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Join PETA in Celebrating ‘Hug a Vegetarian’ Day!

September 24 is “Hug a Vegetarian” Day—a whole day dedicated to hugging those who love animals the most! Join a Meetup with friendly vegetarians at a location near you to get your first hugs in! You can join an existing Meetup or start your own. After breaking the ice with your Meetup group hugs, you’ll be warmed up and ready to spread the love all day!

It’s as easy as one, two, three!

  • Step 1: Click here to join a Hugging Meetup or start your own! 
  • Step 2: Print out one of our signs and bring it with you to the Meetup.
  • Step 3: Hug away and spread the word about vegetarianism with everyone you know by sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

And to reward your dedication and love for animals, the organizers of the 10 biggest Hugging Meetups will receive a free PETA tee, and each member in that Hugging Meetup will get PETA stickers.

Happy hugging!

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