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6 Mothers Who Need You This Mother’s Day

These mothers don’t want a card, flowers, or chocolate. They want to be free. They need your help.

1. Pigs

In Mississippi, PETA caught a slaughterhouse—Southern Quality Meats, Inc. (SQM), which had supplied schoolchildren with lunches—jabbing and electro-shocking helpless mother pigs. Well, SQM is now closing! Learn more here. You can help other mother pigs by urging school officials to pledge to refrain from contracting with any slaughterhouse found to have violated the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act or broken any other animal-protection laws.

2. Orcas

At SeaWorld, orca mother Katina was forced to breed when she was only 9 years old (at least five years earlier than she would have naturally bred in the wild). Now she is used as an artificially inseminated breeding machine and is even being inbred with her own son. Help free Katina and the other mothers at SeaWorld now.

3. Dogs and Cats

The best way to help female dogs and cats is to keep them from becoming mothers at all! PETA’s Mobile Clinics Division offers no-cost to low-cost spay and neuter surgeries to animals in need in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. Help us to continue to expand this service!

4. Cows

Nearly all cows used for milk are born with tissue that will develop into horns, but you rarely see cows with horns on dairy farms. That’s because most farmers remove the sensitive horn tissue or the horns themselves from the cows’ skulls using searing-hot irons, caustic chemicals, blades, or hand saws. Urge Sargento to require its suppliers to stop dehorning cows.

5. Elephants

Mother elephants who are used for circuses have their babies torn away from them when they are only 2 years old so that they can be trained to do tricks with sharp bullhooks, chains, and whips. E-mail us at to request leaflets, stickers, DVDs, and posters to spread the word when a circus comes to your town! Check out PETA’s tips for leafleting.

6. Seals

Baby Harp Seal On the Ice
Fresh from foraging for food, mother seals have to find their young quickly in a sea of hundreds—or possibly thousands—of seals, so both mother and pup depend on their uncanny powers of vocal recognition to find each other. But they can never be reunited if one is killed in the vicious annual Canadian seal slaughter. Urge Canada to end the massacre.

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