applaud the senseless killing of innocent humans…” for ANY reason. I mean that in all honesty. It is truly shocking to me that anyone would assume that animal rights advocates of all people would advocate harming humans or any other sentient being. Compassion is compassion… when you have it it’s awfully hard to keep it confined to one species group or individual. As for being without guilt none of us is. But we can certainly make conscious efforts to inflict less harm on this planetand ALL of its inhabitantsthan we already do… it can be as simple as refusing to buy diamonds or Yum! brand “foods” or countless other items on the market that are produced through exploitation and abuse of people animals and the environment. We may not be able to do EVERYthing that’s required to right the world’s wrongs but that shouldn’t stop us from doing SOMEthing. Every little bit helps… and should be encouraged.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why I deplore the abuse of animals I have to wonder how many of you socalled philanthropist applaud the senseless killing of innocent humans or the abuse of Black South African children who are still forced to work in the European and Israeli owned daimond mines! How many of you PETA supporters wear gold and daimond jewelry which is being illegally mined? So before you point fingers at KFC and other franchises ask yourself are you without guilt!!!

  • Nancy says:

    This list is a great idea. In factif PETA hasn’t done so alreadywhy not keep a running list of veganveggie dining recommendations and reviews for cities across the country and internationally? BTW Maya I don’t know if you have Trader Joe’s in Massachusetts but they sell shade grown and fair trade coffees… among other ridiculously tasty and affordable fare for vegans veggies and gourmands alike. And no I’m not a TJ’s employee just a diehard fan.

  • Lancelot says:

    Please do not buy from Taco Bell. None of us should buy fast food even if it is a bean burrito because it still supports the industry. That is really obvious and I am somewhat shocked to see Taco Bell here. Even if you are not buying meat you are lending support to an industry that is causing deforestation to the Amazon rainforest and hurting chances for species survival there. Brazil is the number one exporter of cattle in the world and Amazon land is cut down chiefly for cattle grazing. The US imports 7 of its cattlebeef from Brazil from Nat’l Geographic. The fast food industry plays the key role for spreading it all over the country. So please don’t buy veganvegetarian food at fast food places because it still lends economic support to an industry that causes animals’ habitats to be lost and species to decline. If we are truly for animal rights which includes their habitats we should never give a cent to Taco Hell or any other fast food place.

  • K says:

    Oh wow I wish I lived in Norfolk!

  • Abi says:

    Interesting…the Crunchwrap Supreme with bean subsituted is handsdown my favorite fast food meal but in Dixon California the Taco Bell employees are polite enough but rather dull. It usually takes 10 minutes to place your order and half the time it’s not right the first time. I’ve taken to ripping out a chunk first because so often they put some beef into my Crunchwrap.

  • Eric says:

    Isnt Taco Bell owned by Yum! Brand which also owns Pizza Hut and KFC?? I dont know about other people but I wouldnt want to eat at any of the three.

  • Aleasha says:

    There is Taco Bell in every city stupid! lol

  • Aran says:

    Taco Bell?? Owned by the KFC people!!

  • Caboose says:

    Merry Christmas for the nonvegan practical Caboose too?

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    I have many friends in Va and I’d love to see a list of humane health food stores as well SANS the selling of any poor lobsters!! since I tend to eat at home. Also who do I have to bribe to find some shadegrown coffee? Even here in ultra liberal Massachusetts it’s nonexistent!

  • Ana says:

    Merry Christmas to all vegan animal advocates!!!! Lots of delicious vegan food to celebrate Christmas!!

  • Tamara says:

    sorry pushed ‘post’ too soon.. Anyway if I could move my avian vet there and his staff I would apply to work for PETA in a heartbeat.. And yes my vet is that good…

  • Tamara says:

    Ok you have Taco Bell in Norfolk…sure I’ll move…rolling eyes